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A wedding planning remains incomplete without a proper wedding venue to host it. And with so many facets of an Indian wedding like catering, baraat, bar etc., you need to have a clear perspective about what all a venue should include as per your ceremony requirements. There are various factors on which a venue is chosen. Starting from space or accommodation, a modern venue should also include dressing room, lot of restrooms, valet parking, in-house catering, photographers and videographers and even the facility for a night stay. But, ultimately the choice lies with the couple whether they want to make their wedding an extravagant affair by organising the party at plaza or want to have a modest ceremony at their backyard.

Got confused? Then get started with some of the most popular wedding venues given below and select the one that suits you best.

  1. House of Worship

Generally seen, the first choice for Indian weddings venues is the House of Worship. Be it at a Temple, Church, Mosque, Gurudwara or any other place, many people are excited enough to exchange their vows at these auspicious and celestial locations.

House of Worship

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Maybe undergoing the marital rituals at such religious locations holds a deep meaning in their families for generations. The impressive architecture and divinity of such a place attract many couples in their abode.

  1. Banquet Hall

Being on a little posh side, banquet halls are among those regal wedding venues where you get to have the dream of your fairytale wedding fulfilled. With magnificent interiors, gleaming floors and ceilings, customizable architecture, and an equally efficient staff, in-house vendors, these banquet hall services will leave an indelible impression on your guests for life. With such an opulent aura within its layout, banquet halls are on a popular list of wedding venues.

  1. Lawn Party

For an autumn or summer wedding, couples sought out a lawn party to be a favourable venue among all. The pleasant and tranquil atmosphere of a lawn party is unmatched. When you have prepared a full itinerary of entertainment for your guests and want to enjoy the whole day, then lawn party or ideas for outdoor wedding would serve as the best possible option for your wedding.

Lawn Party

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Put up a canopied podium for your rituals and have a distributed banquet style seating arrangement. And that’s not all. You can decorate the entire venue in your own themes. With lots of spaces for your candid photography, lawn wedding parties make for picturesque ceremonies.

  1. Beach Venue

Basically categorised in the list of destination weddings, beaches are those exotic locations where you say ‘I do’ in front of crashing waves and under a crystal-clear sky. Head towards an ocean for such an expansive wedding of yours with the dramatic surroundings, you don’t need to add much more of décor within this. The bright sunshine and the tanned sands create a charming aura that will only be enhanced beautifully with creative décor settings. Just keep your settings beach-friendly to avoid any trouble on the day.

  1. Farmhouse or Barn Venue

Farmhouses are chosen because of the cosy atmosphere that they lend in their parties. Whether yours being a small and intimate ceremony or a grand one, farmhouses can mould every ceremony beautifully within its abode. This is more of a rustic wedding ceremony where everything denotes a country style backdrop. So, if you are looking for a woodland elegance then drop the idea of customization as it would cost more. Choose a farmhouse nearby and take your outsourced vendors well in advance to set up all the arrangements perfectly.

  1. Palace Fort Wedding

This is one such royal affair where the bride actually feels like a Queen on the day of her wedding. With such lofty towers and correspondingly eminent lightings, fort weddings will be your own fairy tale.

Palace Fort Wedding

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Moreover, with lots of space for entertainment, accommodation, dining and outdoor activities, fort weddings are a win-win situation in case you have the budget to afford. And the historical significance of that place adds the element of mystery in your party.

  1. Backyard Venue

This is the best option for those who are looking to save some money on their wedding décor as well as venue booking. Backyard weddings as the name suggests is just the courtyard or garden area of your house. You can have an intimate ceremony by coming up with some elegant outdoor nuptial arrangements. Though it is not as exuberant as your lawn party, backyard reception parties are no less popular. With a rustic ambience, soothing atmosphere and minimal decorations, you can materialize a themed wedding within a little wedding. For a guest list of 50-80, backyard weddings are beneficial in every way. So, make your arrangements or hire a planner and create a wonderful ceremony within the boundary of your backyard.

  1. Restaurant Wedding Venue

Well, this is a good option for a foodie bride and groom! With the issue of food out of your mind, you just need to concentrate on the décor, seating arrangement, guest list and the location. You may even choose the venue where you dated first. This would be a romantic reminder of your pre-marriage days. Since you know the food is top-notch, you might even skip the tasting session altogether to utilize your time on other aspects. Just make sure that space is in accordance with your guest list to provide a comfortable accommodation.

  1. Cruise Wedding Venue

This is also a grand affair. But planning a cruise wedding would require some prerequisites. Remember not every cruise line provides this facility. So you need to make sure that your chosen cruise does. Though this is an ultimate symbol of romance, cruise weddings are expensive enough.

  1. Home Weddings

Since you have traversed each and every option closely and want to stick to your home, then your private house is the leftover option. If your house is grand enough to hold such a huge crowd, then hire a party agency who can handle all your preparations with its management staff.

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