Get Some Trendy Wedding Lehenga Colour Combinations For Your Wedding

An Indian wedding is all about the colours and the noise. Western weddings are all white, peaceful, sweet yes, but there is nothing as lively as an Indian wedding. Even an Indian Christian wedding has many hues of pastels if not the brightest of shades. Planning Wedding any time soon? Then, Give us a all […]

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10 Angelic Hair Accessories for The Versatile Indian Bride

Bridal makeup and jewellery is elaborate and needs thorough planning. You need to keep your hair healthy and nourished for months so that it looks beautiful on your wedding day. You need to decide what kind of hairstyle you want. Whether you want a braid, or a bun, or a side braid, or whether you […]

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1st Birthday party

Catch the Sweetest Birthday Party Moments of One-Year Old

The first birthday is a grand occasion to celebrate. With lots of appropriate themes, ideas and exciting food, organise the party to celebrate the first year of your parenthood in complete pomp and show. Get an insider’s view in the celebrations of a baby girl’s first birthday with OYO. Not only the birthday girl, the […]

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Gamers, Unite! This OYO Home In Goa Is Your Dreamland

Games from our childhood, like Mario and Pac-Man, made us want to live in a world where one could play these games anytime, anywhere. However, we always had to get back to reality as soon as the game ended. But what we didn’t get as kids, we can now get as adults. This home, created […]

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exotic palaces for royal wedding

10 Exotic Palaces where You Would Love to Have Your Wedding

Marriages are made in heaven but the rightful ceremony takes place on earth. This makes the institution of marriage no less than divine. And being a bride, you have right enough to dream about your perfect fairytale wedding in a royal fashion. India is a land of various culture and customs with the abundance of […]

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lawn wedding ceremony

An Epic Guide for a Fantastic Lawn Wedding Ceremony

Be it your summer, autumn or winter wedding, a lawn party makes for a best possible venue in all seasons. Transform the lawn into some blissful essence of your matrimony and dress up your lawn into your choice of theme or decorations. With such a large expanse in front of you, you are never short […]

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types of wedding venues

10 Different Types of Wedding Venues to Add to Your Knowledge

A wedding planning remains incomplete without a proper wedding venue to host it. And with so many facets of an Indian wedding like catering, baraat, bar etc., you need to have a clear perspective about what all a venue should include as per your ceremony requirements. There are various factors on which a venue is […]

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ideas for corporate events

15 Unique Ideas to Add More Thrill to your Corporate Event

Corporate Events are not only about finding a corporate meeting space and hosting the event. The modern corporate events are more than just the sobriety that was followed in conventional way. These days’ employees or attendees are looking for some spiced up elements in their otherwise monotonous session. For corporate event planning and hosting that […]

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30 Wedding Photography Tips you need to know before Planning your Photoshoot

Wedding photography is very different from regular function photography or even from portraits. The lighting, the crowd, the attires, colors, everything is so much different at a wedding. All the rituals must be captured. The face of the bride and the groom must be in focus or strategically out of focus to deliver some signature […]

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Before Getting Hitched Explore these Best Places for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

You don’t have to go out of the country to find the best place for pre wedding photoshoot. There are countless pre wedding photoshoot India locations. Here are just 12 options for the best place for photoshoot for a couple soon to get hitched. You will love these but you can find more. Planning Wedding […]

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Birthday caterer

13 Most Important Questions to Ask your Birthday Caterer

The lifeline for any event is undoubtedly the FOOD. Whether this is a matter of 200 or 25 guests, food is essential for every event. The happiness and satisfaction of your guests depend upon the quality of menu. Thus, if you are not sure how to choose a perfect caterer, then go through some of these […]

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Outdoor Wedding Party

Seize Up these Lively Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding Party

Decision making is an integral part of any event. The moment you get engaged, you are thrown into a situation which makes you berserk. Whether to have a grand party or a smaller one! Whether to book a banquet hall or a farmhouse! Will it be better if we have a destination wedding? Are all […]

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beach wedding ideas

Get Inspired with these Romantic Beach Wedding Ideas

Do you want to get married with the crashing waves in backdrop and scintillating sunshine over your head? Undoubtedly, it’s the beach or surfside wedding for you. Immerse yourself into this whole essence of romanticism of the seaside and the sun-burnt sand and your wedding is definitely going to make in the popular list of […]

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Hindu Wedding Themes and Decoration Ideas

Indian weddings are diverse and the rituals are elaborate and versatile. No matter how advanced and modern the Indian youth has become, they treasure their traditional practices when it comes to some special occasions. A wedding is as special as it gets. Indians love following their customs on their wedding day. The Hindu wedding is […]

