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Decision making is an integral part of any event. The moment you get engaged, you are thrown into a situation which makes you berserk.

Whether to have a grand party or a smaller one! Whether to book a banquet hall or a farmhouse! Will it be better if we have a destination wedding?

Are all these questions seems to be just around the corner for each of your plans?

Maybe part of you would love to have a summer wedding or your partner might be partial to winter wedding. And among all this, one of the most important question that will pop in your mind is whether yours is going to be an indoor or outdoor wedding!

An indoor, as well as outdoor wedding preparations, requires different kinds of arrangement. But, an outdoor wedding is voted to be a favourite of everyone. Imagine why? First, plenty of space. With a guest list of around 300, you surely need some space for your guests to breathe, children to play around and for the oldies to make a gossip circle. It definitely gets possible when yours is an outdoor wedding. Second, you can set up a décor with as much extravaganza or keep it to minimal. The natural beauty of an outdoor wedding is enough to keep your decorations to the fundamentals when budget is one of your main concerns. Third, as revealed this instance that outdoor weddings are budget friendly. With the required seating arrangement to handle, you need to keep a check over the catering if you have deducted a lot from your decorations. Several wedding venues in Bangalore, Mumbai and other such cities have some of the opulent grounds for hosting a pleasant outdoor wedding party. Have a look at some of the interesting ideas you may embrace while planning such a party.

Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Summer season symbolizes vibrancy, bright sunshine and tropical essence. The colours are glossier and the weather holds a balmy essence that cheers up the spirit within your guests.

  • A Bright Canopy:
    The core of any Indian wedding is the Mandap or the podium that is held under a canopy and within which all the rituals of the wedding are performed.
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    The canopy during summers could be primed up with some bright coloured satin drapes that will bestow a sense of royalty in your wedding. The satin drapes could be teamed up fairy lights, flowers etc. to bring out the charm in the canopy’s design.

  • Poolside Reception Party:
    When yours is a summer wedding, implementing some stunning décor ideas for your wedding reception at poolside would be a wise choice.
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    Having a pool party would be the best possible way to beat the heat.

  • A proper Summer Catering:
    A summer wedding needs a complimentary catering service that will quench the ever-growing thirst of your guests. How about some mango shake, chocolate smoothie, cold coffee, popsicles, shaved ice, and of course the ice creams. Juices or mocktails are also a great beverage ideas when your guests are sitting under bright sun.
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    Nothing could be more alluring than a tropical fruit chaat. Consult your catering service and jazz up your drinks with those colourful umbrellas or lime.

  • Discuss the Dress Code in advance:
    For a bright coloured day, choose a bright coloured outfit. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green are some of the wonderful day colours that will look best in your ceremony. Synchronize your colour code with your friends to accentuate the bold and bright hues of summer.
  • Give out some Party Favours:
    Yes, what could be better than giving out some really nice sunglasses, refreshing wipes and umbrellas to your guests for the party? Just put up a basket for these summer essentials and let your guests enjoy the party trinkets with relish.

 Ideas for Winter Wedding

Indian winter weddings have a swagger of their own. With numerous pretty destinations, with mild temperature during winters, outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore, Goa, or Mumbai are a hot spot for couples to have their weddings. But a winter wedding in the Northern, Eastern or Deccan region would require some added preparations for an outdoor wedding. Just go through some of the tremendously effective ideas for your winter outdoor party.

  • Flowered canopy:
    Winter season sees a number of flowers and these could be beautifully used in your canopy decorations of Mandap.
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    Choose a floral arrangement that heightens your design and pattern. Bolder colours would help you out in creating such cogent atmosphere.

  • Candle-lit Table Tops:
    Your table top can bear the best of excuses with a candelabra or fairy light that will give an earthy look to any winter wedding.
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    You may even choose some crystallised structure or some seasonal flowers to adorn your table top.

  • A Lighted Aisle:
    Since this is a winter wedding, it would be best to put up some heating brazier or mushroom heaters at the aisle or at some distributed locations in the venue. Fairy lights or some hidden LEDs can also be safer as well as an enticing option.
  • Winter Special Menu:
    Everything needs to be hot cooked while you are serving your guests. Have some hot coffee, cocoa, soup along with the traditional Indian appetizers like Samosas, pakoras that will be truly loved by your guests. Kebabs, shrimps or bite-size chocolates are some other items that can make up to your menu list. A barbeque in your menu would be a definite hit.
  • Wintery Party Favours:
    Just like summers, winter weddings too would crave for some party favours that will bring comfort to your guests. Put up a hot chocolate fountain, basket full of muffs, gloves, shawls that will keep them warm during outdoors.

Though outdoor weddings are fun and exciting, you need to take care of few important things for organising a proper outdoor party.

  1. For a summer outdoor wedding, be mindful of your seating arrangements. Put up your seats under a canopied style arrangement so that you are saved from the glare of sun.
  2. Discuss the photography with your wedding photographer. Since, this a summer wedding, you have to face the sun. But, some unflattering positions can ruin your photography. So, ask him/her to take photographs from some certain angles that can give a good picture quality.
  3. It is very essential during a summer wedding is to stay hydrated or you would feel dizzy under the blazing heat. Put up a pitcher of soda, juices, shakes, mineral water for the guests.
  4. For an outdoor wedding party, you need a proper wedding attire to keep you warm during the ceremony. Go with full sleeves blouses or raw silks. You can also carry a Pashmina shawl or drape a fabric about your neckline of blouse to keep the chill away.
  5. Add some layering into your dresses. This will also be helpful in fighting the chill off.
  6. Do not think much in propriety when it’s freezing 2 degrees outside. Slide up a leg warmer inside your lehenga or sari to keep yourself warm.
  7. Set up a soup station, chocolate fountain or candy stall or have a hot chocolate serving for your guests. They will really appreciate your efforts and praise your style of organising.

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