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Games from our childhood, like Mario and Pac-Man, made us want to live in a world where one could play these games anytime, anywhere. However, we always had to get back to reality as soon as the game ended. But what we didn’t get as kids, we can now get as adults.

This home, created by our in-house design experts at OYO Home, has made the gaming world come alive.

Designed with different games in mind, this house has a distinct identity in every corner. While the living area pays tribute to classics like Pac-Man and Tic Tac Toe, the bedrooms are a Mario and Tetris lover’s dream come true.

“I was so excited for the entire duration of working in this house,” Smriti, the designer of this house, says. “I used to be working closely with elements that were not only fun but also brought back tons of childhood memories.”

“I made sure that the interface of Mario was not only used as a wallpaper in this room,” Smriti says. “Different elements of the game serve different purposes and functions. Mario and the mushrooms were designed as lamps. The ‘lives’ in the game were used as clothes’ hooks in the open wardrobe, and some of the furniture was wrapped in decal to represent different parts of the game.”

The second bedroom in this house is an ode to Tetris, the classic game we were all addicted to as children. Apart from the wallpaper, the patterns of Tetris have also been incorporated into the bedside lamps and the mirror in this room.

You might also notice an apt inspirational quote just above a giant remote control which is all part of the open wardrobe in this room.

“We experimented with decals and interactive furniture for the first time with the design of this house,” Smriti says. “We didn’t want to overdo the gaming elements and colours so that our guests don’t get overwhelmed, and we also wanted the furniture to be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.”

If you thought the gaming dreamworld was limited to the bedrooms, you’re wrong. It extends into the living room, balconies, kitchen, and dining area as well.

Not only is the Pac-Man decor in the living room really fun to look at, it serves a purpose too. It’s a bookshelf and a beautiful piece of decor as well.

In the dining area, the table also has an interactive game which you can use to kill time while waiting for your meals.

“The dining table has been designed with coasters in the centre, arranged in a manner that you can play Tic Tac Toe at the table,” Smriti says. “The coasters have magnets which stick firmly to the table centre while playing. The coasters can be used around the house as well.”

The dining table also has mats which have snippets of information about Goa and its culinary history.

“The balcony is multi-functional and also takes part in the gaming theme,” Smriti says. “The individual elements of the balcony table can be used as stools or coffee tables. Their shape is such that the pieces come together to form one unit, like a puzzle.”

You will also see a blackboard on the balcony wall which is a functional and interesting part of the decor. You can scribble on it, write fun stuff for the other members of the house, or practise your drawing skills with chalk. And this time, no one will scold you for writing on the wall!

One of the big advantages of this house is that it will appeal to people of all age groups. Not only will kids enjoy the colours and unique decor, adults too will enjoy the nostalgia that this house brings. And we won’t be surprised if you can’t pick just one favourite spot.

“Every corner unwinds like a little surprise,” Smriti says. “I worked on this house for over a month and I still can’t decide which is my favourite part of the house. But I think the blackboard wall is a strong contender.”

The adventure with this house begins with your drive here. It’s nothing short of spectacular, with a significant part of it taking you right next to the Chapora river. On your way here, you will cross a number of small villages which will give you an insight into the simple Goan life, a vastly different experience from what the tourist spots offer.

Siolim has its own spots and corners if you’re looking for a hearty meal and a drink. Manila Bar & Restaurant is only 210 metres away from this complex, and Amancio, known for its authentic Goan food, is about 1.4 kilometres away.

One of the most peaceful and scenic beaches in Goa — Morjim — is about 20 minutes away by car. The serenity of this beach and the dreamy sunsets make the drive completely worth it. Vagator Beach, famous for hosting several events especially during the tourist season, is about 9 kilometres away so you’re not too far from all the action.

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