10 Must-Haves Conference Room Facilities to Plan a Corporate Event

Organising a conference might not seem so much of challenging if you have all the subsequent amenities to support it. You might be over with the tedious task of corporate event planning and venue selection, but the planning process does not end here. There are lots of aspects that are to be taken care of. But, the requirements of a conference room are a bit different from other parties. A good conference hall is an interpretation of many provisions that customers look for. To make sure that you have chosen the perfect hall, go through the list of requirements given below.

All these facilities are of prime importance, but before considering any venue make sure that:

  • The venue is large enough to control the expected crowd of your conference. You cannot let your guests suffocate within a small meeting room. Just look around for the perfect layout and discuss its capacity with the venue manager.
  • It should be able to provide you flexible seating arrangements. Maybe the pre-settled arrangement of classroom style is not what you require. Thus, discuss its flexibility before confirming your reservations.
  • It should be a walled structure rather than a glass one. When you have to give out presentations or speeches, these activities are performed better when you are within a walled or wooden structure. Glass structures create a distraction that should be avoided at any cost.
  • It should be a quiet setting. A cacophony of sounds will create disturbance in your meeting. Moreover, you won’t be able to communicate well if a continuous raucous sound is penetrating your meeting room.
  • No need to look for beautiful backdrops while you are looking for the conference room. Just keep a check over the technical installations that are necessary for your event.
  1. Smart Board/ Projection Screen:

While choosing a venue for the conference, make sure that the room is installed with a whiteboard and projection screen that has a multi-touch feature, mouse-hover functionality, can be used my multiple users at a time.

Smart Board- Projection Screen

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This would bring out more interaction among the meeting and the members could work out flexibly. What more? It could also be connected with a printer to print a hand-out of the session to the participants in real time.

  1. Wi-Fi

This is a necessary requirement for conferences of this age. The high-speed connection and bandwidth will allow multiple users to work alongside during the meeting.


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Now browse the net and surf for important things on the internet with the Wi-Fi facilities provided by them.

  1. Good quality Audio Equipment

A surround sound speaker system, microphone etc. are among the list of fundamentals while you are organizing a conference. For a smooth conduct of your meeting, you need to be able to communicate precisely with your attendees.

good quality audio equipment

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And if yours is a conference of 100 people, then good audio system is required to reach each and every member. Just have a thorough checking of the equipment before initiating your session.

  1. A Proper Seating Arrangement

There are several types of seating arrangement that can be set up as per the members of your meeting. Whether you want a U-shape setup, Boardroom style seating, Hollow Square or a classroom-style arrangement, it all depends on the type of conference it is. But a table is a must.

proper seating arrangement

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Thus, as one of the unique ideas of corporate event choose a chair-table seating plan according to the nature of the meeting. Like a simple meet and greet can happen within a U-shaped arrangement but a classroom style would be better when organising a workshop. Decide on the type and plan your seating layout with the venue manager.

  1. Video Conferencing System

It might be possible that you are compelled to make some international calls. Thus, a video conference is definitely due in such situations wherein you have to converse with the person online. This is mostly a preferred mode of communication for most of the companies who want to cut down the travel cost.

video conferencing

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Make a connection where you could have full access to the internet while your conference is going in full flow. This will give you immense flexibility during the meeting session. Make sure that such arrangement is available within the venue.

  1. Digital Projectors

Projectors have seen an update since their evolution and these days rather than using the traditional Fresnel lens to project the image on your laptop or desktop, it uses video cameras to give a 3D image of the documents or image making it easier for the participants to learn about the matter.

  1. It should be at an Accessible Location

While picking out the venue for the conference, be assured that its location is easily accessible from the airport or railway station since some of your members could be from outstation. Keeping their convenience in mind, choose a venue that is easily reachable, recognisable and has accommodation facilities if the need arises.

  1. Fully Air-conditioned

You cannot let your employees or members sweat over during the session! This would turn into some poor planning. Make sure that the venue or meeting room that you have chosen is properly air-conditioned. Moreover, the venue should have a supply backup facility in case of any mishap. Try to choose a room that is well-lit as well as well-ventilated. This would create a bright atmosphere even if it turns out to be a gloomy session.

  1. Tea Room/Common Room

It is not humanly possible to attend a meeting for 6 hours at a stretch. Thus, during venue selection, it becomes important for you to check whether they have an adjoining break room where the delegates can relax and enjoy a brief tea time among themselves. This kind of refreshment is definitely a requirement while choosing a venue. Your members will highly appreciate your efforts towards their comfort.

  1. An Efficient Staff

Proper and diligent staff is always required while you are hosting a conference. The basic requirements of your members will be taken care of by the staff members at the venue. Choose the one who is experienced in handling such type of events.

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Top 10 Ideas for an Awesome Birthday Catering

Be it is your baby’s first birthday or your grandfather’s 80th, catering is the lifeline for making their parties a wonderful one. Food is the heart of every party and when you have something interesting for your guests, your party is surely going to be the most popular and talked about.

You must be wondering how your birthday menu could be different from the traditional one. Think out of the box!

Twist your chocolate cake in a magical swirl or give your cookies a name, but when the idea of doing something different on your beloved birthday has popped into your mind, give the task its rightful conclusion.

As we know that you alone cannot plan the entire birthday menu. And when you have planned for something creative, you need to put heads together to prepare a delicious yet different meal for your celebration. But, this is a task next to impossible when you are inviting about 50-100 guests for your celebration. Well, when it is not possible to shuck off any guest from your finalized list, then let the catering service shoulder the responsibilities. Besides, entertaining these many guests would create chaos inside your homes, but arranging a birthday at a banquet hall would give you the space to breathe and enjoy the birthday equally.

With such a huge count of your guests, opting for a banquet hall would be the best possible mode to organize your party. But, if hiring a catering service seems a bit extravagant, then have a look at some of the benefits of hiring a catering service.

  • Caterers have a huge experience in arranging the right quantity of meal for your numerous guests. Thus, you don’t have to worry about arranging for your meal a day before the party.
  • When caterers are there to take care of the food section, you get to enjoy your party and meet and greet each and every guest personally without worrying about food. It’s the responsibility of the catering staff to serve food to every guests.
  • While using the services of catering, you don’t have to get busy with serving. You just need to relax and enjoy the party like your guests are doing.
  • Choosing a catering service saves a lot of your time that you can utilize in choosing your décor, theme, plan party games and making invitations.
  • Catering can most assuredly come up with some new and innovative food item that you might not be even aware of.
  • You can always customize the food list when you want to add something new or something regular in your meals.

Check out some of the latest Food Ideas that can be included in your event planning checklist and can go in a party of every age-group.

1. Cake Steals the Show

It’s not just the era of the same old cakes. Come out of the illusion that a simple vanilla or chocolate truffle is enough to dazzle your guests.

Try out some theme on your cakes. Prepare something that is related to the birthday person. If your baby girl is a fan of Barbie, why not bring the shape to your cake. If you have a huge number of guests to serve, preparing a two-tier or three-tier cake that would add more charm and suffice the guest list quantity.

2. Floral Ice bucket

You must be thinking what in earth is Floral Ice bucket, It’s a simple yet creative method to make your birthdays more exciting. You can make this on your own, you just have to take the ice and mix the flowers in it. Then put it in a bowl so that it can take the shape of the bowl and let it freeze. When you will take it out you will see that it is like a bowl with flowers embedded in it. You can serve ice cream or seafood or some drink in that to make it more quirky. Just remember one thing keep an eye when it starts to melt.

3. Mini Pails of food

Another amazing idea to make the birthday event more amazing and flooded with new ideas is that you can serve the food in the mini pails. You can prepare a wall where all the mini pails are hung and it can be decorated with the yellow in the background. You can make it more interesting by writing some messages or quirky name of the dishes with the fun description or sketch.

4. Savoury “Lollipops”

The other amazing savoury which you can include in your list is these Lollipops. Don’t add this in your desert list. Make it separate of the desert one and serve it with the snacks or the lunch with the filling popping up from the shell. This will look great and when this will be tasted everyone will be delighted to have it.

5. Exotic Variety of Drinks/ Shakes/ Juices

Prepare some interesting mocktails or innovative shakes topped with ice-cream. This is sure to be a hit among the children as well as adults. Who can resist the beauty of a glass filled with chocolate, ice-cream and topped with a cherry?

Make the drinks more colourful that can lend them a different edge but the taste should remain a little on the sweeter side so that kids can enjoy them in earnest. Some of the most popular drinks that you can prepare for your birthday party are Candy Apple Punch, Smoothies, or lemonade with a tang of pineapple, watermelon and many more. You can definitely consult the catering service when you want to customize your drink menu with your choice.

