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Corporate Events are not only about finding a corporate meeting space and hosting the event. The modern corporate events are more than just the sobriety that was followed in conventional way. These days’ employees or attendees are looking for some spiced up elements in their otherwise monotonous session. For corporate event planning and hosting that goes for a longer duration, you need to add some fun and exciting activities that will encourage the participants in interacting with each other and building relationships in the event’s concourse. Look at some of these quirky ideas that will enrich the atmosphere of your corporate event with anticipation whether it being an indoor or outdoor one.

  1. Carnival On-Stage

 Is it a bit extravagant? But, that’s just not how it seems. Within the list of unique corporate events, this makes for a definite option that will entertain your guests to the fullest. Arrange for a band, some solo singer, or put up a dance performance.

Carnival on-stage

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Ask the differently styled banquet hall or auditorium management to arrange for such a programme. Having such as event in-between the on-going session or at the beginning would pump up more enthusiasm among the guests.

  1. Set up an interactive canvas

As the name suggests, it would inculcate more interaction among the members of the event. You may prepare a wall enlightened with LED from beneath and let your guests write down some message, suggestion or feedback regarding the event.

  1. A Family day trip

The corporate meet and greet must not always be about the employees. Include their families in this. Plan some field trip for your employees that they can enjoy with their family. Or give out dance carnival tickets to your employees so that they can visit and enjoy the performance together. How about tickets to a cricket match to be held in your city? Nothing would be more appealing to your employees than such a token of gratitude.

  1. Bingo Night

As far as the level of entertainments go, organising a Bingo session would be relaxing enough.

Bingo Night

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Organise it online or on paper and let your employees immerse in the spirit of game. It might be a little outdated but no less engrossing when once gets started.

  1. Go Adventurous

Well if a traditional performance or ball game is not on your list, then how about organising some adventure activities that your employees can participate in earnest!

Go adventurous

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These would include kayaking, trekking, horse riding, Segway rides etc. And if not then organise a normal tourist trip by visiting galleries, national parks, sanctuaries etc.

  1. Food competitions

These are gaining popularity day-by-day. Many corporate events feel the need to include food related competitions as the attendees eagerly participate in each and every of these contests.

Food competitions

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You may include some foodie race competition, chocolate making session, wine or beer tasting, Mojito making, visit to ice bar and other such contests.

  1. Play at Casino

How about a Vegas-themed Casino party that your guests might enjoy during intervals? Setting up a casino is not a troubling matter. You need the appropriate chips and the relative game manager who can handle the huddle with ease.

Play at Casino

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Just put some sign-boards and let your guests know where they could go for a brief period of interval. This will definitely zing up their spirits and they will stay attentive during the entire event.

  1. Organise a team activity

This is an undying truth that a team activity heightens up the level of competitiveness among the members or participants when organised. Organising a quiz, debate, dart game, arm wrestling, and other such games are lively as well as exhilarating for all.

  1. Have a theme party

Masquerade, black and white or ethnic- all these make for a perfect theme and enhance the interest among the party members. Ask your corporate event venue for some insights. If you feel a little daring, whip out a Halloween themed, Victorian themed, Toddler themed etc. But make it a point to consult your department before coming up with these bizarre themes.

  1. A Volunteering event

May be it’s not the same old conference but an entirely new social event hosted by your company could be splendid. Help out for some water projects, animal shelters, orphaned people, homeless people etc. You can also organise fundraisers for them and advertise your theme to attract more and more interested investors.

  1. Take your employees on a trip

Your employees would definitely be delighted with this particular decision. Some adventurous trip to Manali, Shimla, Rishikesh, or a relaxing trip to Goa, Kerala would be rejuvenating enough for your employees.

  1. A Spa Weekend

For a day full of relaxation, organise a Spa weekend and present your employees with beauty vouchers to get a spa session at the defined time and place. A day of pampering would revive their tired body and they would be present on Monday with renewed spirits.

  1. Impressive photo booths

Photo booths are always trending whatever the occasion is. Say it wedding or birthday, corporate events are not left behind when given the chance to set up a photo booth. Let your visitors click their pictures and share it on social media to promote your event.

  1. Live Kitchen Counters/Food Stalls

Food is an attractive fundamental at every event. You cannot just leave behind this at any cost. And thus, an interactive food session is equally worthier. So, put together some live food stalls where your visitors can ask for their style of food made with awesome culinary skills that they were unaware of.

  1. Put up a pop-up vending machine

Make it a point to give each and every visitor of yours with a parting gift to keep it as an event memoir. So while they are taking exit, the event manager present at the venue should make sure that every visitor gets their party favour on time.

Corporate events are immensely impactful experiences. These could either be informative or relaxing depending on the type of event you are organising. So, put your heads together and bring out an interesting event that is the need of the hour with any of these fascinating ideas.

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