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Be it is your baby’s first birthday or your grandfather’s 80th, catering is the lifeline for making their parties a wonderful one. Food is the heart of every party and when you have something interesting for your guests, your party is surely going to be the most popular and talked about.

You must be wondering how your birthday menu could be different from the traditional one. Think out of the box!

Twist your chocolate cake in a magical swirl or give your cookies a name, but when the idea of doing something different on your beloved birthday has popped into your mind, give the task its rightful conclusion.

As we know that you alone cannot plan the entire birthday menu. And when you have planned for something creative, you need to put heads together to prepare a delicious yet different meal for your celebration. But, this is a task next to impossible when you are inviting about 50-100 guests for your celebration. Well, when it is not possible to shuck off any guest from your finalized list, then let the catering service shoulder the responsibilities. Besides, entertaining these many guests would create chaos inside your homes, but arranging a birthday at a banquet hall would give you the space to breathe and enjoy the birthday equally.

With such a huge count of your guests, opting for a banquet hall would be the best possible mode to organize your party. But, if hiring a catering service seems a bit extravagant, then have a look at some of the benefits of hiring a catering service.

  • Caterers have a huge experience in arranging the right quantity of meal for your numerous guests. Thus, you don’t have to worry about arranging for your meal a day before the party.
  • When caterers are there to take care of the food section, you get to enjoy your party and meet and greet each and every guest personally without worrying about food. It’s the responsibility of the catering staff to serve food to every guests.
  • While using the services of catering, you don’t have to get busy with serving. You just need to relax and enjoy the party like your guests are doing.
  • Choosing a catering service saves a lot of your time that you can utilize in choosing your décor, theme, plan party games and making invitations.
  • Catering can most assuredly come up with some new and innovative food item that you might not be even aware of.
  • You can always customize the food list when you want to add something new or something regular in your meals.

Check out some of the latest Food Ideas that can be included in your event planning checklist and can go in a party of every age-group.

1. Cake Steals the Show

It’s not just the era of the same old cakes. Come out of the illusion that a simple vanilla or chocolate truffle is enough to dazzle your guests.

Try out some theme on your cakes. Prepare something that is related to the birthday person. If your baby girl is a fan of Barbie, why not bring the shape to your cake. If you have a huge number of guests to serve, preparing a two-tier or three-tier cake that would add more charm and suffice the guest list quantity.

2. Floral Ice bucket

You must be thinking what in earth is Floral Ice bucket, It’s a simple yet creative method to make your birthdays more exciting. You can make this on your own, you just have to take the ice and mix the flowers in it. Then put it in a bowl so that it can take the shape of the bowl and let it freeze. When you will take it out you will see that it is like a bowl with flowers embedded in it. You can serve ice cream or seafood or some drink in that to make it more quirky. Just remember one thing keep an eye when it starts to melt.

3. Mini Pails of food

Another amazing idea to make the birthday event more amazing and flooded with new ideas is that you can serve the food in the mini pails. You can prepare a wall where all the mini pails are hung and it can be decorated with the yellow in the background. You can make it more interesting by writing some messages or quirky name of the dishes with the fun description or sketch.

4. Savoury “Lollipops”

The other amazing savoury which you can include in your list is these Lollipops. Don’t add this in your desert list. Make it separate of the desert one and serve it with the snacks or the lunch with the filling popping up from the shell. This will look great and when this will be tasted everyone will be delighted to have it.

5. Exotic Variety of Drinks/ Shakes/ Juices

Prepare some interesting mocktails or innovative shakes topped with ice-cream. This is sure to be a hit among the children as well as adults. Who can resist the beauty of a glass filled with chocolate, ice-cream and topped with a cherry?

Make the drinks more colourful that can lend them a different edge but the taste should remain a little on the sweeter side so that kids can enjoy them in earnest. Some of the most popular drinks that you can prepare for your birthday party are Candy Apple Punch, Smoothies, or lemonade with a tang of pineapple, watermelon and many more. You can definitely consult the catering service when you want to customize your drink menu with your choice.