6. Everybody’s favourite-Snacks/Starters

Starters or appetizers play a pivotal role in any birthday party. Be it a kid or adult, they all just love to fill themselves up with the little fried meatballs, mac or cheese balls, popcorns, hot dogs, cupcakes, nachos etc.

While cooking your snacks or appetizers, make sure that they are smaller in size and are easier to eat because these are the things that can create more hassle than your actual menu could. Sandwiches make a grand addition to your starters. Be it a veggie one or ham sandwich, these are always a favoured menu item. You may also add some crackers with various types of dip.

7. The Crucial Main Course

Conjuring up a main course is very difficult when you are confused about serving your guests with complete traditional dishes or with some continental cuisines. It would be advisable to have a taste of both in your menu.

Well, a White Sauce Pasta seems definitely delectable with a plate of warm and fluffy Pav Bhaji!

The food that you are going to serve should not be on a heavier side as people have already filled up their appetite with the starters. Some of the popular Indian main course food includes-Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji etc. While if you are looking for some international cuisines you may take upon Middle East dishes like Shawarma or Italian meal courses like Pizza or Pasta. For setting up a Continental buffet, you may consider the Thai dishes or some Chinese favourites for your guests.

8. Sensational Salads

A main course is empty without a perfect salad to go with it. Create an enchanting salad station for your guests to relish in the efforts you have put into preparing the meal.

Try out different styles of salads with fruits, chicken, veggies, corn and mushrooms in combination with cream, lettuce, herbs, olives, vinegar that enriches the taste of the salads. Using a pasta salad, or pairing up with some cottage cheese, pepper or kidney beans can surely make a healthy meal for your health conscious guests.

9. Divine Desserts

The most awaited part of any event resides with the desserts. A favourite of every kid and adult, desserts are a show stopper for any event. But, using a scoop is not a trend of birthdays anymore.

With the introduction of cinnamon rolls, lemon tarts, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, cream-filled croissant, chocolate puddings, cheesecake, puffs or jelly cakes, you can give a new name to your birthday dessert menu. Some might feel that having a cake is sufficient for a dessert but that’s not true. Having a side dessert menu can complete your entire birthday catering.

10. Sweet Treats

Set up a sweet treat bar at your birthday parties for every party game guests win and see the magic it creates in your ambience. The most popular sweet treats that could be arranged for your party are chocolate pops, Marshmallow kabobs, S’more, ice-cream sandwich, fortune cookies, candy cones, sugar sticks etc.

Having a sweet treat just adds an additional layer of excitement to your parties. It would be more of a surprise for the birthday guy and the guests if you could arrange the treats according to your theme.

Planning a menu is just not enough. You have to keep some important aspects in mind before giving final touches in drafting your menu.

Plan the type of menu that matches the timing of your celebration. You cannot call your guests in the evening and offer a cake with a few snacks. An evening party is bound to roll towards night, thus you should be carefully preparing your dinner meal as per your guest’s list. Likewise, for an afternoon party, guests would definitely expect a proper lunch course.

Keep a close watch over the age group of your guests. Formulating children birthday party ideas or an adult’s party requires a delicious menu which could be easily resolved by offering them pizzas or sandwiches. But, you cannot add too much of sweet or calorized food if your guest list includes older people. Even when you have toddlers in your party, you cannot include too much of a crunchy meal.

Be alert to allergies. Most of the people are allergic to peanuts or fruits. Try to keep them at minimum and if it seems unavoidable, try to warn the kids or parents beforehand. Try to use disposable cups and plates that could be used once and then thrown so that there are no chances of contacting any contamination from one guest to another. Don’t use any precious melamine crockery as these might accidently get broken down!

You may match the food with the theme and avoid an all-round sugar burst in your party. Cakes and desserts can fulfil the entire need of sugar. For the sweet treats, keep them in a complimentary prize category for your birthday games.

With all the ideas to help you out of your confused state, deploy the most convenient menu structure at your birthday party and celebrate it with a blast.

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15 Wedding Entertainment Ideas that can Leave your Guests in Awe

After you have exchanged the rings or completed the pheras, it’s time for you to bring out some entertainment for your guests. A wedding is a ceremony that is to be cherished for life and with some funny elements to spice up the ritualistic moments, and to add your individuality in the occasion. Whether organizing your ceremony at a banquet hall or at your home, entertainment is an aspect that could be arranged everywhere. And moreover, it’s your friends and relatives who await some entertainment with such high hopes.


When thinking about entertainment, don’t fear about the budget. Entertainment or games does not always mean that it is going to be some costly interlude. Some really simple yet joyful fun activities can definitely uplift the spirits of your guests. Since your wedding guest list is not restricted to any particular age-group, it is advisable to arrange games or some activities for all because it’s your wedding and you would just love to involve everyone in your big day. Have a look at some of the really entertaining ideas you can arrange for your guests to enjoy and intensify the happiness around you.

1. Wedding DJs

The most common form of entertainment for any wedding is the all-time favourite- a DJ. Music is the backbone for any event and keeps the spirit of the party to the maximum.

We cannot even think of celebrating a wedding without shaking a leg. Arranging a DJ night is pretty easy. With tons of vendors in the market or the in-house DJs of any banquet hall, you may easily arrange to have one at your wedding.

2. Fireworks

How can you even bereft your wedding from the magical fireworks? The liveliness of any grand event could be profusely enhanced when you have arranged fireworks for your guests.

Everybody loves a dramatic display and having a firework as a part of your wedding celebration will help in this regard. Make sure that you display the fireworks under proper security.

3. Live Bands

These are the trending entertainment elements when you want something different other than the conventional DJs. Though if you are somehow excited about the idea of having live band at your wedding, it would be better to choose the one who is backed up with certain recommendations.

You can even arrange for some retro-themed or rock band if you want to brighten up your atmosphere with more creativity.

4. Whiskey Bar

Party is definitely incomplete without this section. The amazing whiskey bar, it is awesome when you can arrange for the whisky fountain. It will make your guests go awestruck. All the guests would love the beautiful arrangement done at the whisky bar. Remember the collection of the whisky should be vintage and amazing.

5. Table Trivia

This idea is always amazing and you should include it as it will greatly impress your guests. Table trivia is that game in which the couples ask each other questions and they both have to answer them. But here is that catch, questions can be put up for the guests as well. The questions will be quirky and witty and full of fun.

6. Awards Ceremony

Another great idea is keeping the Award ceremony. You can make the list of the categories before the function but keep it a surprise for maximum people. Include your friends to make the preparation. Arrange some gifts to give to the winner. Just keep in mind the categories should be witty and full of fun, so that the quests get surprised and enjoy a lot.

7. Put up a Music Request Box

What could be more interesting than having a DJ played at your wedding? It would definitely be the DJ Request box. Do not let your guests make a fuss over the played tracks.

Let them have their suggestions put up in a request box for the DJ to get an idea of the type of music in demand. With a request box at their disposal, you won’t have to listen to them raving about the ‘same old tracks’.

8. Photo Booths

Photos are always welcomed at every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, reunions or seminar, photographs are a medium to mark the occasion that revives our memory at some later time.

But, setting up a photo booth at your wedding would require some creativity to entice your guests to pose for photos. With an amazing background, you can surely click some really candid pictures to make your moments more colorful.

9. Set up a candy or coffee station

It’s not just about a chaat corner or salad bar anymore. Your guests would definitely look around for something different and interesting that was not the prodigy for any wedding occasion before. If yours is a winter wedding, then setting up a coffee station would do the trick of making your occasion a successful one.

Similarly, a candy station for the kids would be a great establishment. All these candy or coffee stands will add more glitter to your surroundings and create hubbub among your guests.

10. Bouncy Castles

Well, it’s not just the older ones, but the kids are also going to attend your wedding.

So, keeping this mind you can arrange these bouncy castles that will be a delight for kids and a great mode of entertainment in your celebration. You can arrange for some wedding entertainers or tattoo booth if yours is a ‘Day wedding ceremony’.

11. Arrange Karaoke

If you think that your guests are going to like DJ or a live band, then organizing a karaoke is also a great idea.When we are all in the mood for the ceremony and would like our guests to enjoy the moment with us, then having a karaoke podium would be exciting. This is an intriguing way to relive the memories of your wedding at some later time.

12. Make a Grand Entry

For an Indian wedding, it’s all about having a grand entry for the couple. You can arrange for some interesting entrances that are different from the traditional ones.

Your exquisite entry could be a real fun for you as well as for your guests. You would be astonished to know that there are different castes in India where the entry of the groom is a creative one based on some story and the tradition has been carried for a long time as well.

13. Add some glitter to your Dance Floor

A simple dance floor is not going to entice your guests to start their dance.

