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You have decided over a date and are now toying with the idea of having what kind of ceremony to hold for your wedding? When it comes to wedding celebrations, couples are always confused whether to hold a grand or a smaller ceremony with just family and close relatives. Though organizing a grand wedding is a dream for some but the idea of planning a small wedding is also appealing for many couples these days.

Well, when you are already mulling over the idea let’s have a look at some of the reasons for carrying out an intimate wedding in your backyard, banquet hall or a plaza.

  • Easy Planning: The planning for such type of wedding is very easy. The number of guests is lower and just limited to your family and close friends for whom you don’t have to plan outrageously. Planning a wedding is a full-time job in itself and think how much effort it takes when you have 300 guests on your list!
  • Better Involvement: You get to dive deeper into the details when it is a smaller wedding. When you are organizing a grand wedding, you cannot look after each and every aspect of the ceremony. This sometimes makes you dejected and you have a feeling to be out of your own ceremony.
  • Budget Saviour: If you are running on a tight budget, then having a small and intimate celebration would be a wise idea. You need not shy away from the truth that a grand ceremony would require a massive input of capital. And if the budget is already pre-decided then it would be advisable to organize a smaller wedding for your benefit.
  • Fewer Formalities: You need not to be formal because these are your family members, cousins and in-laws with whom you are closely familiar. If you are too conscious about facing these many guests, then a smaller wedding can be your solution. You will be in a relaxed state of mind and can enjoy your day without thinking too much about your “facial expressions” and dress adjustments.
  • More Expressive: If you have something creative to show your guests, you can splurge your money on those fripperies when this is just an intimate wedding. And when you are among your family members, you can be more open with your sentiments and feelings.
  • Better Interaction: This type of celebration will add a personalized touch and you get to spend more time with the guests. Unlike a grand ceremony, there is no need to fulfil a social obligation.
  • Empower Fantasies: This is the best time to have a destination wedding because it would be easier for you to make arrangements for such a small gathering of people.

Now let’s have a look at some of the pointers on how to plan your small and intimate wedding ceremony.

  1. Shorten the Guest List

Since this is a small wedding ceremony, making a guest list comprising of 200 people seems unreasonable. Keeping your guest list small is the main idea behind an intimate wedding.

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Though it would be initially difficult to cut-short your friends or extended family members, creating a finalized guest list would be worth it. It would be a really different feeling for you to be surrounded by your loved ones that day. Shortening the guest list would let you shell out over other formalities of the ceremony.

  1. Host a Cosy Dinner Party

When your formal wedding ceremony is over without much pomp and show, you can arrange a classic dinner party for your guests.

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A private dinner like this would be a comfortable as well as memorable experience for your friends and family. Find the restaurant or budget friendly wedding venues that have the perfect sitting arrangement or if you are celebrating at home then you may call a caterer and plan out your lunch or dinner.

  1. Celebrate it at a Banquet Hall

What could be the best possible venue other than a decorated banquet hall that can provide you with every facility? You might not be aware of the Importance of Banquet in hotel but your ceremony gets an added advantage of arranging your meal course and organize your reception at the same place.

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It is a pretty efficient method and a quick fix for all your ceremonial solutions. It saves a lot of your time that otherwise, you have to spend in going all over the map.

  1. Prepare a Small Budget

No need to plan a bizarre wedding when it is a matter of about 50-80 guests. Such a lavish arrangement is not required within the close proximity of your family members.

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Though décor is a must for every wedding, you can cut out the unnecessary adornments for your venue. Lookout for Wedding Ideas on a Budget like a floral decoration for your Mandap and little additions here and there will do the trick. This would give a pleasant appearance to your location and keep the spirit of the occasion intact.

  1. Give a Personal Touch to Welcome your Guests

A small and intimate wedding is the best opportunity to lend a personal touch to your ceremony. You can even make exclusive arrangements for their stay followed by a first -class catering arrangement. When you are keeping the details small, you can definitely add the extravagant charm to other arrangements like transport, six-course meal, parting gift baskets and much more.

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Moreover, if there are some personal touches you wanted to relinquish to your decorations, you may do that easily.

  1. Think about a Destination Wedding

When it is the matter of just 75 guests, you can arrange for a Destination Wedding in India at some exotic location you must have previously given a thought to. This is one the advantage of having a small wedding. You don’t have to make arrangements for a huge crowd.

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Stretch out wedding duration to three or four days while your guest can hike around the area and take it as an opportunity for a vacation. It would give you more time to hang out and bond with your guests.

  1. Make Memories

It gets very difficult for you to hold any speeches or raise any toast when you have a room full of people. This gets much cluttered and takes the life out of the core occasion. But, that is not the case with a small wedding.

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Within such an intimate arrangement, you get the opportunity to make speeches or take part in the celebration actively. For the brides and grooms who all are intimidated with a large crowd, organising such a wedding ceremony would be the best course of action.

  1. Wine and Dine like Royals:

When you have cut down the guest list, dimmed your décor to minimal, chosen intimate sitting arrangements and winded up your wedding ceremony in a single day, it would be the best idea to give into your affluence and prepare a six-course meal with the best drinks to favour it.

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This is the best time to choose the high-end dishes and top-shelf liquor to divulge lavishly into your food and refreshments.

  1. Throw a Post-Wedding Party for your Friends

If you feel a little guilty about the invitations that were not extended to your friends at the wedding, you may arrange to throw your party at some bar or restaurant or whatever your friends would love to have.

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With thousands of places to have a party, You may even consult and take suggestions from your married friends who had been through this same ordeal once.

  1. Make it More Entertaining

When this is an intimate wedding, why throw away the chance to have some really interesting wedding entertainments activities hosted at the venue.

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This would liven up the spirits of the occasion and your guests would be excited to be a part of the ceremony in earnest. Choose your activities wisely that should be in accordance with your wedding.

While you have opted to have a small and intimate wedding for yourself, just keep in mind the following important points and start planning for your wedding right away.

  • Create Beautiful invitations: Since you have shortened the guest list, it is advisable to make formal invitations for each and every guest you are calling. Your guests will need to know the exact details of your special day. Though creating a digital invitation is on trend these days, it won’t mark a personal impression on your guests.
  • Make your bookings in advance: Though small or intimate, it is a wedding and you do have to book your vendors before they are reserved for other clients. Making early bookings would save you from a lot of stress as it gets very difficult to hire one during the peak wedding season.
  • Make proper seating arrangements inside your venue: An intimate wedding ceremony requires a proper seating arrangement thus, put together an organized arrangement that will make your guests happy. Just think how it would look to have a conference style sitting arrangement at a wedding!
  • Do not reject the idea of décor: A small wedding doesn’t mean that you have to skip the décor arrangements. Add the flower arrangements, centrepieces, lightings and ceiling decorations to your venue. No need to make some extraordinary arrangements, just a little touch of everything will bring out the charm in your wedding.

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