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The most awaited time of your life is nearing. You are all set to meet ‘the one’ for you. Two families are going to unite on the cheerful night of your marriage. Relatives are all excited, and the house is filled with a spirit of celebration and tempting aroma of flowers and sweets. Weddings, unquestionably, are the most memorable occasions of people’s lives. You might have already planned on setting your wedding function in a decorative and fancy theme. Not yet? No worries, we will help you out!

Here are the top fifteen wedding themes for 2019 in India.

Hosting a picture-perfect wedding celebration begins with a suitable theme setting. A carefully chosen wedding theme will make your marriage an elegant and distinguished event.

1. Fairy tale Wedding

Every girl wants a wedding like the Disney princess because in our children we used to dream of our prince charming and the beautiful princess look. Making it a reality, it is when you can keep the fairytale theme for your wedding. Starting from the decoration, the dresses, the food menu and ending with the fairy tale honeymoon! Yes, of course you can make all this happen at your wedding. It’s your choice what Disney princess theme you want to have or you can have it all. Naming the menu according to the characters and the things which were in the fairy tale drama. Remember to match your dress with your partner and you can use the chariot for the arrival. This wedding theme will definitely take you to the fantasy world of magic!

2. Goa theme Wedding

Beaches never disappoint anyone! So if you want to have your wedding besides the beach then choose the Goa wedding theme. Choose the perfect beach in Goa and hire a good wedding planner so that they can give whatever you want for your wedding. The decorations should be subtle not too loud because then it will not go with the theme. The dress will be of pastel colours which will enhance your look and make you feel fresh with the cold air. The food will be according to the theme, yes you can keep the authentic Indian food but don’t forget to keep some best dishes which will compliment this theme.

3. Lucknowi Theme Wedding

Lucknow is said to be the city of Nawabs because the famous Nawabs used to rule. So if you want a wedding in a Nawabi style, Go for it! The royal place which is covered with colourful glass will make this wedding more beautiful. The dress of the bride will include The sharara suits, which will be of bright colours and the groom will be wearing sherwani with churidar and royal jewellery. For the bride’s jewellery ‘Pasha’ is one of the most important jewellery in this theme, so don’t forget it to wear. The menu will be designed as such that it shows the nawabi royal past.

4. Green wedding theme

Green, nature’s colour. This green wedding theme will include all the shades of green in one place. Starting from the decoration until the dresses all will be green. The decoration should be like paradise on earth. Decorating with different kinds of flowers and other green leaves will make the theme look amazing. The dresses will be of green colour its up to you which green you want to pick up for yourself and want to pair up with your partner. This green wedding will look like you have brought nature at one place.

5. Colour theme Wedding

Here comes the rainbow theme! Yes all the colours at one place starting from the flowers of different colours, different roses at one place and keeping a check on the guests as they can’t break the dress code. It will be literally beautiful to have each and every colour at one place. The wedding will be cheerful, colourful of course and bright with the colours. The food should be designed as such that it can thrill your guests.

 6. Indoor Forest or Indoor Garden Theme

Why not step-up and be more creative? Indoor garden wedding theme or indoor forest theme is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Suitable for all seasons, this theme is full of beauty and serenity. Entrance and walls covered with greens, exotic plants and flowers, trees with hanging lanterns, candles complementing the green and shiny chandeliers make it look like a fairy-tale come true. Dining area and cocktail bar will be decorated with a perfect balance of green plants over the grille and golden-yellow lights. Delight your guests in an ambiance of starry lights exquisitely arranged in a nature-green theme. This wedding theme is definitely for the ones who seek an everlasting memory of their marriage with a distinguished touch.

7. Traditional Religious Wedding Theme

Bollywood has glamorized this wedding theme for a long time. Weddings in India are closely woven with religious sentiments and beliefs. Dedicating your special day to figurines of sacred idols, colorful flowers, and devotional instrumental music has its charm. Traditional wedding themes can involve everyone in its spirit of colors. Props, setup, decor and even food can be customized to suit this theme’s ambiance. You can even centralize the wedding theme around your sacred deity. This theme is an excellent choice for those who want an elite ‘traditional Indian’ wedding function. Also, a religious setting is sure to capture the hearts of elders and the young alike. This theme is available on request at any OYO facilitated wedding banquet. Make your marriage a delight with savory tastes of Indian traditions with this theme.

8. Contemporary Wedding Theme

If there exists an evergreen wedding theme, the contemporary decor theme it is. Bringing with it the modern westernized charm, a contemporary theme is a popular choice amongst those who seek a colorful and elegant backdrop. Try to visualize your wedding function in golden-yellow lights, crystal lounges, assorted flower decors and LED screens streamlining every happening. The ‘couple of the night’ does not even need a formal stage. Instead, they can interact with the guests in person. Sparkling cocktail bar, colorful curtains, and tempting contemporary cuisine are sure to entertain the guests to the fullest. This wedding theme is always high-on-demand at OYO hosted banquets and wedding venues. Contemporary wedding theme comes with a royal touch of perfectly blended colors, excellent lighting, and celebratory ambiance.