Blame it on their fancy footwear! Try out some innovative lightning that will spruce up and enhance the look of the dance floor. You may even add some props for the guests, specifically the kids to enjoy the dancing.

14. Play Different Tunes

Your DJ can create such magic for your guests. Ask him to play different tunes and announce different dance forms for your guests to roll out with the playing music track. Just think how your guests will react when they have to switch from a ball dance to Bhangra in a minute!

15. Put your story on a video

Who could resist the chance to know how you two met and how were you before your wedding? Set up a display of slides or a video that will give a glimpse of both bride’s and groom’s life before they met. It will personalize your wedding and your guests can pass their time while glancing at your pre-wedding life.

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Though arranging for an entertainment at your wedding seems equally enticing, make sure the vendors you are consulting have enough experience in organizing such activities for a wedding.

Explore and browse a lot when you are hiring a DJ or band because these are in abundance in the market. But, choosing a legible one would be a difficult task. So, take your time and do research. Take advice from your friends who are familiar with any such entertainment agency. While choosing a band performer or solo artist try to check out his previous videos, reviews, and feedback to learn about his service quality. You can even plan out to play some specific songs for your ceremony that is liked by your spouse-to-be.

Be open about your budget because investing in such entertaining activities is a pricey matter. Discuss your wedding budget with the agency or individual vendor, whoever you are consulting at the moment. Moreover, in a wedding season, it is very difficult to grab a band or DJ as they are already booked for the day. So make your bookings in advance. If you are already working with a wedding planner, he/she can help you out with some information about the suitable entertainer for your wedding.

Keep your venue in mind because having a lot of entertaining activities can suffocate your venue. Thus, arrange the entertainments as per the space of your venue so that your guests can enjoy effectively. Just think how cluttered it would be if your indoors have a DJ, a karaoke platform as well as a candy station. It is advisable to organize such entertainments when your wedding is arranged in both outdoors and indoors. Spreading out the entertaining activities can bring out the charm of your ambience.

Include the entertainment for all your guests. How can you deprive the kids of having fun when the adults are busy in some other activity?

Marriage is all about celebration and fun. The memories that you create are to be cherished for a lifetime thus, adding a pinch of entertainment could be delightful for your friends and family. Choose your entertainments wisely and make yours the wedding of the year.

15 Ways to Choose the Perfect Venue for your Birthday Party

The first question that comes to your mind when you are about to throw a birthday party is: WHERE. Planning a rather small and intimate birthday party at your house or backyard would not require you to worry about the venue. But, if this is your kid’s 1st birthday or your father’s 50th, you must be making a list of a good number of guests.  With so many guests to accommodate, a suitable venue is of utmost priority. Well of course, when you are calling your guests to some other location, it will be the talk of the town. Thus, you have to choose your venue wisely.

Let us have a deeper look at some of the knacks of picking an appropriate venue for your birthday party.

1. How far is it?

A venue should not be too far from your locality or your town wherever you have decided to throw a party. Calculate the amount of time it would take you to reach there. Besides if you are carrying some things or props of your own, you should reach the venue in advance. Even if your birthday is a local event still you should look out the benefits of booking a banquet hall. But, if your guests are coming from outstation, then a known place would do the trick. Also, consider transportation and traffic of the area where your venue is located. If you are providing invitations to your guests, then laying out the map of the venue would also be helpful.

2. How much space does it have?

Do not choose just on the basis of its backdrop, although it is equally necessary. But, talking about the matter at hand, your venue should have ample space so that you can accommodate a 100 guests under one roof.

If this is some outdoor party, then you need not worry about the seating arrangement. But, for an autumn or winter birthday, when the weather is pretty chilly, an indoor birthday party should be a wise choice. Moreover, having a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests, would comprise of multiple restrooms and parking facilities which you won’t be able to provide at your home.

3. What’s the venue’s stance on catering service?

While you have selected a venue, make sure that the venue has the facility of Birthday Catering. Food is the backbone of any party and with your decided menu, you may even customize the chef’s menu at the location and DIY the foods and drinks easily. Though cake is the show-stopper for every birthday, you may even ask for some Custom cakes as well. Look out for their specialty by asking them to prepare the cakes as per your theme.

While going for a catering service, make sure that you are aware of the price of each and every food. The catering service is equally responsible for the table-top arrangement. A nicely folded napkin and the placing of cutlery is equally impactful when you are planning to throw a dashing birthday party.

4. Will they provide a Party Planner?

Most of the party venues these days provide an event planner who will accompany and advice you at every step of your planning. Besides, if you are a novice in party planning and that too for such a large scale then having a party planner beside you would prove to be of much help.

Party planners are highly experienced and can give your ideas the perfect shape. You may convey and share your opinions and let him execute the decoration with his professional touch. An event planner can also help you with your budget. If you are on a limited budget, then planning for some extravaganza won’t be wise. But, he might bring out the best out of your prescribed budget as well.

5. What about the Birthday Party Decoration?

Just like the food and napkin affects the event’s reputation, the same goes with the decoration. A party without decoration is like an empty shell. Decoration brings about liveliness inside a party.

Nowadays it’s not just about balloons and a “Happy Birthday” sign that can suffice the decoration. Plenty of quirky ideas have been introduced time and again to create a more vibrant environment in a party. The venues today have efficient event planners who can enrich your venue with the likeable entities seen in a party. You may even customize something special and dedicate it to the Birthday Girl/Boy.

A decoration of a venue comprises of different levels. It might include the decoration of the buffet table or a special focal point as well. Some people are more enthusiastic about decorating the entire room or garden or wherever they are about to host.

6. How good is the Parking Facility?

When you have to take in so many guests under one roof, then having an expansive parking facility is a must. Check if your selected venue has a parking lot or valet parking facility?

A venue with such a huge parking facility is a dream because parking for 100 cars just doesn’t seem plausible. For this, you may help out your guests by hiring some multi-parking facility or nearby parking area of others.

7. How is the venue going to handle your Entertainment?

When planning a birthday, do not forget to include some entertainment and fun activities for your guests. If yours is an outdoor party, then have a look at some of the outdoor ideas such as bouncy castles etc.

But, if this is going to be an indoor party, then ask your venue about the type of entertainment they are going to provide. Choose your games intelligently by involving all age groups.

How could you ignore the kids even if this is your grandfather’s birthday? If you have organized a theme, you may orchestrate your games according to it.

8. Will it provide you with all the Required Services?

The modern birthday parties are not just about cakes, gifts, and décor. Ask your venue whether it has an in-house catering service. There are many venues that are in partnership with some outside food vendors.

You should also make sure that the venue has a sound system, audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs and all other amenities that should be part of their event planning service. Asking about these things can save you a lot of money from outsourcing the caterers, games, and any other technical installations.

9. How much is the Cost?

While booking a venue for your occasion, handle your cost issue at first. It would be huge chaos if you have to go into debt for your birthday. Choose the venue which is affordable and has a pleasant backdrop.

Organizing your party at some uptown location can really mess with your pre-defined budget. Don’t pick some over the large venue that can accommodate 500 guests when it is just a matter of 80 guests for you.

10. What kind of Shared or Private space is provided?

A private space is definitely preferable over a shared space since it keeps the intimacy of the occasion intact.

If you go with a shared space option, then you are definitely going to face some interference from the unknown party who are also celebrating over there.

11. What will be the Seating Layout?

Since this, your birthday party, having a theatre style seating would not do at all. Have a look at the floor space of your chosen venue and check whether a banquet style, cabaret style or a family style sitting arrangement would be perfect for you.

If you have to save some space for your dance and DJ, try to avoid too many tables and set up an alternate arrangement that will take less space.

12. What is the Ambience of the Venue?

When you are organizing a birthday party, ambience is one of the crucial factors that you have to consider in earnest. For a summer or spring birthday, an outdoor venue would be great if you are planning to have an evening event.

For a winter birthday party, having an indoor venue arrangement would be a better choice as you cannot just let your guests shiver in this cold!

But, an outdoor venue for a day event is preferable for a winter birthday party as well.

13. Did they have good Acoustics or not?

Acoustic is related to the sound and music which is a necessary part of any party. It is important because your ears are sensitive and precious and you really not to harm them. So it is really important to check whether the speakers are in good condition or not. And the acoustics are not going out and disturbing the neighbourhood or the other people.

14. Are you Flexible with your Venue?

Having an outdoor party in a rainy season would prove disastrous if you don’t have an alternative for your guests. With the accessibility of both indoor and outdoor, you don’t have to worry about the weather if it tries to dampen your outdoor plans.

