January 30th, 2018 by Arunima

Are you planning to have your wedding away from your hometown? Is having a destination wedding a dream for you and your spouse-to-be? Every bride and groom plans for their big day with careful and minute planning. It’s not just about picking up a dress and inviting your friends and family. And when you are scouting for a perfect location, the stakes certainly double up. For planning a destination wedding, you need to actually consider a lot more than your mere hometown wedding. The location being the foremost topic of discussion, you need to make proper arrangements for your guests as well. Moreover, the planning process takes a roundabout since you are bound to get confused over a lot of things.

The growing popularity of destination wedding has somehow constituted various ideas in the minds of couples. Most of them relate a destination wedding as some international jaunt while some think that an exotic location would make their wedding more special. But, a destination wedding could be organized anywhere that is away from the bride’s and groom’s hometown.

There are several reasons why couples are inclined to have a destination wedding for them.

  • It makes you feel more special when you can gather with your friends or family at some other location than the same venues of your hometown.
  • It gives you time to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. It keeps the stress of planning out of your mind.
  • You have a variety of options to choose from since there are numerous locations in the world to organize your wedding.
  • Many banquet halls in Chandigarh or resorts offer simplified planning for your wedding which rather takes a lot of time from your side. Whether you are inviting 100 or 500 guests, it doesn’t matter, as the wedding planners can make sure that your arrangements are perfectly devised.
  • Since this is a destination wedding, no need to exercise any more of your time on decorations as the backdrop of these locations are gorgeous in themselves.
  • Besides this being at your wedding, it could also be a vacation for you and your companions. Thus, having a destination wedding can shower you with the added benefit of your much-awaited trip. So, just sit back and relax and wait for the destined enjoyment that is waiting in store for you.
  • If you want to keep a really low profile on your wedding and want to celebrate it with really close friends and only your family members, having a destination wedding is a perfect idea to execute. You might arrange for a post-wedding party for them and keep the more intimate ceremony for your favoured members.
  • If you want a lavish ceremony but under a limited budget, organizing a destination wedding would prove more fruitful. Most of you might feel that this is an extravagant affair but in truth, the cost doesn’t vary much than the one you are going to hold in your hometown.

But, before going for a destination wedding keep these few things in your mind.

  1. Confirm a Date

People tend to organize their weddings during a long weekend or on some auspicious time as per their astrological consultations. A long weekend would make it easier for you to have both your wedding as well as your vacation in one go.

Planning a weekend wedding would definitely be helpful to your guests as they can easily arrange their schedules and make their departure on time. Start planning a little earlier so that you have a lot of choices to pick from. Moreover, having a weekend wedding is a dream for many, thus getting a venue of choice gets difficult on a short notice.

  1. Draft your Budget

Marriage is a great expenditure. From food, décor, guests, accommodations, you have a lot to invest in. And besides, there is no limit to display your extravaganza. Thus, during the planning of your wedding, deciding on a budget is the most important task.

Try to opt for the crucial options that cannot be overlooked but don’t go on spending over frivolities. Compare the best possible options and choose the one which is economical as well as looks best for the occasion. A timely and smart planning can save you from infusing huge amounts. With more time to look after the arrangements, you might grab some discounted offers. This would save you from the last-minute financial strain. Prepare your guest list with care. No need to stuff each and every person you might have met once or twice.

  1. Take a Planner’s Advice

Employing a planner’s suggestions would be advisable when you are not familiar with the locale of your destination wedding. The planner can guide you through the languages, seasonality, and cultural presence of the area. They can also provide you with best possible ideas and suggestions about any special cuisine or decorations.

A wedding planner can synchronize your wedding without less involvement or brainstorm from your side. There might be in-house wedding planners at the destination or you may hire the one you rely upon. A complete assistance from wedding planners can speed up your planning process and execute your wedding in the way you desire. Also, wedding planners can help you out in hosting your picture-perfect celebrations with suitable wedding themes. In addition, if this is a hasty ceremony, wedding planners can help you out of that too.

  1. Pick an Appropriate Location

Pondering over the venue is the major concern for many a couple. You need to consider a lot before selecting a particular location depending on your travel time and budget. Besides, it’s not worth choosing a destination that would be difficult for your guests to reach or book flights within a period of month or two.

Also, before zeroing on a particular location rule out the weather report of that location for that particular season. There’s no point in undergoing your wedding ceremony if you are drenching wet or melting under scorching heat. A pre-anticipation of the weather condition can save you from making a worthless investment.

  1. Bring on the Invitations

When the date, as well as location, is confirmed, you need to start delivering your invitations to your friends, relatives, and colleagues who can start making prior arrangements for attending your wedding. Giving them an ample amount of time could be beneficial in their regard.

Moreover, giving some sufficient time would enable them to decide whether they will be attending or not. This can help you in dispensing off with a finalized guest list. With your filtered guest list, you are definitely going to devise a perfect sitting and eating arrangements at the time you are planning with the caterers.

  1. Carry Convenient Clothing

When you are carrying your bridal attire, it would be best to carry the material with you rather than giving it up in the hands of cargo. Along with this, you should carry some location- specific outfits as this is an outlet for your vacation or honeymoon as well.

If yours is a beach wedding then carrying sunglasses, sun-screens, light dresses, shorts and other related items is a must. Likewise, if yours is a hill station wedding, then don’t forget to carry your woolens, warmers and other such things. If there are some additional décor or welcome bags, then send them ahead of your arrival.

  1. Choose your Vendors

If your destination wedding is getting some outsourced vendors, then let them go there ahead of you. This would be a risk factor if your decoration team or caterers are not present there on time. Sending them beforehand can definitely help them adjust to the environment and prepare well in welcoming your guests. Moreover, this will leave you a sense of relaxation and peace when you know that your arrangements have been effectively placed.

  1. Reach your Destination in Advance

It would be a foolish move to reach your destination just before the day of your wedding. At least try to reach the destination 3-4 days before the wedding. Reaching the destination prior to your schedule can help you in making adjustments and get yourself comfortable. You can give a warm welcome to your guests with this arrangement. Giving a personalized touch to your welcome will restore your traditionalism at a destination wedding and will be pleasing to your guests as well. Just don’t make any last minute adjustments to your schedule.


  1. Go Online:

Make a very pleasant beginning to your wedding by going online through your pre-wedding shoots and videos. Posting your wedding shoots and videos on the social media platforms will prompt your guests as well as let them know that you are all set to have your wedding. It would also be a great chance to meet the photographer who can understand the idea and vision for your wedding shoots.

This is really an ordeal to plan everything correctly when you are planning a destination wedding. Just start making a checklist and follow the instructions with ease. Measure your convenience and timing, and you are all set to have the wedding of your dreams.

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