9. Fusion Wedding Theme

Indeed, it is as fabulous as it sounds! A little mix of both the Indian and English culture can give a glamorous finish to your dreamed wedding day. Typically, fusion weddings are favorite amongst couples where both belong to different cultures. Imagine a dress code, cuisine, decor, and music combining the best of both worlds. No wonder fusion weddings are so fun and cherished. You can arrange for cultural dances from families on both the sides, include traditional recipes and even perform matrimonial ceremonies according to them. A fusion wedding theme is highly personalized and creative. You can list all your requirements with your venue host and have a remarkable fusion wedding experience. Decorate the place with an array of flowers and novelties, themed curtain drops and stage. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the cocktail bar too! Common fusion themes are Indian-English, Punjabi-Rajasthani, Indo-Thailand, etc. At OYO hosted banquets, we provide what you desire.

10. Royal Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Nothing shouts out loud like the royal and elegant Rajasthani wedding theme. Also famed as the ‘Rajwada wedding theme,’ this setting is a treat for the soul. A personal favorite of people in India, the royal Rajasthani theme is an all-in-one package. A colorful and vibrant regal theme will take you back to the royal Rajputana era. It is truly a festive theme with props, rangolis, food carts, and traditional music. Choose from the royal menu of delightful and savory flavors and top them up with exquisite sweets. You can even arrange traditional folk performances like Ghoomer dancers, singers, and entertainers for delighting the people. The bride arrives in a traditional ‘palki’ and the groom on ‘ghodi.’ Boost the atmosphere with bright fireworks and royal art pieces and mannequins. Rajasthani ‘rajwada’ wedding theme is the perfect choice for an ideal wedding.

11. Flowers Wedding Theme

Imagine an indoor and open garden full of flowers. Exotic plants and colorful buds surrounding everyone make for another romantic theme. A floral wedding theme or flowers theme is extravagant and a complete bliss for the eyes. The entrance, walls, ceiling and dining area, will be covered with loads of assorted flowers and garlands, trees and poles brimming with contrasting color tones are what makes this wedding theme so unique. Even, the desserts and food items can be made to look like flowers, making for a treat for everyone at the wedding. Couples usually choose this theme around a special flower, like Orchid and Rose. The borders can be lined with Marigold and white roses, with floral props like peacocks and elephants and a floral ‘Mandap.’The Marriage ambiance cannot be made more pious and pleasant than the flowers wedding theme. Ask for this special theme at your wedding venue and customize as per the requirements.

12. Venice Wedding Theme

For those who want to bring an exotic location touch to their wedding, Venice wedding theme, or Venetian theme is an excellent choice. A full Venetian masquerade will be set up at the venue. Palaces, castles, props and even the typical Venice festive dress code can be included. Make way for a Gondola, a traditional rowing boat from Venice and artificial water bodies to give an authentic finish. You can choose to dress up the cocktail bar and salad bar with Venetian style wines, fruits, and snacks. This wedding theme includes golden lights to remind you of the night sky in Venice. The Venice wedding theme is an exclusive one, so make sure you ask for it in advance. Preparations for this setup are meticulous and takes time. Create a memory of a lifetime with this exclusive and high-end wedding theme.

13. Carnival Wedding Theme

Known for its uniqueness and fun inducing atmosphere, Carnival wedding theme has recently been popularized by many famous weddings in India. Suitable for daytime and night-time wedding ceremonies, this theme is not only full of colors but showcases many activities and fun stuff for the guests. Careful! Adults might turn into children again at your marriage function. From colorful and candy-themed props to juggling clowns, from light shows to delightful entertainment performances, this theme has a lot of arrows in its quiver to craft a joyful occasion for you. The carnival wedding theme is a perfect choice for bigger venues and a large number of guests. Imagine colorful stands and stalls, lights, music and a fun and frolic ambiance all around. This wedding theme is one of our favorites, so OYO will pour its heart and soul into setting it up.

14. Moroccan Wedding Theme

Dive into the royal middle-eastern traditional influences and choose the Moroccan theme to make your wedding function stand out. A Moroccan wedding theme is another exclusive and exotic one for those who want to taste the ethnic flavors of Morocco. The venue will be decorated with mosaic lanterns, hookah bars and stands, scented candles and traditional Moroccan cutlery, with a purple, red, golden and pink backdrop. You can include Moroccan snacks and cuisine on the list. Even the seating arrangement can be customized, and exotic sofas, middle-eastern fabric cushions, and mattresses can be included. This theme is a combination of royalty, tradition, and colors. Moroccan desserts are known for their melt-in-mouth flavors, so remember to include them. The bride and groom can dress up to blend in with the theme and add to the charm of this occasion.

15. Vintage Wedding Theme

‘Old is gold,’ the believers of this phrase can prove it by going with the vintage wedding theme. Yes, past few centuries had its charm. From the vintage Indian theme to a Victorian-era setting, the customizations are numerous. Even the historical Mughal wedding theme can be arranged for. From props and backdrops to cuisine and outfits, everything can be arranged for. Just make up your mind which vintage era setting or festive historical setting excites you the most. Vintage wedding theme has been a recent fever and is popular amongst youngsters and women. A royal Mughal style wedding will transcend you back to the ancient history, the vintage English theme will make for an elite function or a fabulous vintage themed Indian-style wedding will capture all the hearts. Visualize your function and choose what suits your marriage celebration the best.

There we have it! A curated list of top 15 wedding themes for 2019. Select whatever suits you the best as a couple and make your wedding the best one!

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