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Weddings don’t just mean a temple and few close ones in India. Indian weddings are elaborate. Indian weddings start with the ceremonies like sangeet and mehendi and do not end until the reception is over. These days are an opportunity for the bride and groom’s families to flaunt their wealth and status. This is the time when flaunting all you have is appreciated and not looked down upon. This is the event in your life you will buy the best wedding jewellery for.

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Go all in

It doesn’t matter if the bride and groom are modern youngsters who usually keep it minimal and trendy. It doesn’t matter if they are shy and do not want to flaunt too much. When it is a wedding, you go all in. Go for lavish jewellery for brides. Look around all over the city for the best bridal jewellery. Select smart jewellery for the groom as well. A wedding is a time when everything looks good all decked up. Everything should have a little bling on it.


If the bride and groom are people who like all that glitters, you are in luck. You don’t have to waste any time coaxing them into trying out different jewellery. You won’t have a hard time finding out what they like. They will cooperate and be enthusiastic about their own jewellery for the D day. Pick out the bride’s attire and groom dresses for all the wedding ceremonies well beforehand so that you can pick out matching jewellery for them.

Stick to your Budget

Although a wedding is a lavish deal and about a lot of flaunting and status, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Stick to your budget for the bridal jewellery and plan out the entire ceremony, all the days, according to a budget that your finances will be comfortable with.

Plan your Finances

It is advisable to save for your child’s wedding at least a few years ahead. You can totally go for mutual funds or have a huge fixed deposit for the wedding alone. If you plan the finances right, you won’t have to worry about the cost when the time comes.

About the jewellery, do not leave everything for the last moment. Buy the chunky jewellery when the best gold store in town is on sale. Find some pieces of jewellery that can work well as bridal jewellery but are currently on a 10% discount on the make. Buy enough gold and diamonds when the market price of gold drops.

We got enough such chances last year. But look out for more opportunities when the price of gold hits the lower marks. When you find that happening, don’t wait for the price to go further down. Don’t be too greedy. Wait till the right time, go take your daughter or son out on bridal jewellery shopping the moment the prices drop.

List of Bridal Jewellery

When you are shopping in a hurry because there is a Dhanteras sale going on or because the price of gold dropped, you might not be thinking clearly about the necessary items of jewellery. There will be numerous distractions like what suddenly catches your eyes or what a salesperson is trying to make you buy.

You might be rich enough to not care about a sale. But you will have a lot going on with a big fat wedding coming. There are so many things to take care of. So many things to arrange. Admit it or not, you will be a little stressed out.

This is why you need to have a list of necessary items ready before you set out for the bridal jewellery shopping. Here is a list of some essential bridal jewellery that must be on the bride on the wedding day.

  1. Maang Teeka

God knows why the trend of the maang teeka is going out of fashion. It used to be a necessary item for the bride traditionally speaking. In many Indian cultures, the maang teeka was just as important as the mangalsutra. It looks beautiful and fills up the bride’s head even before she has the vermillion on.


The maang teeka can be made of gold, silver, or custom studded with precious stones including diamonds. It can have stones that match the attire of the bride. The placement of the maang teeka is exactly where the vermillion goes. So, to let the vermillion show, you can style the hair with a side partition so the maang teeka can sit diagonally and let the red vermillion be visible in its full glory.

  1. Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is an absolute necessity for Indian weddings. It is an important symbol of a married life. Many married women still wear their mangalsutras every day of their married life. Many women do not believe in such tell-tale signs of the marital status anymore. But on the wedding day, the mangalsutra is a must. Get a generously studded gold mangalsutra that is fat enough to make its presence felt behind the signature necklace that will be on the bride. If the bride will be wearing the mangalsutra on her daily life to follow, get another smaller one that is not too heavy on the gold. It is not wise to wear something too expensive on a day-to-day basis. Women don’t sit at home all day anymore. Her safety is important. Let her wear the chunky one for the wedding and a few days after. Let her switch to a humbler one when she goes back to her regular life.


  1. Baajubandh/ Armlet

The armlet gives an ancient traditional feel.  It is called vanki in South Indian weddings. It is not a part of modern jewellery anymore. But a bride’s arms must not look empty.


If she is not wearing a blouse or choli that covers her entire arm in a designer fabric, let the blouse be a sleeveless and short sleeved one so that she can flaunt a marvellous baajubandh on each of her arms or just one arm.

  1. Kamarbandh

This is not an absolute necessary item but it can work wonders with lehengas with a short choli or a wedding saree with a short blouse. This is an item that will add to the beauty of the wedding dress and give an illusion of layers. You can give the bride a set of studded keys to a new vault so that she looks like the perfect homemaker or boss wife she is going to be.

  1. Nath

The nath is again kind of essential. Not in a way that the absence of a nath will offend the traditions or anything. India has come far away from all that. But it is essential how all the other wedding jewelleries are essential. It completes the bridal look. It looks beautiful as it goes up into the hair of the bride and hides behind the veil. It gives the bride’s face the perfect bridal look. Also, if you are not the bride, it is recommended to not wear a nath to someone else’s wedding. The nath is typically bridal wear.

  1. Anklet

The anklet is hardly ever visible under all the layers of the wedding dress, but in a few moments that it does peep through, it completes the bridal look. Make sure the bride is wearing latest mehendi design on her feet too so that there is enough excuse to flaunt the anklets. Let the anklets be silver or white gold because white and silver look beautiful on the brown mehendi. Do not cancel on anklets because when the feet are visible, no matter for how short a time, they will look too empty for a bride’s feet without them.

  1. Toe Rings

The toe ring, or metti in South Indian weddings, is also symbol of a married life in many parts of the country. Whether you are from those parts or not, does not matter. A toe ring for each middle toe looks good. You could have two toe rings for one foot and one for the other foot.


This makes things look less obvious. It gives a variety to the jewellery. Also, make sure all the toe rings aren’t made of the same material. If one is gold, let the other one be silver. Toe rings are fun and you can wear them anytime. So buy some and wear some of them for the wedding.

  1. Traditional Treasures

Do not forget to carry on your body, the jewellery the elders gave as a blessing. It could be your family heirloom in the form of a chunky necklace, or a simple set of earrings your grandparents gifted you for your second or third piercings.

These are the jewellery for brides that will complete her bridal look teamed with a beautiful bridal dress, makeup and hairdo. With this list, you can go bridal shopping with your princess.


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