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Want to Visit Sri Lanka? Read the Ultimate Weather Guide for the Perfect Time to Visit This Tropical Beauty!

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If your holiday plans are incomplete without a piece of sea and sand, then Sri Lanka could be one of the best places to visit for you. This beautiful island, one of the largest in the world, is defined by a colorful hue of clear blue and sparkling gold across its coasts along with an exotic variety of wildlife that livens up the place. However, one of the best features of this nation is the fact that it can be visited all through the year as it has unique weather conditions marked by two distinct monsoon seasons.

Here is a detailed guide to help you decide the best time to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy everything that it offers!

Best Season to Visit Sri Lanka

The fact that the island country of Sri Lanka is graced by two monsoons plays a vital role in determining the weather conditions. The climate is tricky and unpredictable, with bouts of heavy rain across the year. However, since Sri Lanka is close to the equator, the temperatures stay almost constant throughout. So, deciding on the best season to visit Sri Lanka can pose to be a difficult problem. You can travel to different parts of Sri Lanka during different seasons to get the most of this island nation. Hence, it is a year-round destination.

The months of January till mid-April are the best time for a Sri Lanka trip. The climate is dry during this time with the coastal temperatures fluctuating at 25°C to 30°C while the mercury at the Highlands runs between 15°C to 18°C. If you have planned your travel to Sri Lanka during this time, then you can visit any of the cities
and villages or hit the beaches around the coasts.

The summer months between May to September is the time when the west and south coasts are reeling under a cloudy spell of rainfall under the influence of the southwest monsoons. The north and east coasts are dry with the bright sun overhead. You can visit these areas to make the most of your Sri Lankan holidays and experience the beauty of the beaches in summer.

Winter descends from October to February, but the temperature remains constant except for heavy rainfall around the east and north coasts from the northeast monsoon winds. A visit to Sri Lanka at this time should be to the west and south coasts in search of drier pastures that is sparkling under the bright sun.

Peak Season in Sri Lanka

January To April:

The months of January to April are the best months to plan a holiday to Sri Lanka. The air is dry, with the sun shining brightly overhead. These are the months when the beaches across all the coasts of Sri Lanka are dry and sunny with a buzz of activity around them. The temperature between January and March is mildly warm, making it a great time to go out and enjoy all the awe-striking things that Sri Lanka has to offer. If you are tired by the bright sun, you can also head towards the hilly areas of Sri Lanka and enjoy the cool breeze.

April is the hottest month in the year around the central part of the island. However, the beaches showcase a vibrant palette of clear blue skies and sparkling sand. Laze around the beach during this time or go sightseeing to marvel at the architectural wonders of Sri Lanka, but, avoid the hours of 11 A.M. to 3 P.M., as they are the hottest time of the day.

Things to Do:

1. Go beach hopping across the coasts of Sri Lanka for a tryst with the Dolphins or a day under the swaying palm trees.
2. Get a taste of the rich culture by participating in the Thai Pongal festival in January.
3. Visit the various national parks across the island to be awed by the variety of flora and fauna available.


The last month of the year also serves as a good time to plan a Sri Lanka tour. The clouds clear out during this time, and the temperature starts becoming drier and warmer. This is the time you can enjoy the diverse wildlife of Sri Lanka, especially the vibrant birds chirping around Bundala National Park. You can also spend your time exploring the hilly regions of the country that are marked by cool winds and a softer climate.

Things to Do:

1. Explore the fragrant paths of the tea garden across the hills of Nuwara Eliya.
2. Go bird watching at the Bundala National Park.
3. Laze around on the beaches of Galle, Bentota or Kogala for a fun-filled time.

Off Season in Sri Lanka

Although there is no definitive off-season in Sri Lanka and you can travel to different parts of the country around the year, yet, visits to either coast of the island become restricted due to the advancing monsoons. There are two monsoons in Sri Lanka, one that is influenced by the south-west winds and the other that is affected by the north-eastern winds. These two monsoon seasons are the off-season for either coast of the nation.

May To September:

The southwest winds pave its way into the island, bringing with it a shower of rainfall along the south-western coast of Sri Lanka. The regions of Columbo and Galle receive a moderate amount of rainfall, adding to the humidity and creating a wet spell over the coasts.

You can take a trip to the northern and eastern coasts of the country during these months as the climate is dry and sunny.

Things to Do:

Attend the Kandy Esala Perahara, one of the most famous festivals of Sri Lanka that takes place in the city of Kandy.

October to January:

The heavier of the two Sri Lankan monsoons occur during this time bringing heavy rainfall along the north-eastern coast of the island. This monsoon tends to affect the entire nation, although the greatest impact is along the north-eastern coast.

Things to Do:

Make your way towards the southern and western coasts of Colombo and Galle that are comparatively drier during these months and make the most of the beach life.

Best time to take a Sri Lanka trip is before the monsoons set in, so, make your plans and get going to explore this green teardrop amidst the Indian Ocean. Book an OYO Total Holidays Sri Lanka tour packages and enjoy a hassle-free holiday with fun and adventure.

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