June 5th, 2019 by Nishtha Gupta

Eid, where prayers, food, gifts and togetherness marks the silver lining of the long fasting month of Ramadan. These are followed with lavish family meals, also known as Iftaar Party. Stuffing food after a long fasting period of thirty days is bliss. So, don’t fret over the hustle that needs to be dealt with this Eid celebration for an elaborate affair which accommodates your extended family, friends as well as spacious enough to accommodate your loud, mischievous cousins running around, asking for Eidi.

An interlude to make the ladies happy, as you offer them a place where there is ample of space so they can unfurl with their recipes, veggies and afternoon siesta, without cutting short of their shopping trip, which cannot be put off due to those little devils asking for their share of gifts. Eid Celebration in India doesn’t have to be a time-kill where you are left to face traffic as you commute to your friends or loved one’s place. Impress your loved ones as you gift them these beautiful avenues which lets you, save your place from getting crashed this weekend and handles everything gracefully, with care, yet without imposing you with too much on your plate.

OYO Home would make all of your Eid celebration wishes materialize, as you would be sitting amongst your loved ones, with everything handled well, and you are left to have a gala time. Homestays for Eid shall give the festival a perfect blend of great homemade food, lovely ambience and space, giving you a break from the circumstantial responsibility of being a party host.

3 homestays to scale up the festivities this Eid-ul-Fitr!

1. OYO Home 36604 Exotic Villa New Friends Colony

Soothing interiors

Lounge at this villa, which presents a funky setting to spend an exciting Eid celebration in Delhi, cocooned with each amenity to feel at the top of the world. Jazz up your pictures, as the interiors would let all the guests gape in the wonder of this complacence avenue. Proximity to Lajpat Nagar Market would keep the sailing smooth as the traffic could also be grazed effortlessly while shopping for Eid.

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2. OYO Home 16707 Cozy Homestay

Perfect for large family gatherings

Let all your regrets subside as you opt for this home, which has a large kitchen, providing ample of space for the recipe of Haleem, an “EID DISH” to be carried on, as your tummy and soul would thank you for zeroing in on a place, where kids don’t have to be scolded or asked to wait, in case another round of Roohafza needs to be poured.

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3. OYO Home 40507 Pearl Adobe Stay

Relish the ample space.

Book this commodious place to spend some memorable moments of Ramadan Kareem, while you hoard
on the food and shower affection on people you love. Live out some golden olden times as you gather
here with your extended family.

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Eid Mubarak!

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