July 8th, 2019 by Nishtha Gupta

Odisha, the land of unacknowledged beauty, with myths and spirituality dabbled into its very sand that seems to be shifting with the ferocious Indian Ocean, must be a travel destination. Loaded with a variety of terrains, hilly slopes of Eastern Ghats, slush of beaches and madness of history makes this place a go-to place for all kinds of travellers.

Once in a lifetime experience.
Once in a lifetime experience

This land is wrapped in a cloak of silence as not much has been written about here, and has never been marketed as a major hub attracting travellers. The Festival of Chariot at Puri is around the corner, and it is something that would make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the land of Puri, Rath Yatra would be hosted catering to Krishna Devotees, the myth has been spread long and wide attracting throngs of faithful from numerous parts of our diverse country.

Jagannath Rath Yatra Puri

The grandeur of the Chariots of Jagannath festival made the Britishers coin the term, “Juggernaut”. The re-emergence and revival of god from the stress of heat and their limitations make it an emotion that cannot be forgotten. Its pure vibe and the whiff of a higher power shall make this place synonymous to this encounter. Festivals in Puri have a distinct flavour and would make visible the festive side of the mysteriously shrouded east.

Festival duration: 4th to 15th July 2019

How to reach there: Take a cab from Bhubaneshwar Airport and in about 2 hours the sacred city of Puri would be welcoming you. Buses run at frequent intervals making sure that you do not miss the reign of reverence and trance-like devotion.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach
Chandrabhaga Beach

Explore some sand art at the beaches of Puri, showcasing a myriad of emotions. Sweet and picturesque while being silent, but can also be excused as a daunting view of the aggressive Indian Ocean. Filled with myths and a solitary air, it emanates a completely distinct appeal. Much like a treasure hunt, the beauty is not skin-deep like that of an Arabian Sea, but more like the untamed goddess Durga, with a bounty of nature flourishing and ruling on the heads of humankind.

How to reach there: An hour’s ride would land you at the edge of the ethereal Indian Ocean.

Don’t: Avoid landing at the beaches late in the nights as the high tide might be dangerous

Chilika Beach

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake

Take all your chances and tour around the place as you get blessed at this holy spot, while being at it, soul-seeking travelers can head to Chilika Lake, which shall draw all the nature as well as wildlife lovers, spotting a variety of birds taking flight in the backdrop of screaming reds and oranges of diverse sunsets as it makes a spectrum of beauty available to the tourists.

With Hyenas, Black Buck, Spotted Deers and Golden Jackals hovering around this space, it feels like stepping into a children’s storybook. Such an exotic mix of sights and pleasures while limiting the number of people walking with you to take a tour makes this experience thrilling. 

How to reach there: Fly till Bhubaneshwar and take a bus or cab till Chilika Lake

Do’s: Plenty of sunscreen, hats and water to have you enjoy the 8-hour boat ride over Chilika Lake.

While exploring this beautiful land, another aspect awaits to add the right touch of authenticity to your stay. Pick a homestay in Bhubaneswar over other accommodation options that will provide the same warmth and plethora of amenities to provide a comfortable stay.

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