9 Pre Wedding Preparations for the Groom To Be

The bride always steals the show on a wedding. The groom often sits there like an important person whom people are too busy to notice. Who keeps them busy? The bride. The wife is slowly claiming her equal space in a marriage. Likewise, it is about time for the groom to claim an equal space at a wedding. For the Indian groom, makeup has been an awkward thing. But with the changing mindset of the Indian man, groom facial and various arrangements made for the groom, pre-wedding preparation are becoming a rage among them.

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The Confused Soul

The bride has many people giving her beauty tips and some generous people even gifting her spa sessions and facial kits. But, the groom, on the other hand, doesn’t get noticed. Unless he is the metrosexual man, he will have no idea how to take care of his skin and hair and get ready for his wedding day. Although these days there is a professional wedding makeup for the groom on the wedding, but he needs some pre wedding beauty tips as well. Before the wedding, the groom is all confused. Is this for women? Would that men’s cream actually work? Will using women’s products work? What do I do with the things I have at home? What is all that green and white paste she uses every month? I should’ve paid attention instead of making fun of her ghost face. From getting the perfect wedding accessories to the wedding day dress, a groom is a fighting a mishmash of thoughts to look the best.


Catch it on Time

When a man asks for beauty tips for groom before marriage, he is already too late. He is just freaking out a week before the wedding. But, if you know a friend who could use some groom skin care and beauty tips in the near future, you can be his saviour.


So, if you are a groom to be, trying to look your best for your beautiful bride on your wedding day, or if you are a friend of a nervous groom worried about his appearance, this article is for you.

Early Pre Wedding Preparations

If you have started your research well before time, say, there is a month or two left before the wedding, there are many things you can do to look good on your wedding day. You don’t even need to do all of the home remedies listed. But you need to follow all the lifestyle rules given here, at least till the reception, to look your best. So, here we go.

  1. Showers

Showers are simple enough. But if you want to be a well groomed groom, for your bride and for yourself, you need to take showers seriously.

  • Use a loofah to scrub yourself. Use a blue one if you need to feel manly using a scrub. But that doesn’t even matter. What matters is, you need to use something more than your mere hands, and something less than rough wire nets to exfoliate your skin, and thoroughly cleanse it without scratching you all over.
  • Use natural scrubs and some bath salts.
  • Don’t use too much water. It can dry your skin out.
  • Don’t rub your head too hard. Gently massage.
  • Make sure you take a shower every day.
  1. Scrubs

Use homemade scrubs. Use besan, with some turmeric. Don’t put a teaspoon of the cooking turmeric powder for heaven’s sake! Get raw turmeric and put it in the mixer with the chana besan (not matar besan) and make a paste with some milk. Lather your whole body in it and wait for it to dry. Scrub yourself while washing it off. If you have dry skin, put some honey or coconut oil in as well.


You don’t even need to use a soap on the days when you do this. Do this once or twice a week. If you feel awkward doing it, you will not care anymore after you see the results!  You will love your skin and will want to go do that again. Make sure you don’t do it more than twice a week though.

  1. Moisturising

Unless you have oily skin, use a mild moisturiser in summers and a heavy moisturiser in winter right after your shower If you have dry skin, moisturise your face and lips more than once a day. Make sure your face is clean before you moisturise.

Avoid too many chemicals. Use a good brand of moisturiser before you go to bed. But during the day, use a honey, milk, and banana paste to apply all over your body after a shower. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off just with water. If you have a hairy body, do this before the shower. Else the banana bits will stick to you and that is gross and tiring to remove without soap.

  1. Oral Hygiene

You don’t need this tip if you are that super clean dude, but if you are a living example of that hostel boy stereotype, you need to get this loud and clear. Nobody likes yellow teeth. None of our teeth are sparkling white. But one can easily tell normal teeth from the teeth of a person who hardly brushes properly.

Brush your teeth twice daily. Use baking soda to rub on your teeth for a minute after brushing. Scrub your tongue with the back of your brush. If you are man enough to get married, you have to be grown enough to take care of your oral hygiene.

  1. Hair Growth

Use castor oil for hair growth. If you want darker eye lashes and eyebrows to be darker or your hairline to be denser, rub castor oil on your head and use a clean ear bud dipped in castor oil to line your eyebrows and lashes. Do this every day and you will notice a boost in hair growth.

Make sure you don’t go to bed with castor oil on though. It is sticky. Also, leaving any oil on for too long could give you pimples. They are painful and ugly. You don’t want them before your wedding. Actually, you don’t want them, ever.

  1. Facial and Body Hair Grooming

If you want to style your facial hair differently for the wedding day, try it out at least a month before the day so that you know if you really want it. There should be enough time for the beard and moustache to grow back so that you can restyle it the way you want.

If you want to remove excess body hair before the wedding, don’t go for hair removal creams or even waxing. You might get it wrong and it is painful as hell for thicker hair. As far as your eyebrows are concerned, go to a men’s parlour to get them shaped. But make sure just the stray eyebrow strands are removed. Don’t let the parlour person make it too narrow.

Make sure your body is moisturised. Wet your body, apply a mild soap, or shaving cream on the areas you want to shave. Shave with a good razor. Be careful. Make sure you do this just a day before the wedding. Also make sure you repeat the process the moment some rough hair starts to appear.

  1. Makeup

Wedding makeup for groom is supposed to be subtle. Just go for the concealer and slight foundation if you must. The chandan will be there. But that’s it. Don’t allow lipstick. Go for a slightly tinted chap stick instead. You are all set to rock your wedding look beside your beautiful bride. Now people will look at both of you in appreciation.


  1. That Extra Radiance

Whenever anybody asks a woman how she got her bridal radiance, she instantly says “it is the haldi from the morning”. But it never really is just that. In fact, she avoids getting too much haldi on her so that it does not leave yellow patches on her beautiful fruit facial treated skin.

Yes, you need a spa or facial treatment for that extra glow to match the shimmer of your wedding attire equally. A face massage once a week will help too. Also, home remedies like papaya extracts helps if done daily for a month or so.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Drink plenty of water every day and reduce smoking for a month and quit it a week before your wedding. If you are already a non-smoker, you are blessed. But if you are a nicotine addict, keep it low for at least these few days.

Have fruits and vegetables. Workout. Do not go for the extreme cardio sets if you are not used to them. Don’t do anything out of your physical capacity. Jog or swim or run for half an hour every day. The increased blood circulation will help your skin glow. You will remain in shape to rock the groom attire on your wedding day.


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