February 4th, 2019 by Arunima

Planning your wedding in full flamboyance will definitely require a huge investment. With so much glamour and glitter around, you must be perfectly aware of the cost it would require to set up such an extravaganza.

While executing each and every step of your wedding, you will be highly astonished to realize how much of a simple flower arrangement would cost! And to execute a budget wedding you need to look closely over each and every facet of your wedding because an enchanting decor, beautiful wedding attire, an expert catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a hefty price tag.

For all the expectant brides and grooms who are closer to their BIG day, our step-by-step guide can help you out with an intelligent budget structure that can restore the grace of your ceremony and that too at an affordable cost.

1. Draft your Financial Situation in Detail

Finance is the bottom line for any party, ceremony or event. For organizing a successful event you should be backed up with convenient funds to arrange the wedding of your dreams. While you are discussing your budget details, rule out the contributor of your wedding whether it is going to be your parents or any other guardian.

If you are also a part contributor to your wedding, keep in mind that post-wedding expenses are also waiting for you. Thus, utilize your money efficiently and avoid spending it frivolously.

Compartmentalize each and every segment of your wedding and attach a prescribed budget to them whether you are considering your wedding attire or your mother’s, just segregate them and fix a particular cost.

2. Deciding over Venue

It is advisable to choose a venue closer to your homes, as it will save a lot of your cost in hiring rental cars or buses. Keep in mind to choose your location months before your wedding date.

As the vendors, resorts or banquet hall try to guzzle up more and more when a marriage season is on rage, it is prudent to select a location in advance. While looking for a location on a budget, just strike-off a destination wedding from your list.

3. Less Flowers

Flowers are the first choice of any décor but if we don’t waste too many flowers the budget can be managed properly. We all know the wedding can’t be beautiful without the flowers, so we are just saying to limit it. Don’t use unlimited flowers so that it gets wasted. Where it is necessary only there use the flowers otherwise just try to avoid it.

4. Make Off-Season Purchase

As we know that an item in demand always costs more in a popular season. Keeping this in mind, buy your wedding attire in an Off-season. What more, you might be lucky enough to get your dress at 50% discount! This is a great opportunity to buy your dresses from your desired brands who otherwise have a bigger price inscription on them.

Moreover, you have a large number of shopping outlets to make your purchase. It’s not just about the brick and mortar stores, you can make your purchase from online shopping portals as well. You can easily compare the price and get a suitable one.

5. Use your own Speakers

Be your own DJ, don’t hire any DJ. You can always ask your friend to become a DJ for you as it will save a lot of money. Make a playlist before your wedding day, ask the choices of your friends and family as well, and make an exciting list. Then ask one of your friends to play it. And rock your wedding on your own!

6. Take Expert Advice

When you are super confused about what to buy and what not, it would be best to hire a planner who knows the nooks and crannies of arranging such fancy occasions. A wedding planner is the one who is well aware of the cost, arrangements and can customize your need within his own itinerary.

This is a complete myth that hiring a wedding coordinator can disrupt your budget. But, in fact, a wedding planner can channelize your capital into useful resources so that your wedding is not devoid of any important piece. These planners have connections as well as knowledge to bring about the best out of your defined budget.

7. Cut Down on Décor

This is one of the parts of your wedding planning that takes a heavy toll on your budget. To have a grand ceremony or keeping things minimal, all depends on you. Having a budget wedding does not mean that you have to keep things simple. Showcase your creativity in undergoing your décor.

When the wedding is at hotel or banquet hall, you can save a lot on your decoration because the backdrop of a banquet hall is already gorgeous and alluring.

Thus, to keep the appeal to maximum, try out reserving Benefits of the Banquet Hall. Likewise, smaller details like table arrangements, table-top pieces, Mandap or pedestal decoration, and entrée decoration all can make a huge difference to your budget.

8. Create a Rational Guest List

When you are running tight on funds, keeping your guest list to the minimum is an intelligent step.

Do you really need to invite 500 guests or 100 guests who are at your foremost priority?

Try to bring out a list of those guests that are really essential for you to call. Obviously, this would include your cousins, relatives, and some really close friends.

9. Plan in Advance

Book your venue, caterers, photographers, and decorators in advance since a spontaneous wedding season booking can make a mess out of your budget. You are really going to take a hit when you are about to snag a party caterer at last minute.

Just remember that last minute preparations are a danger to your budget. Moreover, it is a possibility that all the native vendors are unavailable and you have to outsource them from another city. This would add the charge of their travel to your budget. Thus, making reservations in advance is helpful in minimizing your budget effectively.

10. Prioritize Your Things

Don’t make any random arrangements for your wedding planning list. Choose the things that are of utmost importance first and then go for the one with minimum importance. By prioritizing your task list you can compromise on one thing and can spend more on the other.

Cutting down on your cost is not at all shameful and doing it in an intelligent manner won’t make you a fool in front of your guests. A wedding planner can help you in this regard in planning out the wedding without investing over giddy things.

11. Go with the Season

Buying an off-season flower for your decorations could prove costly to you. Consider some material that is in course with the season. The same goes for your food. Having some off-season fruit or vegetable in your main course or dessert section could make a hefty sum.

If your pockets are deep enough, then having a lavish catering or décor is not a problem. But, under a tight budget, you need to think cleverly and make adjustments with the flowers or food present for that particular season.

12. Jewellery Shopping

Buying a gold, platinum or diamond ornament seems to be the most prudent task at hand. But, don’t forget that these are the costliest affair for any wedding. This is certainly the section where brides-to-be are going to spend the most. Be creative and bring out some individuality in your dressing style.

Though you are bound to buy some real gold or diamond pieces, you can even pair them up with some artificial stones or Kundan jewellery that are lower in cost. Avoid buying from any exclusive boutiques or jewellery outlet. Also, you may even try out your grandmother’s or mother’s jewellery if given the chance.

 13. Creative Invitations

These days it is not a ritual anymore to invite your friends or relatives through actual cards. And for the guests who are out of the station, you seriously cannot afford to visit their homes or speed post each and every card.

Well, it’s time to go digital this time. Create your invitation cards online and post them on your social media platforms or message or mail them personally for inviting them. This would save a lot of paper as well as your budget. There are some of the trending invitation modes and are certainly budget-friendly.

14. Create a wise catering list

Since, food is the most talked about topic at any wedding, cutting down your budget would be dangerous to your reputation. As you know that from an appetizer till the dessert, everything will be taken note of by your guests and it would prove unfortunate if your party caterer comes up with tasteless recipes.

Firstly, make sure that your caterer comes with loads of recommendations so that you feel a bit relaxed about the quality and taste of food. Sit with a banquet hall manager or catering manager to decide over the list of dishes you cannot avoid serving.

15. Plan Your Honeymoon

After all the wedding ideas, one of the most important parts is the Honeymoon. It is time to get to know your partner closely and bond along. Planning your honeymoon together will make you understand each other preference and taste.

But at the moment, a beautiful place which is favourable for both and make it special and beautiful. Small places or exclusive locations could be amazing when your partner is around.

With all the proposals and suggestions in your proximity, it is hoped that you have an idea as how to organize your wedding within a budget. Just make sure that nothing is amiss and everything is clearly defined in your finalized list of preparations. Keep your list flexible enough to add or remove the items that would be required at the time. Taking a consultant would surely prove beneficial for planning a ceremony of this scale.