July 24th, 2019 by Paridhi Prasad

It’s that time of the year again, the school holidays. Faced with the same dreaded question of where, how and most importantly, will it bust the yearly budget – OYO brings you down south to Johor where parents and kids alike will be spoilt for choice on what to do. Be it Legoland or the countless of gorgeous beaches and islands of Johor, Oyo has an array of budget-friendly rooms that are suitable for the family thus freeing up your spending for where it matters most – on the kids!

I Style JB, Jalan Ros Merah

This brand new hotel boasts clean and tasteful rooms that can match any 5-star hotels, bang for buck. Artfully designed with modern motifs, the rooms can comfortably fit you and your small little family comfortably. Situated in a mature commercial district, one can find plenty of convenience stores and places to eat nearby. The hotel also boasts a fully setup CCTV system for that extra bit of security and peace of mind.

Sunlight Hotel, Taman Kulai Utama

If you’re looking for a quick getaway with the kids somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of tourists, Sunlight Hotel in Taman Kulai Utama can provide a quick respite. You can recognize this hotel by it’s unique grey façade, planted within a bustling commercial and industrial town. One might easily mistaken this hotel with a French village for its colonial French exterior! With shops, restaurants and other amenities nearby, this hotel is second to none when it comes to things to do nearby.

Aladdin Hotel, Bandar Baru Seri Alam

Aladdin was once trapped in a cave full of treasures before finding a way out. But if you’re the Aladdin here that’s checking into this hotel, you wouldn’t want to leave. The crown jewel of Masai, this hotel boasts a plethora of things inside to keep its guests happy. Displaying a wall full of awards and recognitions, this hotel was designed as a communal guest house for everyone to meet and chill. The kids will be spoiled by the vending machines selling food and the foosball table while the adults can lounge on the massage chairs. There are also laundromats, cafes and convenience stores nearby – all in this new commercial centre.

Domus Hotel, Taman Nusa Bestari

If you’re looking for a hotel with a fairytale and castle theme for the kids, this is it. Looking like a medieval castle complete with regal flags fluttering on the top bastion from the outside, this hotel has an interior that harks back to the time of the kings and queens and knights and princesses. The lounge looks like an enchanted forest whereas the rooms have bed heads that will look right at home in a medieval castle. The toilets however are lavishly decorated and modern. Talk about new and old! Stepping outside however will bring you right back to the 20th century with shops peddling all sorts of food and beverage, goods and services outside.

Hope Hotel, Taman Cahaya Kota Puteri

A little green oasis amidst a concrete jungle, Hope Hotel is a quaint, modern little corner side establishment that stands out with its huge ‘BREAK & BREAD’ sign. This hotel is perfect for small families and is rated high on the comfortable list if you’re looking to rest after a long and hectic day out with the kids. The hotel’s crowning jewel would be its full-sized café, complete with gorgeous décor. Serving meals the whole day, your kids will also be spoiled with their generous selection of cakes and desserts. Featuring modern amenities and ambience, this hotel is bang for buck for the travelling family.

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