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OYO 13462 P S Grand
OYO 13462 P S Grand OYO Rooms
Second cross, Dean Street, Jungli ghat, MG road, Port-Blair
3.7 Good
341 Ratings
₹ 2206
₹ 3293 per night
33% OFF
OYO 30238 Punjab Residency
OYO 30238 Punjab Residency OYO Rooms
Great Andaman Trunk Rd, Housing Colony, Bhathu Basti, Port-Blair
₹ 1339
₹ 1998 per night
33% OFF
OYO 33382 Be My Guest
OYO 33382 Be My Guest Budget
NH4, Pathergudda, Pahargaon, Port-Blair
₹ 1312
₹ 1958 per night
33% OFF
OYO 29930 Lemon Grass
OYO 29930 Lemon Grass OYO Rooms
Deen street, IInd cross, Junglighat, Port-Blair
4.4 Very Good
26 Ratings
₹ 2258
₹ 3370 per night
33% OFF
OYO 29282 Sm Hotel
OYO 29282 Sm Hotel OYO Rooms
Prothrapur Chowk, Port-Blair
4.8 Excellent
15 Ratings
₹ 1960
₹ 2926 per night
33% OFF
OYO 22562 Emerald Homestay
OYO 22562 Emerald Homestay OYO Rooms
Near Dignabad School, Dignabad, Port Blair, Port-Blair
3.8 Good
143 Ratings
₹ 1905
₹ 2844 per night
33% OFF
OYO 18869 Andaman Planet
OYO 18869 Andaman Planet OYO Rooms
Haddo, near Haddo Jetty, Port-Blair
3.6 Good
97 Ratings
₹ 2001
₹ 2986 per night
33% OFF
OYO 24969 Andaman Galley Resort
OYO 24969 Andaman Galley Resort OYO Rooms
Central Lodge Campus, Link Road, Goal Ghar, Thomas Colony, Junglighat, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port-Blair
3.4 Fair
57 Ratings
₹ 2951
₹ 4404 per night
33% OFF
OYO 12070 Sai Page 3 Resort
OYO 15244 Ryan Residency
OYO 15244 Ryan Residency OYO Rooms
Dollygunge Junction, Port-Blair
3.7 Good
196 Ratings
₹ 3193
₹ 4765 per night
33% OFF

Being Andaman and Nicobar Island’s capital, Port Blair is a union territory of the nation and can be found in the Bay of Bengal. The major naval base of the Indian Army, INS Jarawa can be found here along with air and sea bases of the Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard.

Best Time to Visit
The months between October to March are the best months to visit Port Blair. The average temperature during winters is around 20 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal time for sightseeing and tourist activities. The summers are quite hot while the rainy season experiences heavy rainfall.The Cellular Jail or Kala Pani is one of the most famous tourist spots to visit in Port Blair. The British used this place as a colonial prison to exile political prisoners and today several people from all around the globe visit it as a national memorial monument.

Places to Visit
The Cellular Jail or Kala Pani is one of the most famous tourist spots to visit in Port Blair. The British used this place as a colonial prison to exile political prisoners and today several people from all around the globe visit it as a national memorial monument.The Viper Island, Jolly Buoy Island, North Bay Island and Ross Island are the most beautiful islands here which are worth visiting during your trip to Port Blair. Ross Island is home to the Spire of the Presbyterian Church which is quite beautiful and covered with natural beauty all around. Visit the Chidiya Tapu for a mesmerizing sunset view and the Samudrika Marine Museum if travelling with children. The Corbyn’s Cove, Radhanagar Beach and Wandoor Beach are the most famous ones with many more too.

OYO Rooms: Hotels in Port Blair
OYO Rooms are the perfect place to stay in when visiting a new town, be it anywhere in the nation. Being quite comfortable and relaxing, these rooms offer the best rates without compromising on the quality of the rooms and the services offered. Moreover, these hotels in Port Blair are near major tourist attractions making it easy for guests to get from one place to another.The OYO Rooms on VIP Road Junction in Junglighat are very near to the Port Blair International Airport making it an ideal place for both tourists and individuals visiting the city for official purposes. With laundry services and complimentary breakfast being available here, it is an ideal hotel for tourists. Another ideal choice for tourists travelling with children are the OYO Rooms in South Andaman which are cheap hotels in Port Blair near Hope Town and are in close vicinity to several tourist spots and attractions. Avail complimentary breakfast along with parking services and laundry facility. Honeymoon couples who are looking for some privacy while also being able to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Bay of Bengal from their special OYO Rooms should opt for the ones in Haddo. Though available at an extremely affordable rate, this hotel in Port Blair is known for its amazing sea view which is hard to find anywhere else and also offers complimentary breakfast, parking and laundry facility.If you are a tourist who is looking to cover most of the tourist attractions in a short span of time then the OYO Rooms in Shahid Road are simply perfect with laundry services and complimentary breakfast. The Cellular Jail and Samudrika Marine Museum along with several other famous places are nearby making the sightseeing easier and faster.However, in order to reach far-off tourist attractions such as the Radhanagar Beach, Viper Island or Ross Island, it would be best to make use of the local transport and amenities available by booking any of these Port Blair hotels.Wait no more! Visit this beautiful city and book your OYO Rooms and budget hotel in Port Blair for an eased out trip today!

