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Bridal makeup and jewellery is elaborate and needs thorough planning. You need to keep your hair healthy and nourished for months so that it looks beautiful on your wedding day. You need to decide what kind of hairstyle you want. Whether you want a braid, or a bun, or a side braid, or whether you want to leave it loose. If you want to leave it loose, you need to decide whether you want to straighten it or wear it in soft curls. There are so many decisions to take. But first of all, you need to choose one of the many types of bridal hair accessories because everything else depends on it.

There are plenty hair accessories for bride. You can go for a traditional Indian one or a traditional Western one. You can go for something in between. You can mix and match different types of hair accessories. You just need to think it through and try the style on before your wedding day, to make sure it works.

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  1. Tiara

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of types of hair accessories, is a tiara. Whether you want to sport one or not is a different question altogether. But it is the one statement hair accessory for any bride. Some Indian wedding traditions and cultures have no scope for a tiara because there is a traditional bridal headgear to wear. For example, the mukut in a Bengali wedding.

But brides who have no mandate to wear anything like that, should get to wear something to adorn their heads. What’s better than a delicate tiara? If you are the queen that you deserve to be in life, or the princess that you deserve to feel like on your wedding day, you will flaunt your tiara with oozing confidence.

  1. Hair comb

For those who think a tiara is way too over the top but a headgear of some kind is a must, fret not. There are dozens of other options and a hair comb is the best one of them. You can go for a white or silver one with a branched out design.



You can go for a single coloured red, or blue one matching or complementing your attire. Or you can go for a multicoloured one with some precious stones in it. You can wear it over your bun if you want it to just peep through your veil. Or you can wear it towards your forehead on either side.

  1. Jewel topped hairpins

A wedding has scope for a lot of bridal hair accessories in the form of hairpins because you need a lot of hairpins to hold that elaborate hairstyle together. Go for small floral topped hairpins to put in your braid. If you want to flaunt all you got, go for diamond topped hairpins. A very good option for wedding hairpins is crystals. You can go for red, orange, yellow, purple, or blue crystals. Match it with the colour of your unique bridal blouse or with the second most evident colour of your lehenga. Your hair will dazzle with a sparkle fitting for the bride.


Make sure you don’t overdo it though. There is a thin line gap between gorgeous and gaudy. If you want your entire braid or bun or the front of your head to be covered in bejewelled hairpins, go for smaller stones. If you want to go for a big elaborate design, go for a single colour at a single spot of your head. Over the bun, or on the sides of your head, or around the braid, whatever you choose. If you are putting jewelled hairpins in your braid, mix and match the designs. Don’t let it be all symmetrical. White is the best colour for hairpin studs because it stands out in the dark Indian hair colour.

  1. Studded hairclips

If you are not using too many hairpins, go for jewel studded hairclips. You can use them anywhere on your head but the best option is to put two or more of them adjacently on one side of your hair. Never put hairclips symmetrically on either sides. It looks juvenile. You can clip your veil to your bun with studded hairclips.


In this case, let the clip be of the colour of your veil. You can mix and match hairclips with hairpins. The hairpins go in your hair, that is, in the bun or the braid. The hairclips adorn the head. Maintain a tasteful amount of bling on your head though. Do not cover your entire head with jewelled hairpins and hairclips.

  1. Flowers

Putting actual flowers in your hair is the most traditional form of hair accessories for bride. It is an old convention but will never go out of style. Use fresh flowers to adorn your hair with. Don’t stick to just roses. Go for smaller flowers in larger numbers Like, a jasmine garland around your bun. Or a marigold thread along the braid. You can go for lilies too.


The most convenient and smart solution would be to use orchids. They don’t wither too easily. You don’t have to get them fresh from the market just while you are getting ready. You can make a corsage out of two or three different colours of orchids to match your wedding attire. A purple and peach orchid corsage with a violet, mauve, or pink wedding attire will look amazing. Peach and white combination goes best with any pastel shade of wedding attire. If you are not sure of what colour to use, always go for the classic white, it is the best.

  1. Accessorised veil

Talking about convenience, it is really convenient to wear a dazzling studded veil instead of trying to manage both, a veil and an elaborate headgear or flower arrangement. The veil can disrupt the position of the hair comb, it can ruin the flowers, or cover the studded hairpins too much. A veil that itself has some studded work apart from the regular embroidery, is the solution to all these problems.


But don’t forget to use jewelled hairpins and hairclips anyway. Because if you remove the veil for some reason, your head shouldn’t look all regular daily hair. It has to look like wedding hairstyle under the wedding veil.

  1. Maang Teeka

A maang teeka is the bridal hair accessories winner in the East. It is our answer to the Western tiara. A maang teeka not only adorns the head of the bride, but also adds glamour to her face. A secret tip to make the maang teeka complement your face and wedding makeup is to match it with the colour of your eyeshadow or eyeliner. If you are wearing a pink wedding attire but have blue eyeliner, go for a maang teeka with a statement blue stud.

  1. Matha patti

If a maang teeka alone isn’t enough for you, go for a matha patti. This jewellery for the bride’s hair will complete the bridal look alone. Invest in a heavy multi chained or broad chained matha patti with a statement studded centre piece for the maang teeka. Best thing is you can wear this bridal hair accessory with any hairstyle. You can have soft curls left loose, or plain straight hair with a middle partition, a high or low bun, or any kind of braid. A matha patti will make you look like a sizzling Arabian princess. You will rock every wedding photo in this bridal accessory.

  1. Stringed bun chains

You can go for a stringed net for your bun or a string of chains tied at the base of your bun. Remember that hair accessories for bride do not usually support a bun. You will need black clips to hold the stylish bun together. Just string in the golden chains over the bun carefully.

  1. Silk floral wreaths

Real flowers are too delicate to maintain and inconvenient to find at the last moment. Also, the colours and shapes are limited. Silk flowers, on the other hand, are convenient to find, and lighter on the head. Go for floral wreaths around your head and leave your hair loose. Put some studded pins at the back of your head. Pin the wreath up with studded pins. That’s it, your hair is done! Who says there is no shortcut to success? You just got your wedding hairstyle and accessorizing done in less than 40 minutes.

These bridal hair accessories will do justice to your wedding makeup and attire. They will enhance your overall appearance and help you find the confidence to strut about like the Queen of the day once you take a look at yourself in these amazing accessories.


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