15. Is your Venue Available?

Do not make this disastrous mistake of assuming that your venue is reserved when it is already booked by someone else for the day. Check out that the venue is available and then make the prior arrangement. If possible you may choose some locations out of your locality if you have plans to throw the party at any other venue.

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15 Differently Styled Banquet Hall Settings for your Event


Banquet halls have emerged as the perfect venue option for any event. Their names are getting synchronized with good food, accommodation, location, and a scintillating ambience that could not be evolved anywhere else. And why not? Advantages of Banquet halls can be easily seen as they are gaining popularity because of their ability to hold every kind of event whether it is your child’s birthday, your pre-wedding ceremony or a simple graduation party. The entire set up of sitting and dining at a banquet is very likable and people get the chance to socialize easily within such a jolly atmosphere.

Banquet halls provide the best site for organizing various events such as:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Pre or Post wedding ceremony
  • Anniversary
  • Bachelorette party
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Farewells or Welcome Ceremony
  • Baby Shower
  • Corporate events like Seminar, Workshop, Lectures, Training etc.
  • Festive Event

So now you have the occasion at your hand and the perfect venue where it is to be hosted, but it is the layout and seating arrangement that is making you confused exceedingly. Let’s have a look at some of the seating arrangements that are suitable for different occasions. Consult your banquet room layout planner and decide on a required arrangement.

  • T-Shaped Style Seating

This seating arrangement is unique and really fun to go on. In this type of seating in the front it will be like a column style and from the middle of that row one straight line will go making the T- shaped seating. It is a fun seating arrangement. You can use it for the gaming purpose. Interacting in this arrangement is not that possible.

This kind of arrangement is just for the gaming and fun purpose and if you want the quirky fun then go for this arrangement.

  • Training Room Style

You can make this seating arrangement more realistic by pairing up with tables or chair attached table. This will remind you of your college days and will surely be great. Going through the memories and the actions which you used to do in the college. Sitting and remembering your days and the lecture room madness will make you feel awesome for sure.

  • Restaurant Seating

This arrangement is best done while the bar or buffet system or during any other event except marriage. It is definitely a great seating arrangement because all will ultimately be able to interact with each other and enjoy together. Eat together. Eating together is a really good gesture as you will come to know each other a lot.

  • Banquet Style Seating

This is the usual style of seating arrangement where the guests are seated around a circular table. This gives them the perfect opportunity to interact with another and every person could see every other person clearly.

This kind of seating arrangement is popular for wedding reception, gala dinners, award ceremonies, Christmas or New Year parties and other informal events. The table is surrounded by 8-10 chairs usually.

  • Cabaret Style Seating

The arrangement is almost similar to banquet style but the chairs do not surround the table completely. They form an arc and the table is opened from one end. This type of arrangement compels the guests to look forward towards the stage. It is basically a reduction in the number of seats and an inefficient use of seating capacity per square foot. This could be more of a stylised seating arrangement for less number of guests. This type of arrangement goes well with events that include presentations, training, gala parties or workshops.

  • Stand Up Reception Arrangement

This is also an excellent style of arrangement that is flexible and movable enough. With the high-boy tables that are scattered around the venue, the guests can freely roam around the entire site without any need to look after their chair.

This type of arrangement is favoured during some dinner parties, cocktail parties, or any festive event followed with a dance session. The tables are high-rise and are covered with floor-length ties to give an ethereal appearance to the table settings.

  • Family Style Seating Arrangement

Also called as the cafeteria style, this is a long table seating arrangement (like the Royals used to setup) with several rows of chairs lining it. This type of arrangement is very pleasant and appealing when you have ample space to accommodate such long tables.

A wedding reception, a dinner party or any gala party for a huge family gathering could be applied to this type of arrangement. Moreover, these types of arrangements make way for more striking photos within such a cosy sitting setup.

  • Theatre Style Sitting

Highly suitable for lectures, performances or seminar, this is one the simplest style of seating arrangement where the chairs are aligned in rows one after other. This type of arrangement is not placed keeping the food distribution in mind. The seats are looking forward towards the front and the attendees face the stage.

This arrangement also uses the floor space efficiently, taking in more number of seats at an event. But, the drawbacks are enough to account for. The guests or the attendees have to push past the others to come out of their seats. No audience interaction takes place as they are not facing each other like the banquet style or stand up reception arrangement offers.

  • Classroom Type Seating Arrangement

As the name suggests, within this type of arrangement the chairs are placed in rows, one behind the other, with the tables in front of them. It is placed in such a manner that there is a walking aisle in between. This is an ideal setup for meetings, lectures, presentations or any formal or corporate event.

The participants have the access to put up their notepads, laptops or any required material on the table. They also have the advantage of having a platform to eat their food. All the chairs are facing forward towards a podium or the speaker. But like the theatre style arrangement, this also offers less interaction among the attendees.

  • U-shape Setup

The seating is in shape of “U” with the tables and chairs arranged in an open-ended manner, all of them facing forward towards the projector screen or podium. This type of arrangement allows the speaker to get into close proximity with the attendees and encourage them in participating and discussion.

Thus, U-shape is better when you need more interaction with your audience. But, the floor space is not used efficiently and the number of seats is reduced. Conferences, Seminars, workshops, and training are better synchronized with such arrangements.

  • Hollow Square Arrangement

The square table that is used for the setup has a hollow centre but unlike U-shape has no open end. Under this type of arrangement, the audience is facing each other.

This type of arrangement is basically used for discussions. Though there is space to have food or taking notes, it cannot be used when a speaker wants to address the occasion. It also reduces the seating capacity and only a few participants are allowed.

  • Boardroom Seating Style

This is somehow a constricted form of hollow square arrangement, where only a single elongated table is used and all the guests are facing inwards towards each other.

There is no option for a speaker or presentation if required. But, the audience can interact among themselves easily. These are basically used for meetings, discussions, interviews, team briefings etc. This style is also known as conference seating style. A maximum of 25-30 members can attend the event.

  • Cocktail Arrangement

This is one of the arrangements that make the best use of the floor space where the guests are free to roam around without any restriction in the movement like that in theatre style seating and classroom-style seating arrangement. Often used for Christmas, New Year or any exhibition, these arrangements create an open space atmosphere, unlike the other seated ones.

Though this type of seating arrangement provides the audience with an enhanced opportunity for interaction, there is a minimal facility for taking rest and eating food.

  • Herringbone Arrangement

This style is similar to the classroom seating arrangement but the rows of chairs and tables are inclined inwards. All these seats are facing towards the podium or the speaker.

Moreover, the facilities are apt for taking notes and even consumption. But, the drawback remains in the movement of the audience as it makes the entry or exit pretty difficult. This arrangement consists of an aisle creating an easy motion for the orator.

This type of arrangement is best suited for conference, lectures, seminars or any formal event that would not require much interaction among the attendees.

  • Horse Shoe Shaped Arrangement

This is just like U-shaped seating style but there are no tables accompanying the chairs. The chairs are arranged in some open-ended configuration where the audience is facing inwards facing the focal point of the event.

This type of arrangement goes well when you are organising some discussions, team briefings, presentations etc. The absence or tables indicate that there is no possibility of taking notes or consumption. But, this is not an efficient use of floor space and thus the number of seats are greatly reduced. The speaker is on an advantage as he could discuss and address the audience personally.

It seems that you are well aware of the types of seating arrangements you could have for your event. But, keep the following things in mind before putting down the layout.

Decide on the shape of the table that are to be used. Whether it is going to be an oval for the banquet style or rectangular for a family-style setting, it entirely depends on you. Make sure you have ample chair to accommodate a maximum number of guests.

If you want to have a separate section for your close friends and family members, set up your tables accordingly. You can mix the cabaret arrangement with your traditional banquet style tables to acknowledge the presence of your dear ones.

Take into account the floor plan while creating your wedding seating or corporate seating chart. With more number of guests arriving for your presentation, you cannot have a Horseshoe seating arrangement for the function!

If your guests are going to overpower the number of seats, then make sure that there is Stand-up reception arrangement as well.

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12 Pre Wedding Preparations for the Groom To Be

The bride always steals the show at  a wedding. The groom often sits there like an important person whom people are too busy to notice. Who keeps them busy? The bride. The wife is slowly claiming her equal space in a marriage. Likewise, it is about time for the groom to claim an equal space at a wedding. For the Indian groom, makeup has been an awkward thing. But with the changing mindset of the Indian man, groom facial and various arrangements made for the groom, pre-wedding preparations are becoming a rage among them.

