July 19th, 2019 by Nishtha Gupta

As I broke the day by sipping coffee and scrolling through my Insta feed, a page exhibiting a baffling valley blanketed with flowers made me stop. As per my knowledge, it was either a photoshopped image or a picture clicked on foreign lands. Though the caption suggested otherwise, I googled it and found the pictures were of Valley of Flowers. A secluded place in the state of Uttarakhand and the only way to reach there is to trek till Valley of Flowers National Park.

I shared the pictures with a couple of friends, and they were mesmerized enough to start a WhatsApp group. After a lot of research and negotiation with our respective bosses regarding leaves, we took the trip in the mid of July. The research and planning helped and some of us did join a gym to make sure that we are not completely drained of life to be unable to enjoy the entrancing views and trek. The Valley of Flowers National Park remains closed for the extensive year and July, August proved to be the best time for taking a trip and trekking in Uttarakhand.

The Train Journey

We boarded the train in the morning at 06:50 AM and reached about 11:25 AM. While most of us met groggy-eyed, the train journey definitely freshened us up and made us more excited, as we kept googling more places to visit in Uttarakhand, searching out for thrilling destinations. As we deboarded at Haridwar, steaming hot paranthas were awaiting us at a local eatery, as we waited for the cab to take us to Govindghat arrived.

A serene drive into the mountains and the holy confluence

After loading all our luggage, we went off to cover the remaining distance of 10-11 hours long drive as the taxi made way to Govindghat via Joshimath. The inundating views of the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda at Devprayag washed peace over us. The stillness of the moment that we encountered at this holy junction washed us with peace and cannot be captured on the camera. The moment left us spellbound, a feeling cannot be put into the words, as it would expect you to plant yourselves there without any hurry to move ahead. And we thanked the almighty as Valley of Flowers gifted us with such a serene sight, full of calm and tranquillity.

A surreal trip into the lush greens
Sangam at Devprayag.

Govindghat: The Humble Abode before this trek

The first night of this trip and we had reached to Govindghat, it was already dark and thought what could be the places to visit in Chamoli, as the beauty came across by know was in itself mesmerizing. We signed into a hotel and hogged the delicious food as most of us are frequent eaters. Chamoli Temperature was pleasant with fleeting chilly breezes due to the frequent rainfalls and numerous waterfalls around.

The second day started when the trekking was actually scheduled and we woke up early to admire the orange-red view of rising sun splashed across the sky from an orange beam of fire. An ideal backdrop of lush green mountains, which appeared right out of a children’s fairy tale, an effort worth making. We packed water, food and some first-aid making sure it to be a safe experience.

The Ultimate Trek starts

A 4km ride took us to Pulna, from where the task to scale the mighty hills and rugged terrain starts. We were equipped with our backpacks and all the essentials for this rather tough, yet worthy journey. The 10km long trek beside the Pushpavati River kept us refreshed and views of the magnificent beauty of hills made us know why this place is considered to be a “home to devas”.

Whenever we thought that the views are ultimate and completely other-worldly, nature surprised us with something better. The cascading waterfalls, river and rolling beauty left very less scope for any complaints. It kept us pumped and our spirits high. This uphill trek was taxing and not for starters, but the sights were to beheld life-long.

After gobbling up all the appetizing food, followed by a long and silly discussion over trekking in Uttarakhand, we decided that this must be “the’ trek in Uttarakhand enticing enough for people to be a must-visit. The night was fleeting as we all were dead tired, and so came the following day with another challenge to trek some more.

The journey ahead was jagged, yet more rewarding. The puffy clouds bouncing over our heads made it a surreal experience and then we stumbled across mighty Laxman, flowing downwards with the mighty force. Hitting the rocks aggressively and making a colossal impression, it cannot go unnoticed and must be taken into account.

The breath-taking Valley of Flowers

The forest-view helped deemed our spirits strong enough to land us at Valley of Flowers, a place which makes you feel like a butterfly. Home to Monal Pheasant, blue poppies and Himalayan rose, the charm of Himalayas would be upon you.

Fascinating bird, Monal found at Valley of Flowers.

All the aching muscles and parching throat along the way landed us to this tantalizing valley, an expanse wide enough to make you feel that the land is covered with flowers and hills. It would lift your senses and make your spirits soar, drop-dead gorgeous, better than those pictures. The sweet aroma would make you feel a part of inexplicable wonderland, a sight that can lead anyone towards Nirvana. Time would stand still and all the thoughts would be washed away, it lures you into the ultimate experience. The photos captured on the way would lead to a lot of friends google How to reach the Valley of Flowers, but this beauty and experience demands to be earned, henceforth the trek.

Descent from Valley of Flowers

The downward trek might have made the impression that the downhill trek would be easy, but the right way to come back safe is to tread slowly. Experience those moments again and seal them in the depth of your hearts and memory. At Ghagaria, the glorious moon and a sky full of stars greeted us.

The fourth day, we descended some more and reached Govindghat by noon. Another long drive among the lush greens in the rainy season landed us to Haridwar, where we spent the night.

The stunning Valley of Flowers makes for an unbelievable experience making the trek demanding, but can be achieved by grit, a few days of training and will-power. The sight which made us feel overwhelmed and believe that the bounty and grandeur of mother earth would always be unparalleled, in comparison to any structure or technology made by humans.

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