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What is the best food that you can eat here?
Food in Port Blair has a strong influence from South India, Kolkata and Bangladesh. Each and every local delicacy will be like a party in your mouth because of its flavour. Of course, the centrepiece of all this tasty in Port Blair is seafood. You have to try the prawn biriyani, fish fry, golden fried prawns, mirchi pakoda, tomato rice and the fluffy idlis. If you like to try crabs and lobsters, there is no better place than Port Blair and top it all with a fresh dose of coconut water. Some of the best restaurants to try are Full Moon Café, Annapurna Restaurant, Amaya Lounge Bar, Hotel Shampon and Ocean Blue Restaurant.
What is a good time to visit Port Blair?
Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is a union territory of India. This city faces the Bay of Bengal and has a tropical weather, so the whole year is a good time to visit. The best time, however, is between October and May. During this time, the weather is ideal for all the activities that the city offers and you can also have a relaxing time if you feel like doing nothing.
What are the activities we can do in Port Blair?
Port Blair is heaven when it comes to natural beauty. This city offers some splendid views of the ocean and the edge of the land. It is also full of history and offers a glimpse into India's freedom struggle with its old buildings and wonderful architecture. In Port Blair, you can enjoy all the water sports like any other beachfront city, you can visit the grand Cellular Jail, check out the various museums in the city that are dedicated to the island's history, freedom fight and the tribal culture of the place. If you love bird watching, you have the best place to do so in Chidiya Tapu. Other than these you can enjoy the lip-smacking seafood and enjoy the buzzing nightlife.
What are some of the budget and premium accommodation options in Port Blair?
OYO Rooms have many budget and premium accommodations in Port Blair. These accommodations offer a great stay with family and friends. Budget Accommodations • Hotel Value • Hotel Aries
Is the city covered by Metro/bus network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Port Blair does not have a metro or bus network. For local commutation, you can take a taxi or an auto rickshaw. Auto rickshaws are inexpensive and can quickly get you from one place to another. Taxis are also a good option and they are comfortable to travel around the city. Port Blair also has a ferry service which is ideal to travel between islands. Ferries are very frequent and cost way less than the seaplane services that help in commutation between various islands.
What are some of the best economy and luxury accommodations near the Airport?
If you are looking to stay closer to Port Blair airport, you will find plenty of options with OYO Rooms. Here are some good accommodations that you can consider. • Sai Page 3 Resort
• Andaman Planet
• Hotel Harbour View
• Hotel Aqua Breeze
How to Reach Port Blair?
Port Blair has an airport - Port Blair Veer Savarkar Airport where you can find direct flights to Port Blair from major cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. Reaching Port Blair by train is a bit of challenge because it does not have a railway station and the nearest railway station is Chennai which is 1369 km away. You can reach Port Blair by taking a ship from Chennai, Kolkata or Vizag. These ships are run by the government of India are a very picturesque way of reaching Port Blair. Port Blair cannot be reached by road, it is an island and has to be reached either by air or sea.
Which are the top things to do in Port Blair?
Port Blair is an island so one of the top things to do n Port Blair is to enjoy the ocean and do all related things like enjoying the water sports, eating seafood and witnessing the grand sun rises. Other than that, you can go around and see the colonial buildings of the city, museums, bird watching, walk underneath the sea, take a glass bottom boat ride and try scuba diving and snorkelling.
Which are the best nearby places to visit from Port Blair?
Places to visit near Port Blair are plenty. Some of them are: • Ross Island • North Bay Island • Viper Island • Red Skin Islands • Mount Harriet • Wandoor and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
What to buy in Port Blair?
The Andaman Islands are known for their simplicity and rustic beauty. This place is ideal for shopping if you are a collector of uniquely beautiful things. Some of the things that you should take home from Port Blair are: • Wooden artefacts • Coconut carving decorative items • Shell ornaments • Cane craft items • Spices • Sarongs and hats • Pearl jewellery