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Are you looking for the right international destination to visit this season with your family? Popular for its natural beauty and cultural richness, the island of Bali in Indonesia is among the world’s leading tourist destination with its sunny and pleasant climate and tourist attractions.

Suited for both leisure travelers and adventure seekers, Bali is a geographically small island covering an area of just 140 by 80 kilometers. Located between the highly populated Java island and the slow-paced Lombok island, Bali is rich in a variety of flora including banyan trees, tamarind trees, and the Eceng Gondok tropical flower that is found in most ponds and lakes.

Apart from its natural attractions, Bali is known for its friendly Balinese inhabitants with their following of Hindu culture, temple festivals, and traditional artwork.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, here are some of the major tourist attractions that you must visit, along with how you can go for a budget bali holiday with your family.

Major Attractions At Bali

Bali has a variety of tourist attractions making it the perfect getaway for any traveler. This island boasts of captivating beaches, coral reefs, mountains, and forests that make it a must-see for nature lovers. Adventure lovers can choose from many activities including white water rafting, surfing, horse riding, snorkeling, kite surfing, and even scuba diving. If you are a temple lover, you can visit the many Hindu temples spread all across the island and even marvel at their preserved architecture.

Here is a list of tourist attractions or things to do during your Bali holidays:

Experience Tranquillity at Iconic Temples

Tanah Lot Temple Bali

Among the island’s most iconic temple attraction, the Tanah Lot temple is a sea temple perched on top of a rock. Popularly known as the ‘’Land on the Sea’’, this Hindu temple is believed to be over 500 years old. Other popular temples in Bali include the Uluwatu temple in the southwest peninsula of Bukit and the Besakih temple located on the slopes of the Mount Agung in East Bali.

Visit the Bountiful Rice Terrace

Terraced Rice Fields Bali

Terraced rice fields are a beautiful addition to Bali’s natural landscape. Located in Ubud, the Tegallalang rice terrace offers a pleasant view of the paddy fields and is an ideal location for some nature photography. Jatiluwih rice terrace in West Bali is another popular attraction located at the foot of the Mount Batukaru. It has over 600 hectares of rice fields.

Take a Safari Trip for the Ultimate Wildlife Feels

Bali Wildlife Safari


One of the most visited wildlife forests in Bali is the Ubud Monkey forest which is known for its cherished grey long-tailed macaques. The forest is spread over 12.5 acres of forest area and is inhabited by a variety of monkeys and around 115 tree species. It is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and is located near the Ubud town center. If you are an avid wildlife lover, you must not miss the animal safari trip at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, which is home to over 60 animal species including the Indian white tiger, Himalayan bear, and orangutans.

Adventure Activities

Snorkeling Bali

Adventure lovers can opt for a variety of water sports in Bali. You can either go for white water rafting along the Telaga Waja river located in East Bali or all along the Ayung river. Alternatively, you can explore the island’s magnificent coral reefs with scuba diving across many diving spots including the Menjangan island along the northern coast. Other popular water adventure sports include surfing or a day in the island’s many popular waterparks.

Shop till You Drop

Ubud Art Market Bali

With its night and art markets and its souvenir shops, Bali is a delight for shoppers with a choice of traditional markets and modern shopping malls. The Ubud art market is a popular shopping destination for buying hand-crafted items like woven bags, kites, wooden carvings, and traditional artifacts. Fashion lovers can shop for a
variety of silk scarves, shirts, and handmade hats. Other places to shop include the Kuta beach walk and the Discovery mall.

Cost of Bali Trip Plan

So, is it possible to book a trip to Bali on a low budget?  While several online tour  operators offer an affordable    bail budget tour package for you and your entire family, here are some useful budget-friendly tips that you can follow during your Bali tour:

Budget Transport

Being a tourist-friendly location, Bali offers tourists with a variety of transport facilities. You can easily get around the island on foot or a rental bike or car. You can travel between towns with public bus facilities (or Bemo) or by bargaining for a good package with a rental car operator. The blue-colored Bali taxis operate mostly in South Bali and can be hired for a basic fare of IDR 5,000 (followed by IDR 2,500 for each additional kilometer). Other modes of transport include rental bicycles and tourist shuttle buses.

Budget Accommodation

Bali offers a range of hotel accommodation to suit every budget. You can enjoy a comfortable stay at some budget hotels in Bali (priced at under $50 for a night). Cheap hotels do not necessarily mean you have to miss out on standard amenities or the friendly Balinese hospitality. Check out the various Oyo rooms for great Balinese hospitality at affordable tariffs for a great stay in Bali!

Budget Food

Bali Cuisine

Bali is also popular for its gastronomical treats with food inspired by both Asian and European cuisine. Despite the increase in food prices, you can still find many pocket-friendly restaurants and food outlets that offer good food on a budget. Some of the popular outlets where you can get budget food include the Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku restaurant in Ubud (popular for its local cuisine) and Warong Legong in Keramas.

Budget-Friendly Activities

Kuta Beach Bali

Bali offers several budget-friendly activities for travelers. This includes an early morning hike in Mount Batur to see the sunrise, relaxing at Bali’s many beaches such as the popular Kuta beach and Seminyak beach, a walk along the terraced rice fields, or doing budget shopping in Ubud market.

Now that you are all set to Book a trip to Bali without shelling out too much money.   You can check out  OYO Total Holidays deals for the cheapest Bali tour packages that can make your Bali holidays a pleasant and memorable one.

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