August 3rd, 2019 by Paridhi Prasad

Friendship Day is all about celebrating your true friends – the ones who stay through thick and thin, and never leave your side, no matter how cranky you get. So, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate your epic friends than to plan a trip with them. While you’ll still have to do the boring logistical part of booking tickets and getting everyone together in one place, we’ve sorted one aspect for you – your holiday home.

Whether you and your group of friends are wannabe singers, or you’re reuniting with your girls on a trip, we’ve found the perfect OYOxDesign home for you.

For the friends who need to gossip

The gorgeous living room, perfect to spend time with your friends

This villa in Goa is based on communal living, so no matter which bed you’re sleeping on, you can still talk to your friends in the other room. Perfect for those long nights of giggling in the dark. And it’s a short walk away from the beach.

For the friends who love to party

A part of the exterior of this farmhouse near Delhi.

With a huge lawn, terrace, outdoor bar and swimming pool, this farmhouse near Delhi is a delight for large groups. Spend a weekend here to rejoice and rejuvenate.

For the friends who always sing together

This sunny living room is ideal for jam sessions or movie nights.

The musical decor of this house will put a tune to your lips the moment you step in. So, if you and your friends jam together, this holiday home in Goa is the perfect setting for you.

For the friends who want to stay in the city forever

The dining area here is full of classic European feels.

We all have those friends who can’t survive outside the city. They need their city comforts all the time. For them, this house in south Delhi is absolutely perfect. It’s in the heart of all the hustle and bustle, but as soon as you step inside, you’re in a peaceful zone of your own.

For the friends who want their own privacy

The bedrooms in this home are full of colour, just like the rest of this 6-bedroom house.

A private corner in a busy home can be hard to come by. But not in this OYOxDesign home in Delhi. While it’s great to spend time with your friends, everyone needs some peace by themselves sometimes. The cute nooks of this home and the gorgeous bedrooms are just right for this purpose.

For those who love luxury.

The rich decor of this living room will make you feel like royalty.

A beautiful view and decadent decor – that’s what this home is all about. With the rich interior of this home, you and your friends are bound to feel like royalty. This OYOxDesign home is strategically located in Dehradun, so you can make a quick trip to Mussoorie as well.

For the nature lovers.

A villa with a view from every corner.

Some people love just being around nature and peaceful settings. If you and your friends feel the same way, this villa in Goa is just for you. With a gorgeous view of the lake and greenery, and an even better decor, this home will feel like your own home.

For those who want to relive the good old days.

Can you spot the various games in this living area?

This is one holiday home that will bring on tales from the years gone by. If you’ve known your friends since you were kids, this home in Goa is perfect for you. With all your old video games adorning the walls, the tales that come out will stay with you for years.

For those who want to go diving

Is this living room a chilling space or motivation to go diving? You decide.

Goa is a hotspot for diving, and people who seek thrill in their lives will always want to try their hand at this unique adventure. If you’re planning a trip to Goa, and are thinking of trying a dive or two, this is the home to inspire and motivate you. 

A girls’ trip!

The living room in this 3-bedroom apartment is perfect for a makeshift bar.

Ladies, we haven’t forgotten about your much-needed girls’ trip, away from the worries of the world. Get together with your girls and plan a trip to Goa, just to stay in this gorgeous home. A short walk away from the beach, and in the centre of all the action, this home has gorgeous views and interiors.

Are you ready to embark on a super special adventure with your friends? 

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