The Confused Soul

The bride has many people giving her beauty tips and some generous people even gifting her spa sessions and facial kits. But, the groom, on the other hand, doesn’t get noticed. Unless he is the metrosexual man, he will have no idea how to take care of his skin and hair and get ready for his wedding day. Although these days there is a professional wedding makeup for the groom on the wedding, but he needs some pre wedding beauty tips as well. Before the wedding, the groom is all confused. Is this for women? Would that men’s cream actually work? Will using women’s products work? What do I do with the things I have at home? What is all that green and white paste she uses every month? I should’ve paid attention instead of making fun of her ghost face. From getting the perfect wedding accessories to the wedding day dress, a groom is a fighting a mishmash of thoughts to look the best.

Catch it on Time

When a man asks for beauty tips for groom before marriage, he is already too late. He is just freaking out a week before the wedding. But, if you know a friend who could use some groom skin care and beauty tips in the near future, you can be his saviour.

So, if you are a groom to be, trying to look your best for your beautiful bride on your wedding day, or if you are a friend of a nervous groom worried about his appearance, this article is for you.

Top 12 Tips For Early Pre Wedding Preparations

  1. Cut your Hair
  2. Get Manicure & Pedicure Session
  3. Sharp your beard
  4. Showers
  5. Scrubs
  6. Moisturising
  7. Oral Hygiene
  8. Hair Growth
  9. Facial and Body Hair Grooming
  10. Makeup
  11. That Extra Radiance
  12. Lifestyle Changes

If you have started your research well before time, say, there is a month or two left before the wedding, there are many things you can do to look good on your wedding day. You don’t even need to do all of the home remedies listed. But you need to follow all the lifestyle rules given here, at least till the reception, to look your best. So, here we go.

1. Cut your Hair

When your wedding is arriving, you should start taking care of your looks and personality so that you look the best on your special day. So start with your hair and give it a new look, get a haircut. Maybe you are not ready to cut your beloved hair but to look clean and fresh you should definitely do this. Getting a fresh look will make you more confident and this will surprise your bride as well.

2. Get manicure & pedicure session

Not only bride but men grooming is also really important. You have to look fresh and clean and your nails have to look good. Grooming is not only of getting a new look, it is about maintaining your personality. Manicure & pedicure helps you to get rid of the dry and dead skin of your hands and nails and clean them gently. Because while shaking the hands your hand should not feel hard and dry. It should be fresh and smooth. The difference between manicure & pedicure is that manicure is for hands and pedicure is for your feet. Because your feet also need to be fresh and with no odour.

3. Sharp your beard

Nowadays everyone wants to keep the beard but when your wedding is happening just make it sharp with the trimmer. It will give you a fresh and clean look to the face. You face should look bright and fresh and with the heavy beard, it will steal your brightness and maybe your face will look dull and this will affect your pictures and your personality. So keep side your own style a bit and get a new sharp trimmed beard look. So that you can look the best on your wedding.

4. Showers

Showers are simple enough. But if you want to be a well groomed groom, for your bride and for yourself, you need to take showers seriously.

  • Use a loofah to scrub yourself. Use a blue one if you need to feel manly using a scrub. But that doesn’t even matter. What matters is, you need to use something more than your mere hands, and something less than rough wire nets to exfoliate your skin, and thoroughly cleanse it without scratching you all over.
  • Use natural scrubs and some bath salts.
  • Don’t use too much water. It can dry your skin out.
  • Don’t rub your head too hard. Gently massage.
  • Make sure you take a shower every day.

5. Scrubs

Use homemade scrubs. Use besan, with some turmeric. Don’t put a teaspoon of the cooking turmeric powder for heaven’s sake! Get raw turmeric and put it in the mixer with the chana besan (not matar besan) and make a paste with some milk. Lather your whole body in it and wait for it to dry. Scrub yourself while washing it off. If you have dry skin, put some honey or coconut oil in as well.

You don’t even need to use a soap on the days when you do this. Do this once or twice a week. If you feel awkward doing it, you will not care anymore after you see the results!  You will love your skin and will want to go do that again. Make sure you don’t do it more than twice a week though.

6. Moisturising

Unless you have oily skin, use a mild moisturiser in summers and a heavy moisturiser in winter right after your shower If you have dry skin, moisturise your face and lips more than once a day. Make sure your face is clean before you moisturise.

Avoid too many chemicals. Use a good brand of moisturiser before you go to bed. But during the day, use a honey, milk, and banana paste to apply all over your body after a shower. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off just with water. If you have a hairy body, do this before the shower. Else the banana bits will stick to you and that is gross and tiring to remove without soap.

7. Oral Hygiene

You don’t need this tip if you are that super clean dude, but if you are a living example of that hostel boy stereotype, you need to get this loud and clear. Nobody likes yellow teeth. None of our teeth are sparkling white. But one can easily tell normal teeth from the teeth of a person who hardly brushes properly.

Brush your teeth twice daily. Use baking soda to rub on your teeth for a minute after brushing. Scrub your tongue with the back of your brush. If you are man enough to get married, you have to be grown enough to take care of your oral hygiene.

8. Hair Growth

Use castor oil for hair growth. If you want darker eye lashes and eyebrows to be darker or your hairline to be denser, rub castor oil on your head and use a clean ear bud dipped in castor oil to line your eyebrows and lashes. Do this every day and you will notice a boost in hair growth.

Make sure you don’t go to bed with castor oil on though. It is sticky. Also, leaving any oil on for too long could give you pimples. They are painful and ugly. You don’t want them before your wedding. Actually, you don’t want them, ever.

9. Facial and Body Hair Grooming

If you want to style your facial hair differently for the wedding day, try it out at least a month before the day so that you know if you really want it. There should be enough time for the beard and moustache to grow back so that you can restyle it the way you want.

If you want to remove excess body hair before the wedding, don’t go for hair removal creams or even waxing. You might get it wrong and it is painful as hell for thicker hair. As far as your eyebrows are concerned, go to a men’s parlour to get them shaped. But make sure just the stray eyebrow strands are removed. Don’t let the parlour person make it too narrow.

Make sure your body is moisturised. Wet your body, apply a mild soap, or shaving cream on the areas you want to shave. Shave with a good razor. Be careful. Make sure you do this just a day before the wedding. Also make sure you repeat the process the moment some rough hair starts to appear.

10. Makeup

Wedding makeup for groom is supposed to be subtle. Just go for the concealer and slight foundation if you must. The chandan will be there. But that’s it. Don’t allow lipstick. Go for a slightly tinted chap stick instead. You are all set to rock your wedding look beside your beautiful bride. Now people will look at both of you in appreciation.

11. That Extra Radiance

Whenever anybody asks a woman how she got her bridal radiance, she instantly says “it is the haldi from the morning”. But it never really is just that. In fact, she avoids getting too much haldi on her so that it does not leave yellow patches on her beautiful fruit facial treated skin.

Yes, you need a spa or facial treatment for that extra glow to match the shimmer of your wedding attire equally. A face massage once a week will help too. Also, home remedies like papaya extracts helps if done daily for a month or so.

12. Lifestyle Changes

Drink plenty of water every day and reduce smoking for a month and quit it a week before your wedding. If you are already a non-smoker, you are blessed. But if you are a nicotine addict, keep it low for at least these few days.

Have fruits and vegetables. Workout. Do not go for the extreme cardio sets if you are not used to them. Don’t do anything out of your physical capacity. Jog or swim or run for half an hour every day. The increased blood circulation will help your skin glow. You will remain in shape to rock the groom attire on your wedding day.

12 Incredible Benefits of Booking a Banquet Hall for any event

Partying and participating, in any event, is definitely enjoyable. But, organizing a successful event is no small feat to achieve. From planning the guest lists until the day of your function, you are engrossed in the minutest of details so that everything goes perfectly on that day. With lots of friends, relatives, colleagues to attend your event, you would definitely desire an event without any glitch.

But, executing such a mammoth task by oneself is just next to impossible. With the plethora of options available you are bound to get confused and forget a thing or two at the time. Such a malady could be easily solved with the help of banquet halls who not only provide you a fabulous venue but also help you out in managing the event with proficiency.

Check out some of the wonderful advantages of banquet service for any occasion.

  • Quality Granted

Any place we go, we always accept great furniture and properly tested quality of it. In banquet halls, the quality of the furniture is tested every time a new event comes up. They make that their guests get the best quality of furniture and equipment. They are highly trained and fast and they make sure no problem comes to the customer and the event is perfect and amazing. For them, the quality check is one of the most important things.

  • Workflow of Management

The staff working at the banquet hall is highly experienced and is well aware of the hooks and crooks of managing an entire event with perfection. The staff present is trained to work according to the condition and assist you in serving your guests because a well-established banquet hall with a sincere staff is key to a successful event.

