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An Indian wedding is always grand no matter which part of the country it is being held in. The food, decorations, ceremonies, band performances, everything has to be on point. A lot of it can be decided and worked on months prior to the wedding. But the Indian wedding decorations for implementing unique wedding reception ideas or others cannot be done more than a day before the wedding ceremony.

Be sure

Of course, a lot of wedding decorations can be done beforehand. But then, there is the issue of safe storage and maintenance. If you’ve hired a professional team of decorators, it is their responsibility. But would you really like to leave such important decisions totally up to strangers? If you have no choice, go for a very reliable team who have positive reviews from their previous clients.

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Important Factors

If the venue has a garden, Indian marriage garden decorations are a totally different ballgame. You get numerous options to make use of your creativity. At the same time, the amount of work increases. The venue is the second most important factor to decide what latest Indian wedding decorations you will plan. The most important factor is obviously the season. Winters are ideal because there is a minimum chance of rain. Summers can be tricky. Spring is ideal too.

Other important factors that Indian wedding planning ideas depend on our budget, availability of materials, amount of open space, amount of hall area, and the time available.

Wedding Decoration Ideas for Indian Weddings

Indian wedding decorations have not seen much diversity in a long time. Of course, there are stray examples of stellar wedding decorations. Many people don’t want to take chances because you don’t get a second chance to make things perfect. Many worry about the budget. But what if you can get some unique wedding decoration ideas that don’t cost a fortune and can make things easier even implementation wise? Yes, it is possible. Here are 10 such ideas to help you with your wedding decorations.

  1. Theme

You can make it a theme wedding. Very much like a theme birthday party, only more romantic than juvenile. The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, or any such Disney theme could work wonders.


The bride and groom could dress accordingly with inspiration from the latest wedding dresses for groom. If pulled off perfectly, this idea will be great.

  1. Balloons

When you run out of things to cover up plain walls with, use a lot of balloons. Use single colours for each wall. Don’t use more than three or four colours. It could look like a circus. Go for oversized balloons. Ditch mere drapes for the walls. Add white balloons over them.

  1. Drapes

Drapes are indispensable as far as wedding decorations are concerned. Get sturdy but translucent fabric so that the light reflects beautifully through the colourful drapes.


If the hall is tall, hand the drapes from all sides making them meet at the centre at the top. If some walls are too tricky to put anything else on, put various colours of drapes together to make it look dazzling.

  1. Lampshades

Use pretty and gigantic fabric lampshades to reflect light better and keep the direct source out of focus. Direct lights can be annoying, especially in a place where there already are enough halogen lights to blind you. Use smaller lampshades at every dinner table for well-distributed lighting.

  1. Fairy Light Figurines

Wherever you find a dark passage, decorate it with fairy lights shaped into birds and heart shapes or couple figurines. This way you won’t be leaving anything dark and also manage to reduce the cost of lighting.


Don’t use multiple shades of fairy lights in the same place. Use just golden at an alley, silver at the next, blue at the following one, and so on.

  1. Plants

Flowers are not only expensive, but also boring after years of serving as the major decoration item. Don’t boycott flowers completely. Keep them in moderation. But fill the place up with greens. Little plants in pots and some along the walls will not just look naturally beautiful, but also keep the atmosphere cool and fresh. Green leaf plants cost way less than bouquets of flowers and look better and more natural. Add some flowers in between the leaves to make the entire view look diverse. Leave little plants on tables.

  1. Embroidered Seat Covers

The entire wedding decoration often gets ruined due to the numerous chairs that are totally necessary though. Even if you get plastic chairs, wrap them up with embroidered pieces of cloth.


It won’t cost much compared to regular cloth because it is on rent after all. Cover the tables with matching tablecloths as well.

  1. Personalised Napkins

Offer slightly embroidered napkins to each guest during the dinner. Let the embroidery hide the initials of the bride and groom. This will be a token from the wedding. Of course, it doesn’t need to be the only return gift you give. But if the cloth of the napkin is fine silk or velvet, it could be.

  1. Colourful Glassware

Use translucent coloured glassware for the dinner table, as well as for the bar, and keep showpieces at strategic spots in the hallway.


This will make things look more vibrant without having to spend any extra money.

  1. Unique Canopy

There are two conventional places you can make a canopy or a gazebo for. They are, the main entrance, and the wedding mandap. Making these out of balloons is too mainstream and juvenile.


Use creepers in iron or wooden frames and make an intrinsic web out of it. Instead of limiting the canopy to the two mentioned areas, use them at distant intervals on open grounds. Lay some benches or chairs underneath them.

These were some Indian wedding decorations ideas that you can easily implement at the upcoming wedding. You can club more than one idea as well or add in your inputs. Just remember to share the plans with the concerned professionals in detail and well before time.

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