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Be it your summer, autumn or winter wedding, a lawn party makes for a best possible venue in all seasons. Transform the lawn into some blissful essence of your matrimony and dress up your lawn into your choice of theme or decorations. With such a large expanse in front of you, you are never short of options in your colours and ideas.
Lawn weddings or outdoor wedding party are picturesque in themselves. With a far and wide greenery, trimmed fields, refreshing and colourful blooms all around you, the pretty sight of the lawn would surely make for candid photography in your wedding albums. Several wedding venues in Bangalore, Kolkata and other such metro cities, provide some of the most opulent fields to host your party win luxury. But before setting up the arrangements, take care of few of the following issues.

  1. A Proper Planning

First of all, have a look around the area. It would be better if you could get hold of a map from the venue. This would help you in setting up your party elements in a better way. With a proper map in your hand, you can decide the arrangement of seats, entertainment, catering etc.

A proper planning

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Lawn weddings are perfect budget weddings. You get to have a lot of space as well as can organise your party in minimal décor. A party planner might help you out with all the fundamentals and help you in carrying out the ceremony with ease.

  1. Prim and Trim your Lawn

Well, if the lawn is a mini-version of a jungle, it would be better if you start with the trimming and landscaping over your lawn’s layout. Though it might seem easy enough, but landscaping and beautification of an outdoor field is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need to start preparing well in advance if you want to give it an ornamental look. Check out some of the designs and plant your garden with that vision in mind.

trim your lawn

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Prior to starting the planting process, make sure that your colour scheme is complimenting your garden. So, put up your gardening skills to use and create an area that will be acknowledged by your guests in a single look. What more? You need to trim the trees, remove the overgrown or dead plants, shorten the bushes, and plant the seasonal flowers rather than the ones that will not grow at the time. Then it would be fruitless to pep up your garden with no results to see.

  1. Create some Woodland Theme

Various lawn wedding venues in Bangalore are trending up with some awesome themes that blend well with the outdoor ambience. Make the bunting, centrepieces, table-runners, chairs and tables all in accord with the garden style and your guests will have a grand time in exploring all the nooks and crannies of your party decorations.

Put some woodland theme

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Every such theme comes teamed up with flowers. So do not strike off the orchids or wildflowers from your list.

  1. Put up a Tent

A lawn party does not mean that everything has to be under the sun. Put up tents or shelters at some distinctive location in the lawn.

Put up a tent

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This will come handy if you face any weather trouble in the mid of your ceremony. Moreover, the delicate decorations need a safe haven to keep them in one piece.

  1. Hire a Lawn Care Maintenance Team

This is not a task for some loner. You need to hire an expert lawn maintenance team who are well equipped with all the necessities required to maintain an entire lawn.

Hire a lawn care maintenance team

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With your guests roaming around, kids playing in the field and maybe pets chomping bits and pieces, try to conjure up the restrictions in your lawn area so that your guests don’t disrupt the beautiful décor.

  1. Level up the Field

How could a wedding be concluded without a dance floor? Thus, prepare a nice one while levelling up the field to keep it safe for the ones wearing heels. And the tables and chairs that you are going to set, requires an even ground so that they don’t topple over while someone is sitting on them. Consult the venue manager and make sure that in time of rains, the water does not gather up in the field. This would make for an awful party experience for your guests.

  1. Remove the Pests and Weeds

These nasty elements can spoil the enjoyment of the party if it came into view. Just dig out the thistles that are harmful to bare feet, if someone decides to go barefoot. Since kids or toddlers are careless enough regarding such precautions, make sure that you build up these precautions on their behalf because the last thing we need is pest-bitten guests.

  1. Light the Venue up

Nothing looks better in a garden than the dripping fairy lights that displays a calm, pleasant and dreamy atmosphere within the venue. So wrap around the lights from the branches, or put up some Chinese lanterns hanging. Just think how exquisite you venue would look in such a backdrop.

  1. Have a backup Generator

Electrical fittings should be thoroughly checked before you proceed with any of event planning. Since this is not an indoor event, the lightings, fountains etc. all would require an additional supply of electricity. Therefore, make sure that your venue is fully backed up with all the electricity support.

  1. Bring out the field Entertaining Ideas

Lawn parties are the best parties when it is the matter of various entertaining ideas you want for your guests to enjoy. With creative photo booths, bouncy castles, tattoo makers, there are lot many things that you can install while hosting a lawn party.

Keep all these important stuff in mind before you start planning a lawn wedding. Lawn weddings are best when you are running under a budget. Lawn weddings make way for a splendid backdrop with minimal decorations. Undergo the above-mentioned essentials and have a gala lawn wedding party.

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