The staff at a banquet hall is nimble enough to handle a large crowd with extreme calmness and serenity which is difficult enough when you are organizing the party at home. All the well-established banquet hall have a team of expert staff that can provide wonderful customer service. Moreover, the banquet hall event managers can suggest to you about any latest development and creativity that can add more charm to your event.

  • Easy Catering Service

Obviously, food is the most important part of any event. From snacks to the main course, desserts and drinks, there is a lot of food management that needs to be taken care of.

But, no matter what cuisine you wish for, the in-house catering service is eligible to prepare them. You are free to customize your menu and add the delicacies you wish to serve your guests.

This also saves you a lot of time if you are looking for an outside vendor. Their catering service is entirely reliable as the cooks are all professional and are trained in several cuisines. The staff over there can manage the menu items as per the requirement of the event and the number of guests invited.

Preparing an event-specific menu is their forte and they could help you out perfectly whether it is about selecting a perfect dessert or picking up a wine list.  

  • Customer Service


The customer service is really great at banquet halls. Whenever you are in trouble or some sort of problem comes, the staff will be there to attend you. They will well-dressed and properly in manner and will be standing whole time for your service. They will take your responsibility so that you are tension-free throughout the functions or events.

The help and customer service is really important in any place because it ensures that we are taken care off. And if we got any problem there will be someone to solve it.

  • Decoration

A breath-taking view is what you wish to deliver for your guests in earnest. Banquet Halls have loads of themes and decorative ideas that can bring life to your event.

Lightning styles, colour combinations, buffet arrangement add glamour and enhances the grace. You get to have an array of preferences on designs that go with your budget and is well-suited to your event.

Besides the banquet halls, today have a minimal decoration of their own which could be decked up with the theme or colour of the customer to bring out the ambience he/she is looking for. Banquet halls also provide you the liberty to add your customized themes, props or colours inside the venue. 

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Imagine such a long list of guest at your home! No wonder it gives you chills while imagining the pile of glasses and plates that need cleaning and dumping. Moreover, organizing an occasion will definitely leave your house messy and thousands of places to clean.

But, opting for a banquet hall services will leave you out of this. The cleanliness and maintenance are top-notch inside a banquet hall and they take up the task of ordering out the entire venue before the event. 

  • Budget-Friendly Service

Organizing your event at a banquet hall will explicitly save you a lot of money. The collaborative investment is highly beneficial rather than ordering for separate caterers, event planners, photographers that will sum up to higher cost. Thus, banquet hall gives you all in one go.

You may even get customized service or facilities out of them and that too at a lower cost than the ones you would spend if you have to book separate caterers and decorators for your party. Thus, all you need to do is search and book the perfect hall and be rest assured that all will be done wonderfully. 

  • Huge Accommodation

With a banquet hall, you have the privilege to entertain hundreds of guest under one roof. With the large number of invitations you have mailed, your home is not an ideal place to run an event. With the organized seating arrangements and round the clock service, a banquet hall is more equipped for occasions.

As compared to your homes or any outdoor wedding setup, banquet halls have the advantage of luxurious and modernized bathrooms or washrooms, dressing rooms for the bride and groom, changing room or powder rooms and even vanity parlours to provide a comprehensive facility to the families and friends of both the parties.

Furthermore, having multiple bathrooms is a must when you have to cater the needs of hundreds of guests at a time. With multiple bathrooms, you get to avoid queues and hustle that might happen at your residence.

  • Perfect for Night Event

Having a birthday bash or a bachelorette party at your home means hardcore music and lots of people. The banquet hall can easily solve this problem for you. You get to enjoy your party with full music and entertainment that is not a viable option at your home.

Your neighbours might feel disturbed and you have to adhere to the rules and regulations of your society.

There is no time deadline and you get to enjoy your party in full form without worrying about noise troubles. Sing, dance or play and enjoy your party without getting any disruptions from the neighbourhood. This is one of the crucial reasons that earns banquet halls more credibility than any other venue.

  • Perfect Setting

Want to have a magic show at your child’s birthday party? Looking for some really classy games at your corporate event? All this and much more could be offered to you readily by the banquet hall. These venues have the access to various entertainers and organizers who can create your event more lively and likable.

Let’s not forget the DJs that are a favourite and the attraction for the guests. When you are organizing a summer party, booking a banquet hall for your events would be instrumental in its success. A banquet hall can come up with all the basic amenities of finest quality like air-conditioners, chairs, tables, that bestow a grand picturesque for your guests.

Just make sure that the banquet hall that you are selecting has attractive setup of furniture and table adornments.

  • Location

Pick up a banquet hall that your guests can attend easily. A banquet hall with a good location and parking or valet facility sets a perfect impression on your guests. Look out for the banquet hall that suits the convenience of your guests and they are able to attend easily.

For the outstation guests, banquet halls provide the perfect solution by providing them rooms to stay during the entire event of the wedding or any workshop. This becomes difficult if you have to manage the accommodation at your home. By choosing banquet halls for staying purposes, you will have everything in a uniformed manner and that too at an affordable cost.

  • Secured Environment & Round the Clock Facility

The event managers at a banquet hall are a highly vigilant lot and are aware of all the nooks and corners of the banquet hall. By organizing at their venue, you share the responsibility of organizing the event with those who can take care of any situation in a swift.

Besides, they have a full dexterity of the situation in terms of electricity, water, laundry in case your guests are staying at a banquet hall. Along with this, the banquet halls provide a nice facility of secured parking with full monitoring and surveillance of their property. Just supervise the facilities your chosen banquet hall is providing and whether it befits your requirements or not.

Though locating a banquet hall is not a difficult task, but getting an ideal sized banquet hall is very important for your event so that they do not appear cramped or crowded to your guests. Thus, at times it gets difficult to acquire a venue as you desire. For this, you have to look around a little and find the perfect banquet halls for your event. It might happen that you have to end up with a pricier one in the end. Therefore it is best to start looking for the one in advance so that you don’t have to compromise on price as well as infrastructure in the end.


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Celebrate your 1st Wedding Anniversary in Style with these Fantastic Ideas

The First Anniversary i.e. completion of the first year of your marital life means a lot to both of you. And you are eager enough to share your joy and ecstasy of this day with your friends and family. First Anniversary holds a special meaning in the  life of the couple. It marks the beginning of your togetherness which is a year old but not too old to be considered a milestone. Moreover, you both are together with each other in the ups and downs as well as good or bad days of your marriage. This is a day to celebrate and remember the wonderful moment when you tied the knot. And when you are looking for a grand celebration, then several venues for anniversary party can help you out in preparing for your dashing event ahead.

Go through some of these awesome ideas that you can deploy in your preparations.

Relive your First Date

The first anniversary of your marriage is one of the most beautiful moments which you want to celebrate with your partner in a really different and unique manner. You can Relive your first date. Plan and remember the things when, where and how you met, what you talked about and where you were sitting and talking. Relive the whole time again and just act as if it is happening for the first time. You will feel the same vibe which you felt for the first time.

This will surely make you emotional and you will feel to fall in love again and again with your partner.

Plan a Night out

Another idea is that you can plan a Night out. Go for a long drive, and not just the road trip, choose a place where you can spend the whole night underneath the black skies with full of stars and the bright moon is shining to give you a soothing light. Just take your essentials and move with your partner in the beautiful night like never before. Make an arrangement of candles and when you are sitting under the skylight the candles on that place to make it more romantic. The scented candle will the best choice to try out. You will love the silence of that night anyway.

Pick out some Romantic Theme

A theme would surely add an extra element to your party and will bring more charm to your celebrations. Remember, this is not a regular reunion or get-together among friends. This is a special day and the most important people for this day are you two. Thus, having a personalised theme that depicts your favourites like colour, music etc. seems the best answer to your celebration queries.

Image Source

You may ask the anniversary venues to summon up some event planning checklist to conjure up a catalogue of décor ideas that match your vision of an ideal party. Put up your photos, let’s say beginning from the day you met till a recent photo or make your atmosphere a little cheerful with satiny drapes, fairy lights and pastel colour combo designs. Other than that you can use the theme of your honeymoon to relive the memories.

Plan a Prompt Getaway

Maybe your husband or wife is not in favour of a grand celebration. Then having a romantic getaway would be a great option if your anniversary falls during holiday or weekend. Just browse through some fanciful destinations that couples prefer or take a trip that you have been longing for.

Image Source

This would be a great excuse for both of you to spend some quality time with each other and walk down the memory lane. A beach or a hill station would make for fine locations to have your vacation as well as celebrate anniversary.

How about a Surprise Party

If you have made up your mind in throwing a lavish party and celebrating the day with your family and friends then, celebrate it with a twist. Don’t let your spouse get to know about your plans. Keep it under wraps until the moment you call him or her at the party venue. Just act a little nonchalant about the whole scenario and he or she will be assured that you are not much interested in planning anything.

