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Do you want to get married with the crashing waves in backdrop and scintillating sunshine over your head? Undoubtedly, it’s the beach or surfside wedding for you. Immerse yourself into this whole essence of romanticism of the seaside and the sun-burnt sand and your wedding is definitely going to make in the popular list of weddings. Beach weddings offer a plenty of beautiful backgrounds in themselves that doesn’t need much of an additional decoration. Several wedding venues in Chennai, Goa or Kerala offer a variety of locations to organize your wedding reception in a breezy style.

A beach wedding offers you lot of space to explore and decorate to your heart’s content in whichever style it suits you. The golden sun, crystal clear water, tanned beaches and a balmy weather make for an explosive combination for a splendid party. The casual ambience at the seaside takes the unwanted stress from your nuptials. That is why it is taken to be a great spot for destination weddings.

Want to know a definite perk? Beach wedding is a cost-effective ceremony because you don’t have to invest much in the decorations. The beach itself is sufficiently ornamental. You may even keep your wedding attire on a little casual side as the background is gorgeous enough to enhance your entire look.

With a lot of space, you can easily personalize the sands with your desired theme or colour scheme. Finally a good news for brides! Now no need to pain yourself in those ridiculous high heels. Heels are not meant for beaches. Just put on your flats and stroll around the beach with glee.

Check out these wonderful ideas and adopt them in your beach wedding ceremony.

  1. Mesmerising Seashore Décor:

Beach provides a lot of options in the name of décor. You can put up with any colour or decorative theme as everything just looks charming enough over the neutral coloured sand.

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  • For your seating arrangements, just go for a simple banquet style covered with ivory white or some pastel coloured sheet to give a divine sensation. But, electric colours like purple, yellow, orange make your reception party pretty as a picture.
  • Coming to your wedding arch or Mandap, beach weddings offers number of options in the name of decorations. No need to include those traditional flowers. Sea shells, starfish props, a rustic wooden look or some crystallised style will be pleasing enough to look at. And if your planner can devise up some pattern with all these, what could be more delightful than this.
  • Centrepieces and table tops can be fashioned up with candles, glassware or the seaside accessories that will be complementary to your decorations.
  • Don’t forget to use the satiny drapes in your archway. The blowing breeze conjures up the perfect image for a candid photography. Several beach wedding venues in Chennai, Goa or Kerala can help you out with your decorations with their expert planners.
  • The bunting could be made with drooping lanterns, floral boughs or just with the traditional paper ones.
  • Put up some corals, shells as your decorative items or drape the fairy lights on the palm trees and these would make for an ample décor required to go with your beach ceremony.
  1. A Beach-Based Catering:

Along with the numerous wedding décor ideas, a beach wedding also has loads of distinct menu options that will represent the ‘seaside’ taste with relish. You must include all these food items so that your guests can enjoy to their heart’s content under the bright sunshine.

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  • Starting with the cake, prepare it on a beach based theme. Put on the fluffy creamy seashells, or have an aqua coloured cake prepared with pearly or watery endowments on it.
  • Drinks are a must when yours is a beach wedding. Margaritas, Cocktails, Pina Coladas or any citrusy drink can add up to your menu.
  • Smoothies or ice-based drinks or shave ice will be a hit among all.
  • Appetizers are a favourite of everyone, be it kids or adults. So, give it a little beach twist. Mini crab cakes, oysters, shrimps, sun-dried tomato, tropical fruits, dates, cashews, prawns all make for a hearty appetizer menu.
  • A fresh salad before the main course will be a great idea. Go for the famous Caesar Salad with some shrimp add-on or prepare a tropical fruit salad with dates.
  • Coming to desserts, coconuts would make for nice dessert ingredient. Lemon tarts, cream pie or a pineapple cheese cake would be good enough as well.
  • Since this is a beach wedding, your main course could be compiled with items such as shrimps, smoked salmons, lemon brushed chicken or some barbequed veg and non-veg food items.
  • Set up a treat station for the kids. The lemon drops, fruity lollypops, or jelly-filled croissants are all a popular knick-knacks to be eaten by the little guests.
  1. Make a Terrific Bride Entry:

Trying to make a bombastic entry in your wedding? Then shed the traditional style.

  • Try out an entry on a speed boat this time. This will definitely be jaw-dropping experience for your guests as well as your groom.

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  • Let your niece or nephew hold a sign board for your arrival. Announcing your entry like this would symbolize cuteness in your celebration.
  • Hey! Don’t forget that your wedding is going to be held under sunshine. Thus, give your entry a regal look by entering under a laced umbrella to save yourself from blazing light.
  • How about making your entry under bubble shower? Set up a timing with your guests and enter on a certain note when your guests start blowing bubble. Nothing would look more enticing on a beach than this. 
  1. Distribute Beach Trinkets:

Well, when yours is a beach wedding make sure that you are giving your guests the needed accessories that can help them in enjoying the day better.

  • Though they won’t come shoeless, you can provide some added benefits for their feet. Provide them some Flip-Flops, or bristled brushes with which they can remove the sand from their feet.
  • Sunglasses would be great when they are sitting under sunlight.
  • The beach starts getting colder after sunset if organised during winters. Make sure that you are providing shawls or muffs to them.
  1. Beach Themed Style Invitations:

When your ceremony is going to take place on a beach, then why not invite your friends with a beach style.

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Showcase your creativity and put up a beach themed design on your cards. Your guests will definitely get an idea about the venue even before opening the card.

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