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Weddings are a big deal. There are multiple ceremonies that culminate to the wedding day and reception. There is venue decorations to take care of, bride’s and groom’s wedding dresses and makeup, food menus, guest lists… Oh! The guest list. Some modern wedding invitations are so cliché that the guests don’t even look at the card for a moment longer than it takes them to read the name of the partner they don’t know and the venue and time. Yes, it is okay if you are okay with that but, you could do better.

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Key Components

The key components of a wedding invitation that you need to make perfect if you want a nice modern Wedding Invitation Design are as follows:

  • The Invitation Card
  • The Envelope
  • The Words of the Invitation
  • The Font
  • The Colour
  • The Texture of the Paper

All of these have to be on point. If you want to impress the invitees with a beautiful invite, you need some really sweet words, but not too many, you want to keep it short and sweet and the card uncluttered. You will need very good paper for the card and envelope. You will need the colour and texture of the card and envelope to be sober and interesting. You will need good font and colours for the text.

However, if you want to do more than just what is expected, you will have to add some more elements to the basic components of a wedding invite. Before we come to that, let’s see if it is all that important at all.

Why is it so Important to make the Invites Beautiful anyway?

The basic reasons behind a written wedding invitation are very simple:

  • It is a formal invite because a phone call is just not enough for something as huge as a wedding.
  • It contains the basic introduction to both, the bride and the groom.
  • It contains the venue address and the time of the ceremony.
  • It makes sure that the security at the gate will know who are invited. Although it is ridiculous to ask people to show their invitations at the gate. It helps in some exceptionally problematic situations where unpleasant uninvited guests try to barge in to ruin the wedding.

So, the point is a simple wedding card with simply worded invitation can do all of this. So why should you need to focus so much on what the invitation looks like? Here are the reasons for that:

  • Your wedding is not basic, neither should be the thing that introduces the event.
  • The wedding invitation is the first impression many guests will have. If you want your wedding to be grand, start off with a good first impression.
  • Your wedding invitation will remain as a souvenir from the very important day to your very last day. If it looks good, a very old wrinkled couple can admire it when they feel nostalgic.
  • You simply just want to flaunt your creativity and impress everybody. Yes, this is not everybody, but it could totally be you, the one reading this.

Now, you could totally use some help with ideas for trendy wedding invitations. You might have one of your own but do look at the modern wedding invitation design ideas here before you make up your mind.

Modern Wedding Invitations to Impress

Here are some ideas to make the perfect modern wedding invitation that is not too extra and totally unique at the same time. Check these out.

  1. Letterpress

Letterpress isn’t an unknown concept but not too many people still think about using it for a wedding invite. If you can bear the cost of this, it will really pay off well. The paper will have to be sturdy so the invite will last a lifetime if kept safely. Choose the colours and font wisely. Make it classy yet attractive.


  1. On Marble

Marble base is an amazing idea. Nothing says ‘forever’ like a wedding invite engraved into marble. You could use copper calligraphy to make the entire card stand out. Add lime edging to complete the look. Let the print on the envelope complement the look of the marble. This one is bound to impress people, maybe to the extent of some jealous invitees who wished their wedding invitation was anything like it!

  1. Origami

If you are on a tight budget or just like the simplicity, go for origami wedding invites. Let people have to fold out layers of the invitation for every piece of information. Let the bride’s information be on one part, the groom’s on another and the invite on the third, and the venue and time on the fourth. If you are worried about the papers getting damaged by the time they reach the addresses, there’s a simple and beautiful solution. Put them in a cardboard box that is wrapped in light colour paper with minimal pattern. Throw in the invite along with some quill paper designs. Address the invitees on top of this box. Perfection!

  1. Box of Chocolates

Make a similar cardboard box from the above idea. Put in the wedding invitation, be it simple or fancy.


Throw in some nice chocolates that are well wrapped so that they don’t ooze out of the wrapper if they start melting. On the box, write the note “Life is a box of chocolates, come bless us at our wedding so that our marriage is sweet”.

  1. Watercolour Invites

Let the entire the cover of the card and envelope be in pastel hues of real watercolour instead of print. This wedding invite will bring back the nostalgia of the simpler times. Have the writing of the invitation done in an informal, conversational tone so that the writing complements the natural essence of the card itself.

  1. Personalized Invites

It is a good idea if the bride and groom write the wedding invites in their own handwriting. Sounds bizarre and impractical as an idea for wedding ceremony that is due in a month and has a guest list of 1000. But if it is a small private wedding that you have been planning for months and the guest list is ready, it is totally doable and will be very much appreciated. Also, do this if the bride and groom have good handwriting. You can totally club this idea with the water colour invites.

  1. Plane Ticket Style

Make it plane ticket themed if it is a destination wedding idea, creative and relevant. Print out all the information neatly in the style of an actual plane ticket.

  1. Film Roll Style

Let the wedding invite rollout of a film roll. This is creative and easy to preserve in a small space. Make sure the paper that rolls out and contains all the writing, is durable. The writing would look good in a very old format. Maybe the way movie credits were written in the 70s.

  1. Message in a Bottle

Have the wedding invite go out in a bottle. Have the bottles secured in boxes.


You could make the bottle and the invite look all funky with a pirate theme, or romantic with a tropical theme. You can fill some of the bottle up with coloured sand and a couple of pearls if you want to invest more.

  1. WhatsApp chat

Make the invite totally fun with a WhatsApp chat theme. Let the invitation play out like a skit. Play it out like someone very close to the bride or groom (depending on which side the invite is for) breaks the news to the concerned invite, and goes on to give the details and invite.

  1. Fingerprints

Have the bride and groom make flower patterns with their fingerprints on an extra white sheet in the wedding cards. This takes time but it is fun and personalised. Choose nice colours for the prints. This idea won’t work if the fingers are too fat though. Or you could use a bigger card and let the bride and groom go bonkers with this fun childlike idea.

  1. Scented

Why is the scented wedding invitations idea not a thing anymore! Let’s bring this back. Scented paper with a pretty font for the invite is good. Putting it in a box with one or two scented candles is even better! This idea oozes class. You will love it when the invitees are still talking about the cards at your wedding.

These are some popular and some unique modern wedding invitations ideas. Take your pick. Customize the ideas to suit your style and budget. It is a hectic time and there is a lot to take care of. But do put some thinking into the wedding invites because, as discussed, this is the first impression that will last a lifetime. Get some friends to plan out the invites and give them a budget if necessary. But do give the required attention to the details of the wedding invitation.


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