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Hotels in Pachmarhi

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SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills
SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills
SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills
SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills
SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills

SPOT ON 67050 Pachmarhi Hills

Near K.V. School, Arvind Marg, Pachmarhi· 0.9 km
4.7 (118 Ratings)·Excellent
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Hotels in Pachmarhi

If you are wondering about this place, then you must know that this place has various attractive spots which are yet to be discovered by you. If you like to take adventures and if you are one of those who like to visit a place which will offer you with caves, waterfalls, hills and even streams then you should definitely visit this place. You will absolutely be mesmerised with this pretty and lovely place. You will have a lovely time spent here. Now, if you are wondering where you would stay or which would be the perfect location for the best-staying experience then you should blindly choose OYO hotels and resorts without thinking twice.

Things to do in Pachmarhi

So, as you know this place provides you with lovely and extremely beautiful spots then there are a few places which you should definitely visit. Firstly, visit the Shri Panch Pandav Caves which has ancient rock-cut caves and even a beautiful garden. You should even visit the Bison Lodge Museum, which is a museum. You can also visit the Apsara Vihar, which is a famous tourist attraction and you will have a lovely time spent here as you will get to see a lovely waterfall. You should even visit the Satpura Tiger Reserve, it is a national park with lovely tourist activities.

OYO accommodation in Pachmarhi

If you are still stepping back from visiting this beautiful place then you shouldn't do so because this place has some amazing places which you can visit. If you are tensed or stressed about your stay here then do not worry because you will find easy and convenient OYO hotels and resorts which will give you the best and the most perfect staying experience. You will have a lovely time while you are here. They will make sure you have absolute security, they provide you with all the necessary amenities and they provide you with the most comfortable rooms. Hence, you can choose OYO hotels and rooms while you are here in Pachmarhi. They have even had some amazing categories.

SPOT ON hotels in Pachmarhi

If you are looking for the best of hotels and resorts here in Pachmarhi, then you should choose this category under OYO hotels and resorts because they provide you all the necessary amenities and they even make sure that you get the most comfortable and cosy room and that too at a very reasonable rate. Hence, you can choose this amazing category under OYO hotels and rooms.

Premium hotels in Pachmarhi

If you want to experience a royal and beautiful stay here, then you should choose this category. They provide the most luxurious and comfortable rooms for you. You are bound to have a lovely time here.

Best of location in Pachmarhi

You should look for hotels in Pachmarhi club, Pachmarhi, hotels in Arvind Road, Pachmarhi, hotels in Subhash Marg, Pachmarhi, hotels in Hoshangabad, Pachmarhi while you are here in Pachmarhi. You will have a lovely time here if you choose this amazing location for your stay. You will have a stress free and tension free stay here while you are in this city.

Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh State of central India widely known as “Satpura ki Rani” and is situated at 1100m in a valley of Satpura Range in Hoshangabad District. The legend behind the name date back to the times of Mahabharata era and is believed that the five caves were built by the pandavas during their thirteen years of exile. Pachmarhi is well connected from Indore, Bhopal, Chhindwara and Jabalpur while Pipariya is the nearest Railhead.

Best Time to Visit Pachmarhi

October to June is the best time to visit Pachmarhi as the temperature does not go beyond 350 in summers followed by moderate to heavy rain in monsoon season when the hill becomes lively green. Winters observe a dip in temperature for as low as 40.

Places to Visit Pachmarhi

The Pachmarhi caves are a famous tourist destination owing to historic reference. These caves are situated on top of the hill and serve as a great vantage point. The rich biosphere of Pachmarhi forest, Dhupgarh, waterfalls like Silver Falls, Bee Falls and Duchess Falls, Jatashankar and Mahadev caves are famous tourist destinations.

