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In and Around Mandarmoni (°C - °C)

Being one the fast developing and largest seaside resort village in West Bengal, Mandarmoni can be found on the Kolkata-Digha route. Its beach is considered to be the longest in the nation and allows tourists to enjoy the sea all day long.

Best Time to Visit
The months between November to February are the best to visit Mandarmoni. You will be able to explore the place and have a great time at the beach during the winter season. The maximum temperature during these months is around 28 degrees Celsius. The summers are extremely hot while the monsoons experience heavy rainfall.

Places to Visit
The 13 km long beach at Mandarmoni is quite famous for its red crabs which crawl all over the beach area all year round. Booking a hotel in Mandarmoni which is close to the beach area is ideal for beach lovers. Many people visit the beach of Mandarmoni especially to see these red crabs which cannot be seen anywhere else easily. Apart from the beach, the Rose Valley Hotels are a great place to be visited which offer activities such as ropeway, beach bikes and much more with an array of local shops selling several items in this area. They are several cheap hotels in Mandarmoni in this area too. If you are fond of boating, then you simply cannot miss this activity in Amravati Lake. Some of the local groups take tourists on a trip towards the Estuary or mohana during sunset as the view of this area is beautiful in the evenings. Mandarmoni is around 180 km from the Kolkata Airport and this is why it would be best to reach it by road. However, you can also avail the multiple bus service which runs almost every hour from Kolkata to Mandarmoni.

OYO Rooms: Hotels in Mandarmoni
Travelling to a resort village calls for comfortable and luxurious accommodation as this not only enhances the quality of your trip but also ensures that you do not get tired while exploring the new place. With a plethora of OYO rooms and budget hotel in Mandarmoni to choose from, you can rest assured of getting the best rates and the nicest of rooms during your trip. The OYO Rooms in Purba Medinipur and Sona Muhi Village area are absolutely perfect for honeymoon couples. It offers complete privacy and acts as a luxurious retreat for couples looking to spend quality time together. It also offers parking, laundry and complimentary breakfast to its guests. Getting an OYO rooms in one of these areas would also be ideal for you if you are a first time visitor as they help you get around the city and know it in details. Those looking to spend almost all their time at the Mandarmoni beach should aim for the OYO rooms and Mandarmoni hotels in the central area. Being at walking distance to the beach and also offering a stunning and mesmerizing view of the sea, these rooms allow immense comfort while being light on your pockets. Parking facilities are available here and so is a nice swimming pool at your disposal. Some of the OYO Rooms here also offer complimentary breakfast. Moreover, the Ramnagar Railway Station and Pichaboni River Estuary are in close vicinity too. Surrounded by some great local restaurants and shopping markets, a room in this area will surely make your trip perfect by all means. Book your tickets to Mandarmoni for a wonderful beach experience but do not forget to book your OYO rooms as well!

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Mandarmoni Hotels List with Tariff

OYO 12318 Hotel Sea Horse
OYO 12318 Hotel Sea Horse Budget
Mandarmani Beach Road, Mandarmoni
4.4 Very Good
260 Ratings
₹ 1916
₹ 2737 per night
30% OFF
OYO 15149 Hotel Ajoy Minar
OYO 15149 Hotel Ajoy Minar Budget
Hotel Ajoy Minar, Dadan Patra , Mandarmani, Ramnagar, ,Mandarmoni, Mandarmoni
4.4 Very Good
63 Ratings
₹ 1809
₹ 2584 per night
30% OFF
OYO 9550 Shinjini Resort
OYO 9550 Shinjini Resort Budget
Mandarmoni Beach Road, Mandarmoni
4.5 Excellent
234 Ratings
₹ 2106
₹ 3009 per night
30% OFF
OYO 15679 Hotel Gloria
OYO 15679 Hotel Gloria Budget
Mandarmani Beach Rd, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721461, Mandarmoni
4.2 Very Good
19 Ratings
₹ 1959
₹ 2799 per night
30% OFF
Questions & Answers
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Why Mandarmani beach is so famous?
By Khushboo - 10 months ago
Mandarmani is generally known for being a longest motorable beach in India. One can enjoy the beauty of this beach while enjoying water sports activities. Mandarmani is easily accessible from airport and railway station. The flora and fauna of this beach add life to this place. For more information, contact our OYO Captain. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Is Mandarmani a good place for a trip?
By Nancy - 10 months ago
Yes, Mandarmani is one of the most visited places in West Bengal. You can enjoy the water sports activities here at Mandarmani beach and eat tempting cuisines at many good restaurants. Also, one of the oldest museums is located in this city. For more information, contact our OYO Captain. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Tell me more about Birla Industrial and Technological museum mandarmoni.
By Amit Sinha - 10 months ago
Birla Industrial and Technological Museum is one of the first science museums in India. Dedicated to industries and business, this museum showcases galleries of biotechnology, electricity, mathematics and much more. It is open to the public and you will surely love to visit this place. For more information, contact our OYO Captain. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Are there any popular local markets in Mandarmoni?
By Nikhila Hans - 10 months ago
You can check out local markets like Kalindi Bazaar and Das Market for various local items. Traditional attires and handicrafts are available in Sindhukanya Shopping Complex. All of the items are easily available at pocket-friendly rates. You can take either a taxi or cab to reach to these markets. Know more by contacting our OYO Captain. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Which adventure sports can I enjoy in Mandarmani?
By Supriya Pathak - 10 months ago
The water sports activities like jet ski rides, bike rides, and banana boat ride are available at Mandarmani beach. All of the activities are available at pocket-friendly rates. You can also check out nearby restaurants for aromatic delicacies or shopping centers to get clothes and other handicrafts. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Tell me some quick getaway destinations near Mandarmani.
By Nilesh - 10 months ago
Although, Mandarmani is a fine destination for a trip but one can include some of these quick getaway destinations near Mandarmani which include Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Digha would be great for visit. Bagdogra is another destination to enjoy with family and friends. By OYO Captain Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
what are the best places to visit in west bengal?
By Vineet - 10 months ago
Darjeeling, ‘City Of Joy’ Kolkata, Dooars, Mirik, Digha Beach, Korseong, sight of the Royal Bengal Tigers at Sunderbans, Bakkhali, Shankarpur are some of the best places to visit. Book your stay with OYO while visiting west bengal and experience the finest services and amenities. simply visit this link: By OYO Team Mandarmoni - 10 months ago
Suggest me the ways to travel from chaulkhola to mandarmani?
By Heena - 11 months ago
Chaulkhola is located at a distance of approximately 100 km from Mandermani. The most convenient way to travel from Chaulkhola to Mandermani is by car. It takes around 2 hrs 40 minutes by car via Debra-Balichak-Temathani-Patapsur-Egra Road and SH 5. By OYO Team Mandarmoni - 11 months ago
What would be the digha to mandarmani taxi fare?
By Anubhav Tyagi - 11 months ago
Digha to Mandarmani taxi fare starts from INR 600 By OYO Team Mandarmoni - 11 months ago
Is there any availability of howrah to mandarmani train?
By Yasha - 11 months ago
Travelling by train can make your journey very comfortable. However, travelling to Mandermani directly by train is not the best option. The best way to travel from Howrah to Mandermani, is by taking a train to Digha and hiring a cab from Digha to Mandermani. Many direct trains are available from Howrah to Digha. By OYO Team Mandarmoni - 11 months ago