March 5th, 2018 by Arunima

Weddings always tend to focus on the bride way more than on the groom. Even on the wedding day itself, most people pay attention to what the bride is wearing and what hairstyle she is sporting and so on. But you cannot be the groom who let that happen. It’s your wedding too. Steal the show with some dazzling groom jewellery and a wonderful wedding suit to complement the jewellery.

Indian grooms are warming up to the idea of decking up for their wedding. More and more Indian men are becoming the metro sexual or alpha male who do not shy away from wearing jewellery. If you are one of them, good for you. But if you haven’t, catch up with the new generation.

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Of course one does not mean to say that Indian groom jewellery is a new concept. It is, in fact, a traditional concept. But many men gave up the traditions and went for a western look which is more of a minimalistic style. But that is why the entire attention shifted to the bride. She never gave away the chance to get all decked up for a once in a lifetime event according to the latest trends of bridal jewellery. It is about time the groom too reclaimed his wedding day.

Wedding Jewellery for Men

There are not many options for groom’s jewellery but the ones that are there are all unique. Here is a list of wedding jewelry for grooms. You will be surprised to look at the options.

  1. Kalgi/ Sarpech

Irrespective of whether or not the family tradition demands a turban for the groom, it is always a handsome thing to wear. Moreover, the turban is where you can put a kalgi or sarpech to flaunt.


You can go for the usual feather shape or trendier shapes. Choose a colorful one. Be bold enough to go for a big one. Don’t shy away from a little bling on your head on your wedding day.

  1. Jewelled Turban

The turban itself can be jewelled in addition to the kalgi. If you don’t want a kalgi, you must go for a turban lined with stones.Gold frilled turbans are in this year. Make sure the drape of the turban is fashionable. Try it out on your head before buying, to make sure it sits tight on your head despite all the weight of the extra jewels.

  1. Brooch

A brooch is a must have for a groom. No matter if you’re wearing a sherwani or a suit, or even a bandhgala style, a brooch will go with anything and everything.


Go for a diamond studded brooch if your suit or sherwani is dark colored like a sparkling white and gold brooch on a navy blue or royal blue suit. Make sure you wear it in the right place because the placement can either make you look hot or lousy.

  1. Sword

Okay, this one is a little extra. And not every groom would like to flaunt a sword art their wedding. But if it is a theme wedding, or if you are a true Rajput, don’t miss out. Choose one with a lovely finish. Make sure it isn’t sharp for real. You don’t want your own sword cutting into your wedding suit. Learn a few moves, at least the ones involving smoothly putting it back into the case hanging from your kamarband. Complete the look with a dedicated moustache and beard. Otherwise, the sword might look out of place.

  1. Cuff Links

This one is again, a must have. No matter what other jewellery you are wearing, a set of cufflinks will never be too much. Don’t make the mistake of going for tiny cufflinks. Be bold enough to go for a strikingly sparkly set of cufflinks.


It’s best if it is diamonds. But that’s not necessary. As long as the color of the cufflinks stand out on your suit, good. Don’t go for ridiculously chunky pieces either. Find your balance.

  1. Haar

You will need a lot of confidence to pull this one off. A pearl or gold necklace does not look out of place at all on a groom on his wedding day. Especially if the suit he’s wearing is mostly plain without too many colors. Balance the sober suit with the bling of a thick necklace. Make sure your necklace is multi layered. No matter how long the necklace is, a single layer will look odd on a man.

  1. Bracelet

Though your wrist will be covered with the sleeve of the wonderful wedding suit, it does not harm to flaunt a beautiful bracelet. The masculinity of a man’s wrist is enhanced when it’s adorned with a thick gold bracelet. Let the bracelet be bold and chunky with no designs, or with a unique cut. But leave it simple and unstudded to maintain a rugged look. Go for a plain gold one without intricate designs if the designs on your sherwani are already elaborate.


  1. Shoes

The groom’s shoes are an iconic symbol of an Indian wedding. Your mischievous little new sisters in law will want to steal your shoes. Give them something worth all the trouble.


Dangle a pair of beautiful jewelled shoes under their nose so that they waste some time appreciating the beauty of the shoes while your friends hatch a plan to steal them back. Flaunt your shoes when you wear them. Take a full length photograph just for the shoes.

  1. Watch

If you’re not the guy who wears a bracelet, wear a signature branded watch. Watches deserve more attention in general than the current generations are giving them. And when it is your wedding day, go for a bejewelled watch that will steal the show. You can go for a fully gold watch or gold plated one. You could go for a silver one as well. You can also go for a strong metal with colourful studs. If you want to be extra, go for the classic diamond studded watch.


  1. Bejewelled Sherwani

If you don’t want to wear too many pieces of jewellery, stand out as the groom in a studded wedding outfit. Wear a dazzling sherwanis according to the latest groom dresses trends with gold embroidery and some gems all over it. You can of course wear this jewelled sherwani with all the other accessories if you please. You can go for a white sherwani with white stones on it. Or you could go for a contrasting affair with colourful stones on a dark blue or black sherwani. Blue and green stones on brown look perfect too.

Choose wisely according to the colours of your wedding outfit and your stature. Go for mostly chunky jewellery. If you have piercings, don’t shy away from sporting a stud on your ear. Wearing jewellery is a once in a lifetime opportunity for men. At least, so much jewellery all at the same time! That’s not something you’re gonna get to do much often. So, choose groom jewellery according to your personal taste and flaunt it all on your wedding day.


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