6. Everybody’s favourite-Snacks/Starters

Starters or appetizers play a pivotal role in any birthday party. Be it a kid or adult, they all just love to fill themselves up with the little fried meatballs, mac or cheese balls, popcorns, hot dogs, cupcakes, nachos etc.

While cooking your snacks or appetizers, make sure that they are smaller in size and are easier to eat because these are the things that can create more hassle than your actual menu could. Sandwiches make a grand addition to your starters. Be it a veggie one or ham sandwich, these are always a favoured menu item. You may also add some crackers with various types of dip.

7. The Crucial Main Course

Conjuring up a main course is very difficult when you are confused about serving your guests with complete traditional dishes or with some continental cuisines. It would be advisable to have a taste of both in your menu.

Well, a White Sauce Pasta seems definitely delectable with a plate of warm and fluffy Pav Bhaji!

The food that you are going to serve should not be on a heavier side as people have already filled up their appetite with the starters. Some of the popular Indian main course food includes-Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji etc. While if you are looking for some international cuisines you may take upon Middle East dishes like Shawarma or Italian meal courses like Pizza or Pasta. For setting up a Continental buffet, you may consider the Thai dishes or some Chinese favourites for your guests.

8. Sensational Salads

A main course is empty without a perfect salad to go with it. Create an enchanting salad station for your guests to relish in the efforts you have put into preparing the meal.

Try out different styles of salads with fruits, chicken, veggies, corn and mushrooms in combination with cream, lettuce, herbs, olives, vinegar that enriches the taste of the salads. Using a pasta salad, or pairing up with some cottage cheese, pepper or kidney beans can surely make a healthy meal for your health conscious guests.

9. Divine Desserts

The most awaited part of any event resides with the desserts. A favourite of every kid and adult, desserts are a show stopper for any event. But, using a scoop is not a trend of birthdays anymore.

With the introduction of cinnamon rolls, lemon tarts, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, cream-filled croissant, chocolate puddings, cheesecake, puffs or jelly cakes, you can give a new name to your birthday dessert menu. Some might feel that having a cake is sufficient for a dessert but that’s not true. Having a side dessert menu can complete your entire birthday catering.

10. Sweet Treats

Set up a sweet treat bar at your birthday parties for every party game guests win and see the magic it creates in your ambience. The most popular sweet treats that could be arranged for your party are chocolate pops, Marshmallow kabobs, S’more, ice-cream sandwich, fortune cookies, candy cones, sugar sticks etc.

Having a sweet treat just adds an additional layer of excitement to your parties. It would be more of a surprise for the birthday guy and the guests if you could arrange the treats according to your theme.

Planning a menu is just not enough. You have to keep some important aspects in mind before giving final touches in drafting your menu.

Plan the type of menu that matches the timing of your celebration. You cannot call your guests in the evening and offer a cake with a few snacks. An evening party is bound to roll towards night, thus you should be carefully preparing your dinner meal as per your guest’s list. Likewise, for an afternoon party, guests would definitely expect a proper lunch course.

Keep a close watch over the age group of your guests. Formulating children birthday party ideas or an adult’s party requires a delicious menu which could be easily resolved by offering them pizzas or sandwiches. But, you cannot add too much of sweet or calorized food if your guest list includes older people. Even when you have toddlers in your party, you cannot include too much of a crunchy meal.

Be alert to allergies. Most of the people are allergic to peanuts or fruits. Try to keep them at minimum and if it seems unavoidable, try to warn the kids or parents beforehand. Try to use disposable cups and plates that could be used once and then thrown so that there are no chances of contacting any contamination from one guest to another. Don’t use any precious melamine crockery as these might accidently get broken down!

You may match the food with the theme and avoid an all-round sugar burst in your party. Cakes and desserts can fulfil the entire need of sugar. For the sweet treats, keep them in a complimentary prize category for your birthday games.

With all the ideas to help you out of your confused state, deploy the most convenient menu structure at your birthday party and celebrate it with a blast.

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