Hotels in Pachmarhi

Searching for the best hotel in Pachmarhi? OYO brings to you a list of Pachmarhi hotels providing you with modern facilities to choose from. You can search for Budget hotels in Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh to find hotels that fit your budget. You can search hotels in the locality of your preference and view the tariff by searching OYO pachmarhi hotel rates. So book your hotels in pachmarhi hill station with OYO to avail best in class service.
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Questions and Answers

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What are the best budget and premium options available to stay in the city?
Pachmarhi, a beautiful hill station of central India, situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh has both budget hotels in Pachmarhi and premium OYO hotels available to stay. Starting from Rs. 800, you can get a room in the city at a very economical price. You can also book a premium room and the prices go as high as Rs. 3,169 per night. Irrespective of whether you opt for a budget or a premium option, all the OYO hotels offer safety, comfort, and convenience at affordable prices. Vist hotels in pachmarhi
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What are the places to visit in the Pachmarhi?
Known for its picturesque landscapes, Panchmarhi sure deserves to make an entry into your travel wishlist. The town has a lot of attractions that are totally worth a visit. If you are all for nature, you will be mesmerized by Apsara Vihar which is known for its tranquil pool nearing the Silver falls which makes it one of the major tourist attractions in the city. The town has a number of other tourist spots to explore like Shri Panch Pandav Caves, Satpura Tiger Reserves, and Bison Lodge Museum. Find the best hotels in pachmarhi
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What is the price range of hotels in the city?
The price of the hotel is a variant of various factors like location, category, proximity to popular places, among others. The price ranges from Rs. 800 - Rs. 3,500 per room per night. Vist hotels in pachmarhi
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How far is the city from Bhopal?
You have to cover a distance of almost 200 km to reach Bhopal. The most convenient mode of transportation is to travel by road as there are no direct trains from Bhopal to Panchmarhi, and it takes around 5 hours by road.
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What is a good time to visit the city?
Although Pachmarhi can be visited round the year, yet the best time to visit the town is between October to June when the weather remains pleasant and enjoyable.
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What is the best food that you can eat here?
When it comes to food, Pachmarhi offers a wide range of authentic dishes such as Bhutte Ki Kurry. Pachmarhi does have many restaurants, but Rasol Dhaba and China bowl are the most famous eating joints to dine in during your stay there.
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Is the city covered by bus/cab network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Since Pachmarhi is not very populous and is a small town, there are few modes to roam across the region. The bus service is available in the city, but not in large numbers. Only pre-booked taxis are available. However, a rented bicycle serves as an ideal medium for exploring this place.
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What is a good time to visit Pachmarhi?
The weather remains pleasant and salubrious round the year, making it an ideal environment for nature lovers and trekkers to enjoy Pachmarhi. The best time to visit however is between October and June when the weather is very attractive and enjoyable for exploring the many tourist attractions of the hill town. The temperature during the day hovers between 8°C to 20°C and the average temperature during the night is 10°C. During this time, several festivals are also celebrated with great vigour, such as Diwali, Navratri, six-day Pachmarhi Utsava and Christmas, which makes it a peak season for tourists. During the Pachmarhi Utsava, you can partake in several art exhibitions, food stalls and cultural performances.
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Which places can the tourists visit in Pachmarhi?
From lush green valleys, sparkling waterfalls and hilltops to wondrous rifts and ridges, ancient caves and architectural marvels, Pachmarhi have something for everyone. Popularly known as Satpura Ki Rani, Pachmarhi is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh and has many attractions to its name. For adventure enthusiasts, the huge mountain and its surrounding dense forests present an excellent opportunity to explore and trek on its meandering ways. There are many trekking trails, ghats and farms nearby for photo fanatics and adventure lovers. The major tourist attractions in Pachmarhi include Bharat Neer, Pandava Caves, Lanjee Giri, Priyadarshini Point, Harper Cave, Apsara Vihar, Bee Falls, Rajat Pratap, Jata Shankar Caves, Christ Church and Handi Khoh, among others.
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What is the best food that you can eat in the Pachmarhi?
Being a popular tourist destination, Pachmarhi has several eating options offering diverse, refreshing and tasty local treasures. You can savour typical Indori, Gujarati and Jain food, as well as some Continental and Chinese snacks at minimal prices at the local dhabas or you can satiate your hunger pangs by indulging in global cuisines at one of the many restaurant and eateries attached to the hotels and resorts. You can have a bite of the local delicacies here in one of their most authentic and rich form, such as dal bafla, bhutte ka kees, korma, poha, rogan josh, jalebi, ladoos and sugarcane juice.
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