February 23rd, 2019 by Arunima

After you have exchanged the rings or completed the pheras, it’s time for you to bring out some entertainment for your guests. A wedding is a ceremony that is to be cherished for life and with some funny elements to spice up the ritualistic moments, and to add your individuality in the occasion. Whether organizing your ceremony at a banquet hall or at your home, entertainment is an aspect that could be arranged everywhere. And moreover, it’s your friends and relatives who await some entertainment with such high hopes.


When thinking about entertainment, don’t fear about the budget. Entertainment or games does not always mean that it is going to be some costly interlude. Some really simple yet joyful fun activities can definitely uplift the spirits of your guests. Since your wedding guest list is not restricted to any particular age-group, it is advisable to arrange games or some activities for all because it’s your wedding and you would just love to involve everyone in your big day. Have a look at some of the really entertaining ideas you can arrange for your guests to enjoy and intensify the happiness around you.

1. Wedding DJs

The most common form of entertainment for any wedding is the all-time favourite- a DJ. Music is the backbone for any event and keeps the spirit of the party to the maximum.

We cannot even think of celebrating a wedding without shaking a leg. Arranging a DJ night is pretty easy. With tons of vendors in the market or the in-house DJs of any banquet hall, you may easily arrange to have one at your wedding.

2. Fireworks

How can you even bereft your wedding from the magical fireworks? The liveliness of any grand event could be profusely enhanced when you have arranged fireworks for your guests.

Everybody loves a dramatic display and having a firework as a part of your wedding celebration will help in this regard. Make sure that you display the fireworks under proper security.

3. Live Bands

These are the trending entertainment elements when you want something different other than the conventional DJs. Though if you are somehow excited about the idea of having live band at your wedding, it would be better to choose the one who is backed up with certain recommendations.

You can even arrange for some retro-themed or rock band if you want to brighten up your atmosphere with more creativity.

4. Whiskey Bar

Party is definitely incomplete without this section. The amazing whiskey bar, it is awesome when you can arrange for the whisky fountain. It will make your guests go awestruck. All the guests would love the beautiful arrangement done at the whisky bar. Remember the collection of the whisky should be vintage and amazing.

5. Table Trivia

This idea is always amazing and you should include it as it will greatly impress your guests. Table trivia is that game in which the couples ask each other questions and they both have to answer them. But here is that catch, questions can be put up for the guests as well. The questions will be quirky and witty and full of fun.

6. Awards Ceremony

Another great idea is keeping the Award ceremony. You can make the list of the categories before the function but keep it a surprise for maximum people. Include your friends to make the preparation. Arrange some gifts to give to the winner. Just keep in mind the categories should be witty and full of fun, so that the quests get surprised and enjoy a lot.

7. Put up a Music Request Box

What could be more interesting than having a DJ played at your wedding? It would definitely be the DJ Request box. Do not let your guests make a fuss over the played tracks.

Let them have their suggestions put up in a request box for the DJ to get an idea of the type of music in demand. With a request box at their disposal, you won’t have to listen to them raving about the ‘same old tracks’.

8. Photo Booths

Photos are always welcomed at every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, reunions or seminar, photographs are a medium to mark the occasion that revives our memory at some later time.

But, setting up a photo booth at your wedding would require some creativity to entice your guests to pose for photos. With an amazing background, you can surely click some really candid pictures to make your moments more colorful.

9. Set up a candy or coffee station

It’s not just about a chaat corner or salad bar anymore. Your guests would definitely look around for something different and interesting that was not the prodigy for any wedding occasion before. If yours is a winter wedding, then setting up a coffee station would do the trick of making your occasion a successful one.

Similarly, a candy station for the kids would be a great establishment. All these candy or coffee stands will add more glitter to your surroundings and create hubbub among your guests.

10. Bouncy Castles

Well, it’s not just the older ones, but the kids are also going to attend your wedding.

So, keeping this mind you can arrange these bouncy castles that will be a delight for kids and a great mode of entertainment in your celebration. You can arrange for some wedding entertainers or tattoo booth if yours is a ‘Day wedding ceremony’.

11. Arrange Karaoke

If you think that your guests are going to like DJ or a live band, then organizing a karaoke is also a great idea.When we are all in the mood for the ceremony and would like our guests to enjoy the moment with us, then having a karaoke podium would be exciting. This is an intriguing way to relive the memories of your wedding at some later time.

12. Make a Grand Entry

For an Indian wedding, it’s all about having a grand entry for the couple. You can arrange for some interesting entrances that are different from the traditional ones.

Your exquisite entry could be a real fun for you as well as for your guests. You would be astonished to know that there are different castes in India where the entry of the groom is a creative one based on some story and the tradition has been carried for a long time as well.

13. Add some glitter to your Dance Floor

A simple dance floor is not going to entice your guests to start their dance.

Blame it on their fancy footwear! Try out some innovative lightning that will spruce up and enhance the look of the dance floor. You may even add some props for the guests, specifically the kids to enjoy the dancing.

14. Play Different Tunes

Your DJ can create such magic for your guests. Ask him to play different tunes and announce different dance forms for your guests to roll out with the playing music track. Just think how your guests will react when they have to switch from a ball dance to Bhangra in a minute!

15. Put your story on a video

Who could resist the chance to know how you two met and how were you before your wedding? Set up a display of slides or a video that will give a glimpse of both bride’s and groom’s life before they met. It will personalize your wedding and your guests can pass their time while glancing at your pre-wedding life.

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Though arranging for an entertainment at your wedding seems equally enticing, make sure the vendors you are consulting have enough experience in organizing such activities for a wedding.

Explore and browse a lot when you are hiring a DJ or band because these are in abundance in the market. But, choosing a legible one would be a difficult task. So, take your time and do research. Take advice from your friends who are familiar with any such entertainment agency. While choosing a band performer or solo artist try to check out his previous videos, reviews, and feedback to learn about his service quality. You can even plan out to play some specific songs for your ceremony that is liked by your spouse-to-be.

Be open about your budget because investing in such entertaining activities is a pricey matter. Discuss your wedding budget with the agency or individual vendor, whoever you are consulting at the moment. Moreover, in a wedding season, it is very difficult to grab a band or DJ as they are already booked for the day. So make your bookings in advance. If you are already working with a wedding planner, he/she can help you out with some information about the suitable entertainer for your wedding.

Keep your venue in mind because having a lot of entertaining activities can suffocate your venue. Thus, arrange the entertainments as per the space of your venue so that your guests can enjoy effectively. Just think how cluttered it would be if your indoors have a DJ, a karaoke platform as well as a candy station. It is advisable to organize such entertainments when your wedding is arranged in both outdoors and indoors. Spreading out the entertaining activities can bring out the charm of your ambience.

Include the entertainment for all your guests. How can you deprive the kids of having fun when the adults are busy in some other activity?

Marriage is all about celebration and fun. The memories that you create are to be cherished for a lifetime thus, adding a pinch of entertainment could be delightful for your friends and family. Choose your entertainments wisely and make yours the wedding of the year.