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Your big day is getting nearer and you want something different for your wedding? Want to impress your guests at your wedding reception? Looking for some really awesome centrepieces that will dazzle and bewitch your guests on first look?

Though decorations are an integral and exciting part of any ceremony, the difficulty arrives when you have to mix and match the colour schemes with decoration pieces and bring out an appealing scenery that will grace your wedding immensely. Whether you want to put on some really charming artefacts on your table-top or make your entrance an enchanting one, then we bring forth to you a list of staggering wedding venue ideas that will mark you up as a pro in wedding decoration.

  1. Centrepieces

Centrepieces add another layer of charm to the simple table top. For a rustic or country style wedding you may use a wood-based vase. For a floral look, you may try to place some flower varieties that are in a complementary arrangement. And with such a huge variety available, flowers are a definite choice for a centrepiece.

centrepiece for a table

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You are not restricted to flowers but the blooms could also be used in conjugation with ferns. These will be a great centrepiece choice for your wedding reception. Moreover, if you are going with a particular theme, it would be more exciting to use the object D’art related to it.

  1. Candelabras

Candelabras are more of a romantic arrangement rather than a necessity. Choose a stunning candelabra that can lend your decorations more charisma and captivates the attention of your guests. A candelabra arrangement is more suitable for an indoor wedding reception. It’s not just the classic white candles that are in trend. You may even use some pastel coloured candles on a glass or brass setting.

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It is advisable to choose tall candelabras for a more dramatic effect. Likewise, if your wedding is theme inspired, then matching your candles would be a better idea. These days’ electric candles are also being used to avoid their meltdown which keeps the presentation intact.

  1. Grand Entrance/Archways

A stunning entrance is the first impression of your wedding. The trend of archways these days are more inclined towards a natural and rustic look that is crafted from branch, flowers, ferns etc. The archways should be more of a colour combination rather than any haphazard decoration. These archways could also be set up behind the pedestal where the wedding stage is situated. Chalking out a themed archway is also in vogue and will enthral your guests from the entrance itself.

  1. Fruity Wedding Centrepieces

When a flower vase or a candelabra is not your thing, then having a fruity wedding centrepiece would be. Setting up a fruity centrepiece makes a great addition to wedding reception ideas and spikes up the liveliness of the ceremony.

Put together a vase full of oranges or cucumber or adorn your jar with cherries!

Fruity Wedding Centrepieces

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Make sure that the fruits you are buying are fresh for that day. Moreover, you may use a narrow-necked vase or a fish bowl to enhance your table dressing. If you’re planning a budget wedding in India, then you can DIY your centrepieces if you have a crafty skill. Also, you may use coloured tablecloths to bring out the grace of the vases.

  1. Lighting

 The most glorious entity that is added to every Indian wedding is the lights. Lights heighten up the sight of any occasion. Thus, placing the lights in an intelligent fashion can create a beautiful outlook to your ceremony. Lights hold more importance if you are throwing an evening party.

Wedding Lighting

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Your tables could definitely use some candelabras as a traditional decorative style or otherwise you could use some hanging lamps in various patterns from your ceiling. Such a pattern would surely elevate the grandiose of your event.

  1. Satin drapery

Draperies are an equally important element in trimming your wedding like the lights and flowers. The satin drapes that flows along the ceiling or behind the centre stage bestows a classic and elegant look to it. Try to use the drapes depending on your colour scheme or theme.

Satin drapery wedding style

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Like a white satin drape would be alluring over a velvet one. Drapes are enticing enough when you could work out some way to combine the lights and draperies together. Light could also be used along with the flower centrepieces or hangings. Using draperies during winter is also an intelligent mode to ward off the chill at the venue.

  1. Indian Speciality Settings

When yours is an Indian wedding, you cannot ignore any aspect whether it being the colour scheme, centre stage seat, hues of drapes or the furniture style. The use of antique chairs, brocade cushions, Persian styled carpets are all a good example of a traditional Indian wedding and are an evident part of your party planning checklist. Using the rose coloured or gold coloured themes could also accentuate the theme of your wedding accurately.

  1. The Mandap

For an Indian wedding, Mandap is the heart and soul of the entire ceremony where the actual custom takes place concluded with all the rituals. Being a customary element for an Indian wedding, there’s a lot speculation with its decoration. Many of them get decorated with satin drapes and flowers with a covered canopy. Generally, the Mandap is surrounded by four pillars that are equally decorated.

Wedding Mandap

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The adornments could be made from marigold garlands that are commonly used flowers in an Indian wedding. Other than these usual ones, some intricately designed pillars could be used as well if you want to leave off the decoration over them.

  1. Quirky Centrepieces

The traditional candelabras or flowers are no more the centrepieces that couples are looking for. They want something fresh and new that could bring a difference in their decoration. Quirky decorations are soon replacing the old traditional ones. With the bird cages or colourful kettles as the centrepieces, people today want some rustic or country style look for their wedding reception.

A Modern Wedding Trend for Modern Couples

  • Fresh Outlook

Your decorations are not just restricted to flowers. Come out of this floral vision and do something different this time. You may use your pre-wedding shots in your décor. This would add more warmth and cordiality in your wedding. Your guests are definitely going to embrace this new style of yours with delight. And what more, your friends are surely going to ask for tips for their weddings. So, just go ahead and get your pictures decorated at your venue.

  • Fancy Placard

If yours is a Small and Intimate Ceremony, then having a name placard for your guests would be charming enough. You can mingle your guests among themselves so that they get to know each other and interact as well. Adding name cards to the banquet tables are a sophisticated way to host your wedding reception.

  • Personalised Cake

Create a cake with your monograms atop it to give it a feeling of personalization. Choose a cake with colour and figurines that reflect both of your personality.

  • Marquee Lightening Letter 

Lighting Up letters around your dancing floor is really an awesome addition and an equally effective way to personalize your weddings. You could use the light up letters as your names. You may even keep on popping the names with some disco lights for the guests to get a glimpse of your names now and then.

  • Photo Booths

Photo booths are gaining popularity at every occasion. And having a one for your wedding is not a bad idea. Arrange for the beautiful hanging frames or add some canopied photo booths with your personal trinkets. You may even make it more traditional with some Indian themed props like a turban or moustache.

  • Guestbook

Make a guestbook where your guests can put down their wishes, greetings and suggestions for a happy married life. You may consult your wedding planner and can add some personal meaningful notes on a wedding tree. Arrange for some post-it and pens for your guests so they get to write their wishes for you.

  • Quirky Directions

Well, directions are of course required in a wedding venue to display where the food is getting served or where the drinks are served. And when you are doing this, why not add some sassiness to it. Try to put some bizarre and humorous one-liners to bring out the fun element in your decoration.

  • Desi Swag

Why it’s always the flowers that are hung from every archway or canopy? If you are really frustrated with too many flowers, then give your decoration a more desi look with bangles or dandiya sticks. You may even use some native decoration patterns or designs that are specific to your culture.

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