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Shimla Hotels List with Tariff

OYO Flagship 8421 Hotel Seven Hills
OYO Flagship 22444 Hotel Shiwalik Regency Mall Road
OYO 8182 Home Stay The Bodhi Tree BnB
OYO 4190 Vatika Resort
OYO 4190 Vatika Resort Budget
Near Khushala Village, V & P Shoghi, Shimla
4.5 Excellent
110 Ratings
₹ 743
₹ 1143 per night
35% OFF
OYO 5601 Hotel Rashik
OYO 5601 Hotel Rashik Budget
Opp. Kaithu Petrol Pump, Circular Road, Shimla
3.8 Good
103 Ratings
₹ 1372
₹ 2494 per night
45% OFF
OYO 4966 Raikot Resort
OYO 4966 Raikot Resort Budget
Near Shoghi Petrol Pump, Shoghi, Shimla
3.7 Good
82 Ratings
₹ 905
₹ 1293 per night
30% OFF
OYO 19679 Shimla Palace
OYO 18636 Cordial Inn Deluxe
OYO 18636 Cordial Inn Deluxe Budget
Chotta Shimla to Kusumpti Rd, Knollswood, Chotta Shimla, Shimla
3.4 Fair
53 Ratings
₹ 932
₹ 1332 per night
30% OFF
OYO 22806 Flagship Hari Palace
Capital O 1608 Hotel The Grand Welcome
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What are the places to see in Shimla?
By Suman Rawat - 10 months ago
There are numerous places to visit in Shimla that will make your trip worthwhile like Christ Church, Jakhoo Hills, Chadwick Falls and Kufri. To know more click on the link below: By OYO Team Shimla - 10 months ago
What is IIAS?
By Muskan Chopra - a year ago
Built by the British, IIAS is primarily the summer retreat of Indian President. It was passed on to the nation by the then president – Dr Radhakrishnan as an institute to promotes advances studies in humanities and arts in India. The building is a classical architectural design with proficient fire proofing system. A visit into the institute is actually a walk through the modern Indian history. By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago
Does OYO offers discounted hotels in shimla ?
By Vivek J - a year ago
Yes, OYO offers special discounted prices to it's customers while booking a hotel. You can get the best discounted prices while booking hotel in the given location. Visit us at to get the best discounted prices. By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago
Does hotel for unmarried couples in shimla that provide local check in ?
By Mohammad - a year ago
Yes we provide you with a variety of hotels for couples in Shima that provide local check in. You can simply visit our page and can book your preferred hotel being assured about the check in. you can also visit this link By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago
What are the variety of jams available in Shimla?
By Isha Sharma - a year ago
For a taste of delicious and authentic jams and preserves, head to Minocha Industries’ manufacturing outlet located in the town of Shoghi. Minchy’s, their brand of fruit-based jams and preserves, are a popular souvenir to take back home from Shimla. This region is blessed with an abundant variety of fruits and Minchy’s processes these into delicious and high quality gourmet products. Their range covers everything from jams and preserves to squashes and even fruit wines. You can find multiple stalls selling these products everywhere on the Delhi-Shimla highway and even in the city. By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago
Suggest some cheap hotels in shimla ?
By Rohit - a year ago
Budget hotels in shimla can be found on OYO.Choose the option "Budget" under the filter "Property Type" on the the left panel of the page and select from the wide range of low budget hotels in shimla. By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago
Can anyone recommend me few cheap and best hotels in Shimla
By Trishna - a year ago
Shimla budget hotels in OYO can be found when you click on the filter called 'Property Type' and choosing the option 'Budget'. Here is the link- . These hotels are clean, spacious and affordable at the same time! By Trishna - a year ago
Are there any Shimla hotels along with AC facility
By Prasata - a year ago
OYO promises our users a comfortable stay and few basic facilities for free which include AC, Wifi, Breakfast, TV. This link will list down hotels with ac in Shimla. By Prasata - a year ago
Looking for good Shimla hotel deals
By Rakhi - a year ago
OYO not only gives you the best range of affordable hotels in Shimla but also automatically applies deals and discounts to hotel booking for you! When you confirm your booking for any Shimla hotel, it will auto-apply the "BOOK25" coupon for you. By Rakhi - a year ago
planning a treck plan with friends for two weeks ,could u suggest some places in himachal pradesh?
By Sahil - a year ago
Bias Kund trek, Chandratal trek, Indrahar trek,Kinnaur Kailash trek and Manimahesh Kailash trek are some of the easy tecks with altitude between 2000m and 4400m ,you can search for accomodation by following the link to hotels in Himachal pradesh By OYO Team Shimla - a year ago