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You don’t have to go out of the country to find the best place for pre wedding photoshoot. There are countless pre wedding photoshoot India locations. Here are just 12 options for the best place for photoshoot for a couple soon to get hitched. You will love these but you can find more.

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  1. Munnar and Alappuzha

The beach, green tea hills, bright blues and greens, tropical weather, magnificent view, tranquil hills. If this sounds like a good idea for a romantic pre wedding photoshoot, you should go to Kerala. Alleppey, present on the Western Ghats and Munnar are less than two hundred kilometres apart. You can go on that overdue long trip for this photoshoot. Go to Kerala for the Ayurvedic spas, the houseboat stays, the delectable coconut water, and beautiful places to visit.


Throughout the trip, make sure you get some perfect angles to keep yourself and your partner in the frame with the beautiful background in focus. Munnar and Alleppey are perfect for a little prewedding photoshoot or a post wedding honeymoon. Only, if you come here before your wedding, you will be able to flaunt the beautiful pictures at your wedding.

  1. Kumarokam Lake Resort

Imagine you and your partner in pretty white fabric, standing in the middle of a beautiful lake. The Kumarakom Lake Resort will give you just that. Just a few kilometres away from Kottayam, this resort is built near the Vembanad Lake. It is not only beautiful, but Kerala’s largest lake. The scenery you will find in the background is that of lush green nature on a canvas of blue sky and bluer lake. No matter which angle or which direction the picture is taken in, you will find the vast blue and green background.

The resort will arrange for a boat, beautifully decorated. It will take you to the spot of the lake you want to explore. You can take many beautiful snaps sitting inside the boat or standing up. Take your photographer with you or ask one of the people at the resort. They will be happy to help.

  1. Shimla Manali

Shimla and Manali used to be the go to honeymoon destination for couples in the 90s. But now people go abroad or for some elaborate India trip. However, there is a reason why Shimla and Manali used to be a popular honeymoon destination. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. You should visit these places as a couple, Just the two of you, and maybe a photographer with a good camera, and the wisdom to know when to leave you both alone with nature and when to step in at the right moment to take the best candid shots.


You will love the landscape. The mountains of Shimla and Manali are not rough. You will find ponds, forests, cool weather, and some vast stretches to keep walking together, into the sunset, while a dedicated friend or professional photographer captures the sweet moments together in the lap of the Himalayas.

  1. Bandra Bandstand

Mumbai’s Bandstand Promenade is a 1.2 kilometre stretch of land where you can jog, stroll, or just hang out. The place isn’t always crowded. But it always has a very positive energy.


The amphitheatre at the end of the stretch is the venue for many festivals of Mumbai. The location itself has that aura of celebration. It will make a good site for implementing Indian pre wedding photoshoot ideas and declaring your upcoming wedding to the entire social media.

  1. Neemrana Fort

The Neemrana Fort is a site of heritage that you can luckily afford to photograph in at a very reasonable price. Just photography costs INR 30,000. Videography costs around INR 14,000 more.  If you have a budget put together for the pre wedding photography, you can check out this place. The fort provides changing room facilities so that you can change into different clothing and makeup for the photoshoot. You can change your clothes right when you enter and take some snaps in your second outfit. You can change right before you leave, for the third location.

When you go for a prewedding photoshoot at Rajasthan, you get versatility. Of course when you are in Rajasthan you won’t just visit one location, take pictures there and leave. You will want to visit as many places as possible and take pictures everywhere. There will be many photographers ready to assist you. Just make sure you are carrying your camera with you, no matter how heavy it is. Take it wherever you go on the trip.

  1. Suryagarh Fort

Talking about various locations in Rajasthan, how can we miss out Jaisalmer? The Suryagarh Fort in Jaisalmer is amazing for photography. The prices keep changing according to the time of the year, or the demand. If you want to get your prewedding photoshoot here, plan it ahead and get it done in an off season. You will get the best deals.

This place is for those old souls who love the mystery in history. Somehow the fact that it rhymes made it kind of juvenile. But when you visit the Suryagarh Fort, you will not find anything more romantic than this. You will get all confused where to take the snaps. You will take all day taking pictures and exploring the fort. Take your time observing the beautiful fort. Take the pictures in bright day light. Change into a different set of clothes when the sun starts to set. Let the clothes complement the orange sky. You will only get a few minutes of the fort before it gets dark. So, make the most of your time.

  1. Samode Baagh Hotel

If you want something more than a fort, you get a palace. Yes, you get access to the Samode Baagh Palace. You get to see some amazing pictures at the Safari lodge. Some places are open for photography. The cost varies according to the seasons. There are various packages so you can choose what suits you.


This Jaipur location is more versatile than any other heritage place for a photoshoot. Of course, here too you get changing rooms so you can change your outfits as many times you want. At the end of the day, wear something comfortable but flattering and have a good meal at the restaurant. You will need bookings for everything here.

  1. Hauz Khas

If you want to bring out the urban drama that is your lives, go to the Hauz Khas. You won’t get videography rights here but you can take as many photographs as you want. Go around the entire area.


All the greenery, and the fort brings out the heritage, while the people there have the urban urgency that marks the ambience with a conundrum of generations. You won’t get a place to change your clothes for a different look here though. But you will get a vast background for many prewedding photographs.

  1. Lavasa

This could become your favourite on the list. Lavasa is a private planned city, located in the hills near Pune and is stylistically based on Portofino, a town in Italy. You can imagine the splendour. You get boating facilities too. This has to be the perfect place for a romantic photoshoot. There are many restaurants you will love to try out. This place is magnificent. You must go! Take out your favourite vacation clothing and go to Lavasa for the best photoshoot ever.

  1. Leh Ladakh

Like Kerala and Rajasthan, this one is again about sneaking in a long tour for the two of you before you get married. A Leh Ladakh trip has to be well planned. You already know about the beauty of this place. Everybody either wants to go to Ladakh or wants to go again. If you have never been here and are planning a trip with your partner right before the wedding, put this at the top of the list of possible destinations. Take beautiful photographs every day of the trip. You wouldn’t want to come back from Ladakh if a grand wedding was not waiting to motivate you.

  1. Agrasen ki Baoli


Hailey Road, Connaught Place is the location. Yes, this is PK’s temporary shelter. This protected monument location feels haunting as it looks in the movies. The space you get here is 60 metres by 15metres. This calm and empty place is amazing for a couple to want to get lost in. But you have your photoshoot to get done. The place is very monochromatic. So if you want to flaunt bright colours, be it red, white, blue, yellow, or even black, it will all stand out perfectly in the photos.

  1. Kumortuli

If you are doing a Bengali theme wedding, or want to go to Kolkata for some taant shopping, don’t miss a photoshoot at Kumortuli. If you visit a little before the festive season in autumn, you will get to see the iidol-making art and get to pose for free.



Each of these 12 locations is a top pre wedding photoshoot location in the country. Make the best out of your visit.


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