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Planning To Visit Bali Soon? Read Our...

Bali is often known to be the most hyped destination in the world, especially when it comes to planning your honeymoon.

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Top 16 Things To Do In Kolkata In 24-...

Culture might be spelt with ‘K’ as well if you have experienced ‘K’olkata. A city that has been immortalised in

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It’s that time of the year again, the school holidays. Faced with the same dreaded question of where, how and most imp

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Valley Of Flowers Trek – A Shortcut T...

As I broke the day by sipping coffee and scrolling through my Insta feed, a page exhibiting a baffling valley blanketed

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Weekend Getaways from Delhi within 300 kms

28 Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi W...

Monday blues! We all have them, don’t we! Sulking our way through a hectic week and counting days till Friday. So why

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Here Is What Makes Mumbaikars Ecstati...

Monsoon in Mumbai is like winter is to Delhi and Durga Pujo is to Bengal. There is no denying the daunting aspect of the

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15 Homestays In Delhi To Make You Fal...

The capital city of our country isn’t just a place, it’s a vibe, it’s a way of living, it’s elec

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Mount Batur Bali

Visit These Places In Bali For An Exc...

With its mix of ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries, terraced rice fields, and beaches; the tropical island of Bali in

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The Best Places To Visit In Andaman

A few years ago, the Andaman Islands used to be one of the most underrated tourist destinations of India. The islands li

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It’s that time of the year again, the school holidays. Faced with the same dreaded question of where, how and most importantly, will it bust the yearly budget – OYO brings you down south to Johor where parents and kids alike will be spoilt for choice on what to do. Be it Legoland or the [&hellip

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‘Do it for the gram’ – something we’re all very familiar with. The drive for the perfect shot at the perfect angle, with the perfect lighting and perfect setting – we all lust for that insta-worthy, ultimate Instagram photo that will generate all the likes that our heart desires. In this d

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Top Places To Find Durian Around Malaysia

Wet gym socks, blue cheese, turpentine and onions – these are some of the smells used to describe the King of Fruits. The smell of durian is so pungent that HAZMAT teams in NBC suits and forensic police have been called in to investigate the odour. However ask any Malaysian and we’ll tell yo

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Top 10 Must Try Kuih Raya Confirm Laku 2019

So you’ve succeeded in fasting for 30 days. A whole month of preservation and self-reflection, going the extra mile on good deeds and controlling your appetite. Thus the time has arrived for celebration – Hari Raya Aidilfitri! No open house is complete without the raya cookies and even if yo

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5 Bazaar Ramadan Terbaik Di Kuala Lumpur.

Ramadhan yang dinanti kini telah kembali. Tumpuan kembali kepada warga kota atau di desa tidak kira bangsa dan agama yang sama-sama turut menanti ketibaan bulan mulia bagi umat Islam ini kerana di bulan ini lah juadah-juadah istimewa tersedia dijual di merata-rata tempat. Di bawah ini adalah senarai

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Trips from Kuala Lumpur

10 Best Short Trips From Kuala Lumpur That You Must Visit

Kuala Lumpur is surely a city of dynamic cultures with enough to keep you excited, but what to do when you have seen everything? Cut short the trip? Absolutely not! Rather extend it and explore places off the beaten track. Ideal for times when you feel exhausted with the city life and want to take [

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Kuala Lumpur- Places to visit at night

15 Best Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur At Night

The potpourri of Asian cultures, Kuala Lumpur is an eclectic mix of buzzing nightlife, nature’s bounty, culinary sensations and more. The modern capital of Malaysia is bustling with chatter and life at night. On one hand, you have the idyllic islands with their wildlife-packed rainforests. On the

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Fishing boats in fishing village. Langkawi island, Malaysia.

15 Best Relaxing Places Of Malaysia You Should Visit

Sometimes a vacation means simply putting up your feet and relaxing! Travellers often assume Malaysia to be a place where you go just to enjoy the buzz. While the nightlife and parties in the country are eclectic, there’s so much more that is unexplored by frequent travellers. Nature’s bounties

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12 Fun Things & Activities To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is a must-visit when in the country. Here the skyline is ultra modern, the skyscrapers rise high and the British heritage peeps through the colonial remnants, this is where imagination comes to life! In a city like this, it’s easy to have a list longer than th

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Malacca Featured Image - Historical place in Malacca

10 Most Famous Historical Places In Malacca That You Should Visit

Malacca, the Malaysian state with historical places bedecked in glory and colour! It’s got history. An attitude of its own. And a legacy to boast of. That’s Malacca for you. Not many know that Malacca was one of Asia’s most well-known trading ports. After all, that’s where a lot of their his

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