Image Source

Planning a surprise party would be an ultimate pleasure for both of you. Plan out secretly with your family or friends and you will definitely enjoy the overwhelming joy on his or her face. Plan the required décor for your party venue and gain a vague idea about its splendour.

Design Creative Invitations

These modern times are all about creativity and originality where you may put some extra efforts in developing new and refreshing invitations to call your guests. Give wings to your imagination and pick out some quirky one-liners or fabricate a themed invitation card be it made of paper or a digital one. This will definitely leave an everlasting impression on your guests.  Designs are of numerous variety- you may pick out a floral, rustic or vintage style pattern.

Relive your Treasured Memories

Nothing could be better than reuniting with your old memories on your anniversary. Pick the restaurant where you had your first date or make a visit to the spot where you both spent some special time with each other. Just go back in time and have your dinner at the hotel or restaurant where you gave your reception party. Indulge in your favourite dishes or desserts and head back to home with some new memories.

Chalk Out Menu

While you are planning to have a grand party, make sure that your menu is appropriate to your occasion. Don’t forget the cake and do not discard the Candle mark of No.1 over it. Well of course, when you have decided over a lunch or dinner party then prepare the list as per your wish.

Image Source

Appetizers, salads and desserts seem like an essential food item. Don’t forget the drinks. Cocktails, booze, lemonades and any other preferable drink, add all them in abundance in your party menu.

Take a second Honeymoon

Does your anniversary remind you of your beautiful honeymoon? Then, pack your bags for a second honeymoon. Return to the destination of the first one and revive those romantic moments that you created together. To have a second honeymoon, plan ahead and make reservations as per your preferences.

Entertainments in Galore

As a host of the evening, it is your duty and social manners to keep your guests entertained during the entire course of the event. Make your party interesting with music, dancing and games. Play your wedding video or conduct some contests. This will keep your guests engaged and will be a fun experience for everyone. You can renew your vows and have a small ritual performed at your party. This will be definitely a jovial moment for all.

Do some Social Work

This is an auspicious day for you and your spouse. So, why not add some humble moment by performing some noble deeds for society. This will bring more people into your celebration and you can share your happiness with them. How about arranging a party at some orphanage or distributing food for the homeless and needy person. You will feel more elated with their participation in your merry day.

Plan little Personal Surprises

All the above seems good but you should have your personal moments as well. Give your spouse a rose or some trinket that is close to his or her heart. Rejoice your day with some old movie or setup a candlelight dinner at home.

Things to keep in mind before planning an anniversary party

  • While scouting for venues for an anniversary party, make sure that they are within your budget. No need to opt for some extravaganza because this is your anniversary and not a wedding reception party. Just prepare your guest list and menu item with a precision that are in accord with your budget.
  • While booking a venue, make your reservations with a month or two in advance. This will leave the last minute crisis of searching location and you would be able to arrange for an illustrious party easily.
  • Make your guests list with an exactness. No need to invite a long list of guests like your wedding. Just call your family, close friends or office colleagues who are well aware of your wedding anniversary date.
  • Your weekend anniversary would prove to be a double bonanza if you were planning to have a vacation for a long time. Look out for some of the places you would like to visit and book your tickets to celebrate your anniversary over there.

15 Elegant Outdoor Wedding Venues in Mumbai

Outdoor weddings could never be out of trend. With a charm of its own, outdoor weddings offer a pleasant atmosphere in your ceremonies.  The cool breeze, open skies, lush green grasses are all the captivating elements that compel us to have an outdoor wedding party might be a lawn wedding ceremony or garden wedding party.

Outdoor weddings could be of various types. The lawn, beach, woodland, garden or your backyard are all the perfect venues for an outdoor wedding. But, even banquet halls these days provide an accompanying outdoor setting where couples prefer to host their party. Several outdoor wedding venues in Mumbai provide such type of setting. Have a look at some of the outdoor wedding venues in Mumbai that are mesmerising in every sense.

1. Ramada

Ramada is one of the places which you can’t miss when you are looking for an outdoor venue. It is one of the perfect places in Mumbai, with lush green open surrounding with the fountain running in Between. With the amazing view of Powai and Vihar lakes are really enough to impress you. You can have any kind of function at this beautiful property.

2. Four Points By Sheraton

Great place in Navi Mumbai for the business as well as the normal functions. The open terrace area is so beautiful that this area itself enhances the beauty of this place. With contemporary ambience, this property will surely impress you and the terrace and poolside area will make your wedding functions look marvellous.

3. Celebrations Sports Club

Don’t get confused by the name as this sports club is not all about sports, it has a beautiful banquet hall which will surely make your wedding look like a princess style. The amazing cuisines will really glitter your taste for sure. You can add some fun to your wedding by organising some sports as well in this sports club.

4. The Lalit Mumbai

Time to have some lavish style wedding, at this exquisite luxury property which offers you high ceiling and beautiful ambience. The amazing all weather pool where you can have your amazing poolside party or any other function as you wish too. The music night in Kitty Su will definitely make your wedding party worth it, with an awesome music collection. You can experience the perfect movie night as well.

5. Sahara Star

This amazing hotel will take you in the beautiful forest and greenery, you will be thinking about how? One whole section is converted into a forest area with tall trees, small bridges and amazing greenery all around. And beside it the perfect poolside area, it’s so mesmerizing and beautiful. In the night this place looks like a paradise. The architectural beauty and the décor of this place will surely make your wedding awesome.

6. Exotica- The Tropical Retreat

Perfect for lawn weddings, Exotica is settled amidst the beautiful Yeoor Hills in Thane. The wide expansive ground with a sense of conventionality in its abode, Exotica is popular for its resort facility, multi-cuisine restaurant, and ornamented banquet lawn with established conference hall facilities as well.

Exotica- The Tropical Retreat

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The view of the venue teamed up with delectable meals makes it a remarkable location for your wedding.

7. Cooperage Grounds

Situated in Colaba, Cooperage Grounds provides space to thousands of guests within its lawn area. With a wide ground of 69,000 sq. ft. and three lawns in its territory, a big fat Indian wedding could definitely be organised with ease.

Cooperage Grounds

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Boasting of a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian courses along with all the required amenities within, venue showcases a perfect combination that is required in an Indian wedding.

8. River Winds Resort

Famous for its poolside lawn, the Riverwinds Resort located at Kalyan is a perfect reprieve for those who are looking for some secluded location to host their weddings.

River Winds Resort

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With a modern poolside reception party, expert in-house catering and an open-air environment offer a refreshing atmosphere where your guests can have a grand time around.

9. Novotel

Being in one of the prominent locations in Juhu, this is one of the most sought-after outdoor wedding venues in Mumbai. This is also a poolside venue that will bestow an awesome sunset view to your wedding decorations.


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Luxury at its best, your guests will be in awe of your arrangements with the unparalleled beauty and the tranquillity of the site. With a capacity of more than 500, the view of this hotel embedded beside the Arabian Sea is the golden factor in choosing this as your wedding venue.

10. Tulip Lawns

The essence of an outdoor wedding comes with the name itself. The lush green fields with an airy atmosphere within make it perfect for your outdoor parties. With a huge accommodation of around 2000, huge parking facility, delicious catering and an efficient management, Tulip Lawns is the best choice for a grand wedding of yours.

11. Sun N Sand

With its most convenient location from airport, Sun N Sand is the only beachfront hotel in Mumbai. With a backdrop of the gorgeous pool, it has a great accommodation for around 900 guests. The stunning beaches, lighted palm trees, an outdoor courtyard setting under starlit skies gives the perfect ceremonial vibes one you step into the compound. Imagine just how beautiful it would look when it is your wedding.

12. Juhu Club Millennium

Situated in one of the most stylish suburbs, Juhu Club Millennium is a well-known venue for its Gothic architecture that oozes comfort and luxury in every sense. With 3 large scenic lawns and an accommodation of 3000, Juhu Club Millennium is a perfect entourage for your ‘fat Indian wedding’. Decorated by an old world charm, the chequered floors, gaslight ceiling lamps, and the huge tropical styled terrace, gives your wedding a grand essence. What more? The management team, indoor and outdoor décor with an equally enticing catering service makes it splendidly suitable for your wedding.

13. Supremo Activity Centre

For your big day, Supremo Activity Centre provides a breath-taking venue in the name of décor, size and hospitality. Choose the Maharaja Hall with the huge chandelier drooping from ceilings or the Twinkle Terrace for its colossal capacity. Even the location of the venue is accessible with the venue just a few minutes away from Andheri and Jogeshwari railway station.

