July 11th, 2019 by Paridhi Prasad

‘Do it for the gram’ – something we’re all very familiar with. The drive for the perfect shot at the perfect angle, with the perfect lighting and perfect setting – we all lust for that insta-worthy, ultimate Instagram photo that will generate all the likes that our heart desires. In this day and age of social media and instant gratification, most of us are very familiar with the chase for the drool-worthy staycations that’ll make our friends green with envy. Here we compile a list of Oyo’s most insta-worthy staycation venues for your convenience.



Modern, chic and airy with generous amounts of natural lighting – all qualities for capturing that perfect insta-worthy photo for the ‘gram. Kenwingston boasts a décor that rivals the most modern and opulent homes for your quick weekend staycation. It’s minimalist and modern interior design plays with the pastel colours of white, grey and earth thus being able to make any subject pop out when against the interior. The jewel of the crown? It’s amazing rooftop swimming pool with clear crystalline waters and wooden decking that faces a lush, green jungle underneath a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds interjecting the skyline – masterpiece! 

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If you’ve ever wanted to live in a piece of art, Arte Plus is the perfect place for you. Quickly becoming a household name for ‘the place to go’ for staycations, Oyo can help transport you to a magical playground, surrounded by alien-like décor reminisce of Avatar. ‘The building with the funky façade’ is located in Ampang, just a quick 10 minutes into the heart of KL. Be prepared to be mesmerized by its garden with spiralling greenery and cascading blue lights with that looks like a magical rainforest. Its interior is a labyrinth of Alice in Wonderland – with it’s random staircases to nowhere dotted with multi-coloured mushroom hubs. The funkiest would probably be its interior river to nowhere – a proper water feature with silver steel spheres interjected in every few feet, something only a mad man of an interior designer can think of. Capturing photos for your ‘gram will be a challenge here as you’re most likely to be caught between exploring this wonder cave and just staring at it with your jaw hanging. Perfect for the little kid within you. 

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If you’re familiar with KL then you’re sure to know this name. Right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, this residence is next to Sunway Putra Mall and within walking distance to a myriad of other malls and monorail stations. If you’re an avid photographer of urban views and city skylines, then this is the place for you. Boasting a gorgeous infinity pool with a spectacular view of the city skyline, this place is second to none for that perfect insta-worthy shot, be it in the daytime or night time. One can see Kuala Lumpur’s most famous buildings – KLCC, KL Tower, Menara 1MDB and all of KL’s other iconic buildings in one amazing view. On special occasions such as Merdeka and New Years, the infinity pool at the Regalia Suites can arguably be considered as the only place to be as one will be in for a special treat. Come midnight, the skyline will erupt in a hundred different displays of fireworks and light shows – small and big, near and far. Trust us when we tell you that this multimillion dollar shot will be sure to generate a million likes for that spectacular photo!

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#hipster. #chic. #happening. #youth. #urban. #cool. These are the hashtags you’ll find for this modern and trendy residence. Known for the ultimate concentration of Damansara’s hipsters, Empire Damansara is situated right on the border of the urban concrete and the jungle. You have clean, cold and minimalist design on one side and the sprawling jungle on the other. This contrast of chaos and serenity can be reflected as yin and yang, all for the ‘gram. Empire Damansara also boasts the famous ‘umbrella street’ and if you’re familiar with Instagram, you would have definitely seen this. An interior street covered with hundreds of multi-coloured umbrellas, hipsters from near and far have travelled just to pose with this totally insta-worthy scene.  You’re not an Instagrammer unless you have this photo.

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Situated in the heart of the commercial district of Petaling Jaya, this residence exudes charm with its pastel-coloured interior. Featuring wooden furniture against a backdrop of pastel colours, this high rise boasts a totally insta-worthy high-level outdoor garden and pool. The garden complete with faux grass, plants and benches gives you unparallel views of the blue Petaling Jaya skyline. The partially covered swimming pool will provide respite against the harsh sun in the day and the open skyline gives it a romantic view during the evening and night. And if you’re a sporting gym junkie who needs to post photos of you breaking a sweat in the gym, this residence boasts a high-level gym with uninterrupted views of the skyline. Take that insta-worthy gym photo to the next level! 

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OYO boasts of some of the most amazing rooms with even more amazing views which you’ll just have to explore for yourself. Book a quick getaway in any of our rooms and be prepared to wow your friends with totally insta-worthy shots of your fabulous staycation.  

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