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Whether it is exploring the treasures of the Indian ocean or climbing to an amazing sunrise view on top of its numerous mountains; the island of Sri Lanka has so much to offer to every type of traveler. Within its small geographical area, this beautiful island beckons the wanderer in you with a variety of sunny beaches, lush green
mountains, perennial rivers, waterfalls and ancient temples that will keep you enthralled throughout your vacation in Sri Lanka.

First-time visitors must visit all the common hot spots of Sri Lanka that can tell a lot about its natural landscape and rich culture. But, for a truly memorable experience, here are six things to do in Sri Lanka that will truly elevate your Sri Lankan Holiday Package to the next level.

Go Surfing

If you have never done beach surfing before (but you always wanted to ride the waves), beaches in Sri Lanka are just the right place to start. Located on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, Hikkaduwa beach is a popular spot for first-time surfers, where even experienced surfers can have a great time. Hikkaduwa beach is just right for first-time surfers as the waves do not look as intimidating as those seen in Australian or Hawaiian beaches.

If you are not traveling to this part of the island, you can check out the numerous other surfing spots located at Weligama beach, Arugam Bay, Mirissa beach, or Sahana beach. Be sure to check the surfing seasons in each of these beach spots to avoid any disappointment.


Hiring a surfing board in Sri Lanka can cost anywhere between 250-300 LKR per hour, 500 LKR (for 6 hours), or 1000 LKR (for an entire day)


Surfing session remains open all days.

Explore the Tea Estates

If you are a tea lover, enjoying a cup of refreshing Ceylon tea in the green tea estates of Ella or Nuwara Eliya is highly recommended. Being one of the major tea producers in the world, Sri Lanka has the best of natural tea plantations to offer to tourists. Other than tasting tea varieties, you can explore the lush green tea estates in Haputale that is surrounded by misty mountains, waterfalls, and refreshing tea plantations.

If interested, you can also talk to some of the local tea leaf pluckers and do some plucking yourself for once in a lifetime experience or pay a visit to the local tea factory to see how tea is processed and packaged.

Entry Fees



Check with the concerned tea estate company that you are planning to visit.

Go on A Train Trip

No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without traveling on its trains, which is the most common and affordable modes of traveling through the island. Taking a train ride from Kandy to Ella is among the most scenic train journeys that you can undertake. Ascending over 2000 meters, this train ride takes you through dense forests, tea plantations, mountain ranges, along with its green and picturesque surroundings. This slow train ride takes around 6 hours to complete and is a great route for some amazing nature photography. Among the main highlights of this train journey are the Demodara Bridge and its 441-feet long loop.


Fares for the Kandy-Ella train ride can vary depending on the booking class.


Train bookings are open between 10 AM – 7 PM.

Visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress

If you are history buff, a visit to the 5th century Sigiriya rock fortress cannot be missed in Sri Lanka. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya is a massive rock column rising to a height of over 200 meters. Among the most famous tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, this site is famous for its vibrant archaeology, surrounding landscaped gardens, human-made ponds, and frescoes. Other attractions include the Mirror walls (with 8th century inscribed verses) and the stone-carved lion’s paws.

Entry Fees

The entry fee for visiting Sigiriya rock fortress is LKR 4,500 per person.


Opens at 7 AM.

Go Trekking on Adam’s Peak

As one of Sri Lanka’s main attractions, hiking to the summit of Adam’s Peak is a must-to-do activity particularly for nature trekkers. The peak is named after Adam whois believed to have set foot on earth here for the first time being cast out of heaven. Rising to the height of 2,243 meters, Adam’s Peak offers an enthralling view of sunrise and the surrounding mist-covered landscape. With over 5500 stone-made steps, a trek on Adam’s Peak is also a complete spiritual experience with the sounds of the temple bells and conch shells.

Apart from its spiritual significance, Adam’s Peak is a nature lover’s delight with its green tropical rain forests and the peak-top view of distant rivers and oceans.

Entry Fees

No entrance fee for Adam’s Peak


Open for 24 hours

Enjoy Fishing Activities in Lanka!

With its countless number of lakes, rivers, and the surrounding sea, Sri Lanka is a major hot spot for fishing among travelers. Whether you want to go fishing in a nearby river or lake or go for deep sea fishing to catch the big fish, Sri Lanka offers fishing activities depending on what you prefer.

For deep sea fishing, you can join the fishing expeditions at Hikkaduwa, where you can fish for deep sea fish like the Barracuda, Grouper, Bonefish, and Parrotfish to name a few. Along with the fishing, you may also come across some playful dolphins. Other places for deep sea fishing include Negombo, Trincomalee, Bentota, and


Costs for deep sea fishing depends on fishing tour operator in a particular location.


Check with the local operator before planning for this activity.

Combining the usual tourist attractions with some of these exciting activities can truly make your trip to Sri Lanka a memorable one! If you want to book an exciting Sri Lanka tour package, OYO Total Holidays can help in designing a package that suits your budget and interests. No more waiting. Plan a trip Today!

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