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Whether it’s Christmas time, New Year’s Eve or Diwali party, you are sure to get all agog on how to arrange a boisterous and entertaining party for your employees for them to have a high time! Planning for a holiday party could get tricky when you have to choose between a particular holiday theme or go with the traditional in-house party celebration of yours that you have been carrying out for a long time. And what’s more? You need to choose a premium venue to glorify your party preparations so all your employees can gather at one place. A corporate event venue should be chosen keeping all the important aspects in mind like accommodation, amenities etc. With such a large space for your employees, they will have a gala time interacting with each other under a pleasant spell of the holiday. Moreover, this is a perfect time for you to show your employees how much valuable they mean to you. Go through this awesome list and tips for your corporate event with equally fascinating ideas that can enlighten the ambience of your party outright.

  • Pick out a Theme:

The first and the foremost task to include in your party planning ideas is a theme over which your party is based. Adding a theme element would hike up the charisma of the event to another notch. Imagine how fun it would be to throw a masquerade party to keep a hush-hush moment among employees while they are pondering over the person behind the mask.

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Some of the fantastic ideas are for unique corporate events are:  

  1. For a Christmas Party:

Choose a wintery theme with the traditional Christmas colours like red, white or green. The fake snow, Christmas tree, snow man fairy lights are all a part of this particular festival.

  1. For a New Year Eve Party:

New Year is all about rest and relaxation. Just create some soothing demeanour inside your venue where your employees can have a field day. Add some mystery element with a masquerade ball theme. Decorate your venue in glitz and glamour and choose gold, silver or black to make it more invigorating.

  1. For a Super Hit Diwali party:

Diwali being the festival of lights would crave an equal intensity of decorations in your party. The hanging lamps, electric diyas or candles, paper lanterns all this and much more make for a splendid Diwali theme in your party.

Apart from these usual ideas that are meant for a particular party, you may also infuse some Movie themed ideas that goes with occasion fittingly. Want more? Give a location-based theme in your event to imbibe a feeling of pleasure trip within your team.

  • Set Up Contests/ Games:

To maintain the humdrum of your party, you should definitely encourage your employees to take part in the fun activities or entertainments. Combine the games with a prize and your party reputation would wallop to the top.

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Some of the exciting games that could be organised for a corporate party are:

  1. Host the Best Festive Outfit Contest or plan out some particular colour for their outfits.
  2. Go the other way round and have an Ugly Sweater Contest on Christmas. Don’t let your employees know beforehand. This would spoil the moment of fun.
  3. Have a festive quiz contest and gift your smartest employee with a badge of honour.
  4. Chalk out some team-related games. Divide your employees into teams and cut them loose on a scavenger hunt.
  5. You may organise a Rangoli competition or set up a game of charades. Even tug of war, musical chairs or paper dance are an equally enticing games.
  6. Small token games like Minute to Win, Potluck, Guess Who or Pinata are some of the really entertaining and games for your employees to get involved within.
  • More Entertainment Ideas:

When organising a corporate event, you are in no short of ideas for entertaining your guests.

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So rack your brains together and conjure up some really fun-filled entertainment ideas for your guests in your at the corporate function venue.

  1. DJ and Dancing:

All parties are incomplete without a space to shake your leg. Put up a DJ and a Request Box so your guests can dance on their favourite tunes.

  1. How about some Casino?

A casino styled theme or Bingo or Tambola could punch up the aura of the event like no other could individually do. Place a professionally staffed table and put together some games like blackjack, craps or poker for them. You may also let your employees buy out some items at the end of their winnings.

  1. Don’t forget the Festive Fests:

Why chain your guests with indoor entertainments? Arrange a Diwali Mela or Christmas fest and let your guests enjoy a shopping spree within a party atmosphere.

  1. Set up a Photo Booth:

Give the opportunity to your employees to capture their special moments with quirky photo booths. With electric props, colourful wigs, goggles, masks or fairy-wings, your guests will have the time of their life while going through these candid photos.

  1. A peppy Karaoke Night:

Do not keep your party at the mercy of DJs and dance floors. Set up a stage and a mic and play background music. Yes, you are all set to roll out a wonderful Karaoke night. This will be a great opportunity for your office singers to shine among his peers.

  1. Orchestra/ Live Bands:

Want to keep a soothing music afloat in your backdrop? Hire a nice little orchestra or a live band or a single amateur singer who can enliven this party of yours with their talent and refreshingly new songs.

  1. Employee Awards:

No other occasion would be better than a corporate holiday party to give out best employee awards to them. Let the level of anticipation rise among your guests by keeping the matter within until the day of your event. This would surely be a motivating factor for him as well as others. 

  • The Lip-Smacking Meals:

One of the most important factors to consider while planning any event is the matter of food. Draft an interesting menu that will be suitable as well as desirable for all your employees. Though, if you are introducing Potluck, your employees can definitely swipe their lunches. But, that would not give a feeling of completeness in your party.

  1. Along with the main course, you can definitely add some festive special foods that are a speciality for the occasion. Like the little gingerbreads during Christmas or the candy sticks.
  2. You may put up a chocolate fountain, cookie house, doughnuts, sugary drinks or cheesecakes for your sweet tooth employees.
  3. Fill your menu with various appetizers to give them a real taste of what your upcoming dinner or lunch would be. Kebabs, Sushi rolls, spring rolls, Tikkas, mini sandwiches are all a great menu addition in your starters list.
  4. It’s a wine and dine ceremony. So, do not forget the booze in your party. Create some amazing cocktails with aromatic herbs or give out little Vodka shots. It all depends on you. Want to go with non-alcoholic? Then, let your bar station prepare some really good Mocktails, Mojito, spiced chocolate drink, shakes or the same old lemonade.
  5. A DIY counter is on the rise. With guests today having their own bucket full of choice over toppings and fillings, party caterers decode over a DIY counter for them. Now, prepare your own hotdog, or a taco of your own. Pick out your choice of dip over nachos or give your submarines a barbeque twist. All this and much more are available when you decide over a DIY counter in your party. 
  • Party Favours:

These are the most interesting and very admirable segment of your corporate party. Your employees are enthusiastic about the type of gifts they are about to get. Now it entirely depends on you whether you want to have a neutral style of gifting or let it be gender specific. Well, of course, a female employee would be most happy to have a shopping coupon than a male one.

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More so, it is just not about gifts anymore. Arrange some shopping coupons, movie tickets or have a lottery system where your employees can gain a gift on their luck. What more? You can set a budget and have your employees buy gifts for each other and swipe them at the time of celebration. This would create more enthusiasm among your employees and this might create eagerness among them.

So, just set your date and plan your event in advance. Clear out your schedules and hire a planner who could help you out in a more professional and in a skilful manner.

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