14. Della Resort

A lovely and enlightening backdrop, this venue gives a romantic air to your wedding. From the intense decorations to the accommodation, from impeccable catering service to all necessary amenities, Della Resort is popular for its grandiosity in the parties. Elevating your celebrations to astonishing heights, Della Resort holds 3 unique 5-star facilities in its abode. Book your reservations and get ready to host a grand party in this beautiful valley styled resorts that are unique in themselves.

15. Megarugas

Located in Powai, Mumbai, Megarugas is an excellent venue for wedding ceremony. The sprawling grounds and the ceremony held under the sky makes your party much more memorable altogether. This newest structure at the heart of the city is complete with an enchanting décor, manicured lawns, providing an added benefit of clear blue sky to the outdoor weddings. With a capacity of around 1200, Megarugas perfectly fits the title of a grand wedding. Now make a guest list as long as you desire and give yourself the treat of being an exclusive couple.

With so many on the list and so many left behind, Mumbai has a lot to offer in the name of outdoor weddings where the organiser gets the chance to customize the venue in his own style. While you are looking for something bit more creative and exciting, check out the banquet halls given above that have exclusivity of their own. Mumbai being a city of beaches and seas, an outdoor wedding is the preferable option when you are looking for some gorgeous backdrop. With the number of banquet halls in the city, you are never out of the option. Just select the date and traipse around for the first-class banquet hall that will bestow your wedding a stylish panache.


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15 Most Popular Banquet Halls in Kolkata to Organize a Vibrant Ceremony

Weddings are a special event and India being a multi-cultural land, comprises of numerous wedding rituals and rites that are specific to that region or locale. A Bengali wedding is a vibrant ceremony in itself. With a long list of customs, Bengali weddings are much more than what is generally known to people. With grand ceremonies requiring equally grand preparations, wedding venues in Kolkata come equipped with some of the best facilities and décor that will be an instant attraction for any couple. Handpicked are some of the fabulous venues and perfect wedding banquet hall that will rock your show and make a memorable party.

1. JMS Villa & Garden

The venue is really beautiful and it has the tie-up with the caterers and the decorators as well, it is just for knowledge as you can bring your own planner and caterers. This Villa has a big open area with an amazing lawn. All the rooms are air-conditioned and it is really an ideal place if you want your wedding in an open area.

It is located in AJC Bose Road, Kolkata and the closest landmark is Ruby Hospital. The food is really great and you can give your own list of menu.

2. Vedic Village

This amazing place is located in Shikharpur, P.O- Bagu, Rajarhat, Kolkata. This is one of the ideal place in Kolkata. The authorities of this place can give you any kind of wedding theme, whichever you require, this is your day so you have to choose the theme whichever you want on your wedding functions. This incredible village has all the facilities such as spa, sports, dining and world-class facilities. This resort will make you happy for sure!

3. Mangalam Banquets

If you are looking for the cheap banquet halls which you want to have in your budget yet want a little luxury, then this property is perfect for you. This is a mid-sized banquet hall in south Kolkata which can accommodate up to 300 guests easily. There is an open parking space with the complimentary valet at your service.

4. ITC Sonar

The luxury at your feet, ITC Sonar comes in the list of best wedding places in Kolkata, be it the surrounding or the decoration or the food. This place never disappoints you. It will give the best lavish wedding of your life. The Pala which is the indoor wedding area steals your look from its dim lights and beautiful candles. The Sundarban Lawns which is the outdoor venue has an amazing landscape view for the open sir functions.

5. Hyatt Regency

Another place for the lavish wedding is the Hyatt Regency, which is located in Salt Lake City, JA Block, Sector 3, Kolkata. It has two amazing venue areas, one is the poolside where you can have your wedding as well as the cocktail parties and relax a bit. The other area is the Palatial end, called Regency ballroom. It has the open terrace area as well. The decoration of the place is really beautiful and awesome.

6. HHI Kolkata

Located on Bhowanipore in Kolkata, HHI Kolkata bestows an altogether different level of grandeur to your wedding reception parties. Being one of the classic banquet halls in Kolkata with a splendid sparkling atmosphere within its abode, the banquet hall boasts of total 8 halls with an accommodation of 300 people.

HHI Kolkata

Image Source

And not just for weddings. HHI Kolkata being fully air-conditioned is well endorsed with all the modern amenities that are required in running a successful corporate event.

7. Ivory Banquets

Situated in Salt Lake City, Ivory banquets is a reputed banquet hall in the name of luxury and extravaganza. With differently styled banquet hall settings and a mammoth seating arrangement of 700, Ivory Banquets are an excellent location to host all pre and post wedding parties with relish.

Ivory Banquets

Image Source

A multi-cuisine food structure with an unmatched interior décor is a medley of rusticity and modernity over a serene backdrop. The muted colours of the interior are beneficial for the parties to customize the venue in their themes.

8. The Peerless Inn

Located in New Market Area, The Peerless Inn showcases the opulence of your wedding to its best. Being acquainted with a Bengali wedding style, the Peerless Inn can enhance the rich Bong culture with its gleaming architecture and impeccable hospitality.

The Peerless Inn

Image Source

Situated on a 45 minutes’ drive from Kolkata Airport, Peerless Inn comprises of 4 banquet hall with a maximum capacity of 400. Now enjoy a grand party or a smaller one at one of these banquets.

9. Mayfair Banquets

Unmatched beauty of interiors, huge halls, celestial ceilings, gorgeous canopied structure, well-lit chandeliers, majestic dining area, ethereal entrance and green expansive lawns are all the charms and spells of Mayfair banquets that make an irresistible combo for the party organisers. What more? With 3 halls and a lawn, it has the capacity of around 1200 people in its setting.

10. Pipal Tree Hotel

Party Extraordinaire! Yes, that’s a title your wedding gets when its’ organised in the radiant halls of Pipal Tree. The artistic furnishings, elaborate and draped ceilings, majestic chandeliers and family style seating arrangement, will make itself your choice of venue at first glance.

Pipal Tree Hotel

Image Source

Organise a cocktail party with your friends or have your wedding reception within, with as much grandeur as you desire with a comfortable accommodation of 500 guests at a time.

11. Park Plaza

At 1st lane, Ballygunge, this fully air-conditioned grand banquet hall in Kolkata can comfortably accommodate a crowd of 600 people under its wing. The intricately designed ceiling tops with a complimenting shade of colours, doesn’t require much of any additional decoration. Its wide expansive space with a generous seating arrangement paves way for a smooth interaction among your guests.

12. Club Verde Vista

Its two well-built banquet halls with modern chic and energizing décor stem up the spirit in your wedding ceremony with vigour. The adjoining lawn area makes way for some lively outdoor ceremonies as well and that’s not all. Break the stereotype of indoor and outdoor, you can arrange your rituals on loft or the rooftop space. With a humongous capacity of 1200, Club Verde Vista is definitely on the list of prominent wedding venues in Kolkata.

13. Swissôtel

On a fashionable location at New Town Rajarghat, Swissôtel is a 5-star hotel with all the affluent features that you desire in your weddings. Now throw your fairytale wedding in a ritzy style and stupor and give your guests a party to remember for the lifetime. With an outstanding indoor décor, Swissôtel has an equally striking décor outside. With a guest capacity of over 700 and comfortable seating arrangement, the banquet hall will prove to be a perfect choice for each of your ceremonies.

14. Hotel The Sojourn

Known as the premier business hotel in the Salt Lake City of Kolkata, Hotel The Sojourn gives an invigorating experience within its banquet hall through an austere décor. With a seating capacity of 100, this will be the best banquet hall for all your pre or post wedding ceremonies. And not just this, but the multi-cuisine facility from the talented in-house chefs are like an add-on charm for your event.

15. OYO The Circle

Among the panel of reputed banquet halls in Kolkata, The Circle is truly a magnificent venue situated at Circle Club. The wooden interiors, cabaret-style arrangements, plush dining area, great entertainment are all the factors that make this a favourite of many natives as well as outstation guests. Besides, the pool outside, the venue is a perfect excuse for a pool side reception party during winters. Moreover, the capacity of 150 guests gives you the chance to throw a sumptuous party for your family and friends. Picking up this banquet hall would be a budget-friendly investment but with all the required luxury.

Whether it is any of the metropolitan cities, say Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata, the expense of banquet hall and a wedding remains the same. With modern couples looking for something new and trendy in their wedding party décor as well as amenities, the banquet halls in Kolkata offer great services, with all the glam and glitz that are essential in today’s modernised wedding celebrations. So, brace yourself and look around for the perfect banquet hall that suits all your party demands and preserves your party status in full vogue. Now, go ahead and reserve any of the above banquet halls for your wedding.


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