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5 Interesting Indian Wedding Traditions

An Indian wedding cannot be defined by just one set of rituals or one vision. Indian wedding traditions and customs are diverse. Every different state has a different set of traditions and culture. The true secularity of India reflects through the various kinds of Indian weddings we observe throughout the years, over generations. Indian weddings […]

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Throw a Smashing Corporate Holiday Party for Your Employees

Whether it’s Christmas time, New Year’s Eve or Diwali party, you are sure to get all agog on how to arrange a boisterous and entertaining party for your employees for them to have a high time! Planning for a holiday party could get tricky when you have to choose between a particular holiday theme or […]

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Types of Fashionable Wedding Jewelleries for Indian Bride

Wedding jewellery is a crucial part of Indian weddings. You can throw an amazing reception feast and select a lavish venue for the wedding. But guests will still be curious to check out how much jewellery the bride has on her. Indian wedding jewellery for brides is a huge deal. It is a symbol of […]

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I Was Born To Roam

Travelling has been my favourite thing since I was a kid. The warmth of a new place, all those new faces, different cuisines and the serene view is something I cherish. The excitement, as well as the fear of being on an all girls trip, is something obscure. Since I have been born and brought […]

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Follow These 10 Hottest Jewellery Trends for Indian Groom

Weddings always tend to focus on the bride way more than on the groom. Even on the wedding day itself, most people pay attention to what the bride is wearing and what hairstyle she is sporting and so on. But you cannot be the groom who let that happen. It’s your wedding too. Steal the […]

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8 Striking Jewellery Trends to rock your Bridal Avatar

Weddings don’t just mean a temple and few close ones in India. Indian weddings are elaborate. Indian weddings start with the ceremonies like sangeet and mehendi and do not end until the reception is over. These days are an opportunity for the bride and groom’s families to flaunt their wealth and status. This is the […]

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Get Inspired with 12 Modern Wedding Invitations 2018

Weddings are a big deal. There are multiple ceremonies that culminate to the wedding day and reception. There is venue decorations to take care of, bride’s and groom’s wedding dresses and makeup, food menus, guest lists… Oh! The guest list. Some modern wedding invitations are so cliché that the guests don’t even look at the […]

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10 Most Trendy Wedding Decoration Ideas for 2018

An Indian wedding is always grand no matter which part of the country it is being held in. The food, decorations, ceremonies, band performances, everything has to be on point. A lot of it can be decided and worked on months prior to the wedding. But the Indian wedding decorations for implementing unique wedding reception […]

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Hermits at a tea stall - Ujjain Simhasth

Everything you need to know about Ujjain

Ujjain is one of the most popular religious destinations in India.

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Travellers Of The Month – Dirk & Lieve De Witte

Meet this amazing couple that’s on a mission to travel the world!

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The Lotus Temple, dotted with pigeons at sunrise. Designed by an Iranian exile, the building serves as the centre of the Bahai'i faith in Delhi.

New Delhi for budget travellers

A budget traveller can enjoy the best that Delhi has to offer without spending too much money.

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The base of the temple in Nandgaon

Holi Celebrations In Vrindavan

Holi celebrations in Vrindavan and adjoining towns (in Uttar Pradesh’s Braj region) are a special treat for anyone interested in discovering more about the festival.

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Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Kolkata – Reasons To Visit The City Besides Cricket

A cosmopolitan city like no other, myriad hues and flavours come together to give this city its distinct feel.

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Sunset and a shack

Easter Celebrations in Goa

Easter is one of the world’s most popular festivals. Find out how it is celebrated in Goa.

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Mouthwatering Solutions To Delhi’s Midnight Hunger Problem

Here is a list of five eateries in Delhi-NCR that will take care of your midnight hunger pangs.

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Must-Visit Destinations For Indian Cricket Fans This Month

The cricket fever is set to rise with all the prominent teams of the cricketing world set to clash in the World Cup of the shortest format of the game. The World Cup is all set to begin on 8 March and the four-week long cricketing extravaganza will see first-time hosts India play at least […]

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OYO at India Bike Week 2016 in Goa

Watch this cool video to find out all that happened at the India Bike Week in Goa recently.

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Krishna's Butterball - Mahabalipuram

Five Amazing Places To Spend The Weekend

To help you make the most of this weekend, we present five destinations in India that are perfect for a short trip.

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Hyderabad, Here We Come!

If you are planning to travel to Hyderabad, this post will surely come in handy. Find out about what makes Hyderabad truly Hyderabad!

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