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An Indian wedding is all about the colours and the noise. Western weddings are all white, peaceful, sweet yes, but there is nothing as lively as an Indian wedding. Even an Indian Christian wedding has many hues of pastels if not the brightest of shades.

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A bride’s wedding lehenga probably has more colours than what she wears all month. It is very important to get the colours right as well as knowledge of the lehenga shops in Delhi is a must, whether you choose to wear a lehenga, or a ghaghra, or a saree with unique blouse designs. The wedding outfit must have the colours of a wedding and reflect the personality of the bride.The wedding lehenga of the bride must not be minimalistic but at the same time must not be embellished too much. Wedding lehenga must be elegant to make the bride stand out of the crowd in their reception halls.

  1. Red, Pink, and Orange

When you want to go all fired up, with everything bright, go for all red, orange, and pink. Here you choose fuchsia or something like that. You don’t go for a lighter shade of pink. This is a typical eastern colour combination, keep it that way. With bright colours, you will look gorgeous. This wedding saree or lehenga colour combination is best for the bride who does not want to wear too much jewellery and wants to keep her outfit light, without too many embellishments and unique blouse designs. That is not to say you cannot wear a lot of jewellery and have embellishments with this colour combination. But if you do go minimalistic, it has to be with something as bright as this.


  1. Green and Blue

Now, that is a broad category. You might ask, what kind of green and what kind of blue? Just take whatever your eyes like. This colour combination is for the bride who does not want to go all red and pink just because it is a wedding. This colour combination is also perfect for the bride’s sister or best friend, of course only if the bride is wearing a totally different colour combination. Basically, this colour combination is for the women who want to stand out from the crowd at a wedding. Remember, go for any dark shade of green and blue. Keep one of the shades matte and the other, brighter.

  1. Pink and Blue

This combination has been around for a while. It isn’t the unique colour combination, but it is classic nonetheless. How to keep this combination from being too clichéd is, don’t go for the typical style of the saree being of one of these colours and the blouse being of the other colour, or the lehenga being one colour and the choli and dupatta being of the other colour. Look for a good blending lehenga colours for wedding dress. The colours should blend into each other and not stay segregated in the different pieces of the outfit. A word of advice, there will be a lot of pinks and reds at the wedding. If you want to stand out with this colour combination, go for an outfit that has more of the blue. Make sure the blue is a dark royal shade and the pink is the lighter shade. If there is hardly 20 percent of the pink, it can be a bright shade too.


  1. Pink and Yellow

This colour combination brightens up the place immediately. Yellow is the happy colour and pink is the bright one. All you can see when you see this colour is, bright happy smiles. This does need a fair amount of bling though. Not that the other colour combinations don’t, it is a wedding dress after all. But this one will do well with either golden or purple or blue embroidery.

  1. Aquamarine and Peach

Coming to some of the pastel shades, this is the classiest combination of them all. This is the sober version of pink and blue. So, if you want a wedding in pastel hues but don’t know which colours to go for, this is your go to lehenga colour combination. You need to keep in mind that you don’t want 1:1 proportion for the two colours. If you want to brighten it up a little, you can go for a lining of red or pink. But if you are keeping it to just these two colours, make sure one is clearly dominant, does not matter which.


  1. Olive Green and Grey

Talking about sober, this is creating a statement. If you are daring enough, go for an olive green saree or lehenga, with some grey bits without any bling at all. Lace or translucent material works for this colour. If you don’t want to go too monochromatic, go for a bottle green blouse. This colour combination is best for no bling, no embroidery, light, comfortable sarees.

  1. White and Golden

White and golden is a classic Indian wedding colour combination. It is totally common in South Indian weddings. But in North India, it is a little uncommon to be wearing white at a wedding. You could have heavy golden embroidery on the white lehenga or saree. Or you could have white stones on a golden outfit. This colour combination is pure serenity.


  1. White and Silver


If you want to look like the Indian version of a Disney fairy, white and silver is the combination for you. It is a little difficult to pull off compared to white and golden because white and silver could look like just white from afar. This is why the trick is to go for a silver dress with white embellishments. This combination is perfect for both, very light skinned and very dark skinned people. Don’t pay heed to “dark people shouldn’t wear white” rubbish. White and silver is the one best combination for dusky beauties.

  1. Turquoise and Royal Blue

Coming to all blue colours, you can never go wrong with turquoise. It is a colour too pretty to keep off a list. Now, if you don’t want your saree or lehenga to be all turquoise, go for a royal blue or navy blue blouse or choli. Keep it to just these two shades. Both the colours are bright and beautiful.


  1. Turquoise and Peach

If you want something blue, but want to keep it in the pastels, go for this combination. This will be the best colour combination in terms of prettiness. You can choose which colour to keep dominant. Personally, more turquoise will look perfect for the wedding and is the most opted one by the best Indian designers.

  1. Maroon and Royal Blue

Of all lehenga colours in fashion, maroon will never go out of style. It is undoubtedly the commonest colour at a wedding. As if not enough women are wearing maroon, even the couches are maroon velvet ones. So is the carpet. But teamed with royal blue, maroon will look like something totally different. You will be turning heads with the perfect blend of traditional and quirky with this combination.

  1. Beige, Red, and Royal Blue


This combination is the perfect blend of sober and bright. If you want to go mostly pastel with a hint of typical wedding colours, go for a beige lehenga with a royal blue blouse/choli. Keep the red for the prints or embroidery on the lehenga. Same with a saree, go for a beige saree with some silver and red embellishments, and a royal blue statement blouse. Go for a full sleeved blouse if you want more of the royal blue. If you want more of the red, don’t simply reverse the colours. You will need to choose something that looks tasteful to the eyes. Go for a red lehenga or saree with the beige combination in the body. Keep the blouse blue.

These were some combinations based on our favourite colours for a wedding. A wedding lehenga should be bright but unique, beautiful and classy. These combinations are it. If you have already made up your mind about a combination that is not on the list, let us know. Also, make sure you have enough time to choose your favourite saree or lehenga colour combination and get the right accessories like shoes, and jewellery to go with it. Start now!


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