March 12th, 2018 by Arunima

The lifeline for any event is undoubtedly the FOOD. Whether this is a matter of 200 or 25 guests, food is essential for every event. The happiness and satisfaction of your guests depend upon the quality of menu. Thus, if you are not sure how to choose a perfect caterer, then go through some of these questions that would help you in hiring the caterers that are best in this party business. You may even ask the birthday party venue about their in-house catering service and decide whether they would be perfect for your occasion or not.

  1. How much of choice do you provide in your menu?

This question is of utmost importance because variety is what your guests would be looking in your birthday menu. The traditional ones are of course popular enough, but kids, as well as youngsters today, feel the need to try out something new and exotic at a party.

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So, ask your catering service to implement latest ideas for birthday catering and discuss the type of international cuisines that may prepare for you.

  1. Could you relocate at the chosen locations?

It might be possible that your chosen birthday party venue is devoid of any in-house catering service. In this case, you should definitely ask your birthday party caterer to migrate to your venue at the day of your party.

And if it is some outstation venue for your birthday party, then make it a point to send them beforehand to avoid any last minute scruples. Do ask them if they are going to charge you with some additional charges.

  1. Are there a Themed Menu on your list?

Themed parties are all in a rage. Thus, more worldly as well as enthusiastic guests might look out for themes in your meals too. Therefore, ask your catering service if they can draft up a themed menu.

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Like, if your birthday girl has a Barbie theme, then you may conjure up some strawberry flavoured cupcakes, shakes or pastry cake for your guests.

Your daughter’s friends are surely going to get all googly eyed over the expanse of desserts before them.

  1. Will you be comfortable in working with my budget?

The options in catering are endless. So, you need to have a clear discussion with your catering service over how much every appetizer or drink is going to cost. Or is there the food item you desire, could be prepared on some minimal ingredient. Just make a head count of your guests and adjust the menu with the food expert at the birthday places.

  1. What can you do for guests with some health restrictions? 

Nowadays, the menu list that is conjured up, contains special food items for diabetic, gluten-free or a simple vegan meal concerning some guests.

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Make sure that your caterer can handle all this efficiently. You need to confirm whether he has any previous experience with such type of preparations or not.

  1. Where is the food prepared?

Sometimes, the caterers decide to prepare food on-site while using their or your kitchen but most of the time it is the “drop-off catering” service that you may pick up from their location or ask them for home delivery.

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Your catering service will arrive with their food and will give some finishing touches to the food laid out.

  1. Can we Customize the Menu?

All catering services have some pre-defined menu for a first glance. But, you may even ask the caterer whether you could do some customization of the menu as per your style. It might be possible that you are against the type of drinks they are serving and want to include some particular ones. The food menu should be prepared with care when your guests list contains toddlers or kids. Do not use glassware as it might be risky enough to handle. 

  1. When is the right time to Finalise the Menu?

Planning in advance is the right course of action. Thus, it would be helpful for you as well as your catering service to plan the menu one week in advance. It would help in avoiding any last minute crisis and you could alter any minute changes if required at a final moment.

  1. What are you going to do with the leftovers or if there is any Cleaning Crew?

There is always a huge amount of food left over after a party. Make it a point to ask your caterer on how they would be dealing with these leftover items. Moreover, the kids at a birthday party create a lot of mess with food and games. Ask them about their cleaning service and if there are additional charges for this.

  1. Which rentals do you include in your service? 

It might be possible that your catering service does not include the glassware, silverware, paper plates, cups, napkins etc. within their all-inclusive meal menu. Do not skip this issue while you are planning the party menu with him. This will keep you apprised of the entire segregated budget and whether he is charging you in a nominal way or not.

  1. Do you have any previous recommendations?

It would be an ultimate disaster if you are kept unaware about the catering service till the day of your party. Keeping this in mind, do not forget to check out its reviews, years of experience as well as any previous clients who can give you exact feedback on its services or any flaws if it has.

  1. Do you serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages in your party?

When this is an all adult party you would definitely want to have a mixture of both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages in your drinks’ list. If yes, then make sure that their bartenders are fully licensed and certified to serve alcohol.

  1. How many of your staff members are going to work in my party?

While you pull a full catering service at your home or backyard, ask him about the number of workers who are going to serve and who would be working in the kitchen.


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