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Indian weddings are diverse and the rituals are elaborate and versatile. No matter how advanced and modern the Indian youth has become, they treasure their traditional practices when it comes to some special occasions. A wedding is as special as it gets. Indians love following their customs on their wedding day. The Hindu wedding is the most popular types of marriage in India. Each type of wedding has its own traditional practices, ceremonies, and rituals.

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Unity in diversity

Indian weddings show the best of how the country lives in harmony well most of the time, despite having people from all over the world crowding every major city. The whole hearted acceptance that the peaceful Indians perform, come to them naturally. Indians love diversity. What they love most is to have fun. The more, the merrier.


There are numerous dialects, religions, and traditions in India. Indian weddings of different castes are similar to each other but the rites and rituals with which they are performed tells a lot about the region and culture. There are different types of Hindu rituals depending on the state the bride and groom come from. There are different types of South Indian weddings, and different types of North Indian weddings. Let’s find out what is special about Indian weddings in general, despite all the differences.

Holding on to Traditions

The Indian wedding traditions which were being long followed by our earlier generations are still persistent in present day’s weddings. Times have changed. The wife no longer takes complete responsibility of the household and the husband is no longer the sole bread earner. The married Indian woman is no longer forced to wear sindoor and mangalsutra for the rest of her married life if she does not want to. Neither is she required to change her surname after marriage.

The Indian man gets to feel proud and not shame if his wife is a career woman. He does not shy away from taking care of his own children. He does not go without food if his wife is not at home. He knows how to cook, how to look good, how to have fun with his wife like best friends. The Indian mindset has come a long way from the ancient times.

However, some things are best left unchanged. That includes the traditional practices of a wedding. Many progressive Hindus live a totally secular life. But the wedding has to be a traditional Hindu one.

Hindu Weddings

Hindu weddings are fun. There are no restrictions on the food and drinks. There is a lot of fun and music. There is dance too if the family is up for it. Hindu wedding decorations comprise traditional marigold mandap canopies to modern themes. What makes Hindu weddings so awesome is that though all the traditions and rituals are followed, the decorations and food are all open to customisation. There are no rules. So there is a lot that you can do.

Hindu wedding themes are not limited to pictures of gods and goddesses. The music is not limited to ritualistic chants and prayer songs. A Hindu wedding can have Disney love story themes to Bollywood themes. Themes are not necessary though. Hindu weddings pick cues from every type of Indian wedding and even some from the west.


Hindu wedding rituals too are moulded to fit the necessities of the current times or to suit the wishes of the bride and groom in question. Most Hindu families in modern times are not rigid about rules. The only rule a lot of them care about is, the wedding has to be a grand affair and everything has to be perfect.

Many traditional Hindu weddings have rituals that span a week or more. But times have changed. No bride or groom gets that long vacation, even for their own wedding. Hindu weddings are therefore wrapped up into just two days, The wedding, and The Reception. The muhurat is chosen such that it is either on or near a weekend. That is the practical necessity of the times. The mehendi, sagaai, everything is squeezed into one day if needed.

Coming Together

Despite all this cramming up of ceremonies, things cannot go wrong, there cannot be a hint of the slightest imperfection. A wedding is a matter of pride. Everything has to be perfect. Everybody comes together to make perfection happen, the friends of the bride and groom, their cousins, all their relatives, their parents’ friends. Many of the guests are basically co hosts. This has been the case because hardly anybody has multiple siblings anymore. Families are getting smaller and ceremonies are getting more elaborate. Irrespective of whether you have hired the best event planners in town, you will need the watchful eyes and a helping hand from the most trusted relatives and friends. Everybody comes together to pull off a perfect wedding.

Wedding Essentials

Though a lot of things can be customised and a lot of things can be left out according to convenience, some things are essentials. Hindu weddings must have the wedding mandap well made. There must be a lot of colourful flowers adorning the mandap. There must be a lot of chiffon drapes to make the walls look all colourful. The canopies at the wedding gate and the gazebos near the beverage stalls are a must too. There must be a lot of red and pink in the decorations and golden is even more important.


The shehnai is a must as well. If there is no band party playing shehnai, because there is a better band that will play Bollywood or originals for real, or if there is a DJ that you are saving for, the shehnai has to come from a recording at least.



A Hindu wedding has to have a lot of flowers. Although plants and more greenery is in, decorations in Hindu weddings are incomplete without marigold and roses.


Add flowers near the mandap, at the gate, at the doors of the various rooms, on the ceiling of the wedding hall. Go for a lot of drapes in satin.

The Colours

Hindu wedding decoration ideas are not difficult to find. Anything can work if you know how to implement the plan. There is no restriction on any style or type of decoration items. Just except the color black maybe. Many people still believe that black brings bad luck. White is worn to mourn at funerals but white with some gold embroidery is great to wear to Hindu weddings. Also, white is a great background colour to let all the colours in the foreground shine prominently. So feel free to use any colour except black. Make sure you use a lot of red, gold, yellow and silver. The wedding has to look happy and lavish at the same time.


Lighting is very important in any wedding. With Hindu weddings, yellow lights are more welcoming than any other colour. Yellow lights give the appearance of diyas. Multi coloured lights at the gate and on the outer walls of the building are a must. But inside, the lights have to be yellow and white because that will brighten up the things.


That will make the satin drapes visible. Put some lights at the dinner tables too so that everything is well lit. But put them inside lampshades so that it looks beautiful instead of annoying. Make sure you light up the pathway to the restroom or the garden in case of an open space wedding. Every nook and corner has to be well lit.


While planning the decorations, keep in mind that there should be enough space to put food stalls and enough space for people to gather around and enjoy a snack. Weddings are all about the food. The decorations are there, and they are appreciated but the food steals the show. Few months after the wedding, the colour of the mandap and the flowers on it can be forgotten. But nobody will ever forget how the biryani or the pulao tasted. Nobody will forget how tender the mutton was. Everybody will appreciate all the vegetarian segment that was there, and all various kinds of salads that it had to offer. Nobody will forget the thoughtfulness that went into making sure that the vegetarians or the people on a diet get enough to fill their tummies with.

A Hindu wedding is a smooth blend of traditional practices, and fun modern activities. Hindu wedding decorations come with plenty of room for creativity. All you need is a squad to make things work and enough time to check out the venue and work out some Hindu wedding decoration ideas that are to be executed to beautify the entire venue for the wedding day. The drapes can be done a day earlier, the flowers are required fresh. There is a lot of work ahead. Good luck!


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