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Your big day of dreams is ahead of you. You cannot wait to make it official. Family and friends, all are excited to be a part of your day. You want your wedding to be perfectly designed. Weddings are about many intangible moments. A successful wedding celebration depends upon the choices you make. In between tons of things, you are required to filter the ‘wedding space.’ The wedding venue is the most crucial element which requires careful attention.

So, before you, both say, ”we do,” make a wise choice and choose a perfect hall to impress all. Below are a few steps which will guide you to make a stress free plan.

1. Define your budget

Wedding planning comes with a lot of excitement. Add to the excitement by pre-planning the events. Weddings are all about various fun events. Map out the elements and list a budget. Pen down the intricate elements ‘decoration’, ‘food,’ ‘stay’ and ‘photography.’ An indoor banquet hall is perfect for a ‘winter wedding.’

Budgeting can assist you in choosing a fabulous venue with great service. Budget means an approximation of expenses that are allowed on each occasion. Firstly, know the maximum amount you can spend. Secondly, decide the location where functions have to occur. Thirdly, look for online offers available in different wedding halls. To check the offers you can always talk to specialists. Finally, choose the best option within your budget.

2. Evaluate the location

Location is an essential aspect while finalizing the wedding venue. The location should have ample space for organizing various small and big events. For a local wedding, choose a space which is easily reachable and accessible for the guests.

The location should possess ample parking space. Most of the time venue booking is done without studying the locations. One needs to visit the site before finalizing the location to host an event.

Check wedding service providers who offer a variety of venues with best locations. You’ll get ‘Hotels,’ ‘Banquets’ and ‘Marriage halls’ which provide explicit catering and accommodation services. The staff is equipped with ready-to-use solutions for each complex need. The online specialist schedule meetings, so you can visit the site personally.

Always select a wedding banquet hall which has the following facilities:

  • Approachable venues which are located nearby posh areas.
  • The Management Reserves ample parking space
  • The Venue can be located via GPS for local travellers
  • Provides accommodation and extra rooms for single or group stay
  • Various cuisines and food items are available as per the request

3. Conduct proper research

You might have googled “how to choose a wedding banquet hall’ hundreds of time.

Why not make the best use of technology? Solutions are just a few clicks away!  You always look for ‘ratings’ and ‘reviews’ while ordering food online.  Don’t you?  Then why not use this superpower and check the actual reviews and ratings of wedding venues?

Banquet halls illustrated online have customer reviews and ratings. Most of them are genuine and can be relied upon. Based on these votes, you can check the authenticity of the venue and know about their hosting service.

4. Ask for an expert opinion

There is a various dedicated website which allows you to book hotels and banquets online. You can always talk to the representative and ask a couple of questions.

The specialists will help you book the banquet at the most affordable rates. You will be provided with a tailor-made solution as per your requirements.

Seems easy right!

Let’s walk you through a set of questionnaire that will help you discover your needs for an ideal wedding function.

  • The availability of the venue for your wedding date.
  • Does that date require a pre-booking?
  • You can always ask for suggestions and flexibility of options.
  • Discount available for different seasons
  • The duration for which the venue can be used(Number of Hours)
  • Additional amount required for extending the hours
  • In-house and Additional facilities provided

5. Decide on the theme of your wedding

Your wedding arrangements will be a piece of cake, once you do theme finalization. A theme gives the wedding a frame which leads to further decorations including lights, and flowers. Wedding theme could be ‘Traditional,’ ‘Fusion’ ‘Rustic’ or ‘Royal.’ Choose Banquet halls which incorporate various themes, so you are left with options.

  • The traditional wedding theme: It is all about, idols, flowers, and mystic backdrop. Instrumental music like shehnai with a tinge of the flute is heavenly. Food is served in traditional style. For a traditional style wedding, less is more. It easily blends with the ambiance and style.
  • Royal wedding theme: Colours play a vital role, the shade of red is given more importance. A royal theme is for those who want their wedding to be glamorous. They want special arrangements just like the royalties. A royal theme is made grand with ‘candles,’ ‘chandeliers,’ ‘folk dancers,’ ‘traditional music,’ ‘art and crafts.’ Life effects make this theme unforgettable. Mannequins and artifacts add glitter to the Regal Ambiance.
  • The flower theme: Another spectacular theme for the perfect wedding is “Flower Theme.” The entrance is decorated with flowers. Different Colour tones, orchids, roses add a magical touch. With fragrance all around a flower, theme enlightens soul with happiness and calm. The ambiance turns pious with embellishments, mirrors, and flowy curtains. This theme is more about simplicity and charm.

6. Evaluate the wedding banquet hall

For evaluating the wedding venue, here is a checklist for you:

  • Catering services: Always choose Banquets with affordable catering services and unconventional food choices. The bespoke menu includes Multi Cuisine like Continental, Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, Indian. Food served is known for purity and quality. The food served is so good that its taste will linger on mind for years. You can always ask for customized decorated fruit corners. Drinks, cocktails, can be arranged on demand.  Any celebration is incomplete with those sumptuous sweets. The catering staff equally manages to serve delectable treats to satisfy all the cravings.
  • Size of the hall:  A wedding is incomplete without guests.  Music, chit chats, dances, set the celebration mood. So, whether it is mehendi, sangeet or shagan, ample space is required for fun. You can always choose banquets which can accommodate your guests easily. There are wedding banquets and marriage halls for different types of gathering. Some venues have a capacity of serving more than 600 guests. So, Regardless of the size of the gathering, a suitable banquet can be arranged. However, the selection priority should be a picturesque backdrop, food, and accommodation.
  • Additional Services: Additional services include valet parking, Wedding DJ, Tattoo Artists, Dancers, Bridal Makeup and more. Leading Banquet chains have online specialists who take care of additional service bookings. So, utilize their resourceful networks to get more facilities.
  • Safety Measures: When a lot of people are involved in a chaotic environment, things can go wrong. To keep the mishaps at bay, there are venues with appropriate safety measures. So, you can be at peace of mind. First aid, fire safety, and emergency services are always on the standby. Emergency power backup in case of unwanted power cuts is an additional facility. CCTV cameras are also allocated in the function zone for venue safety.

7. Check for backup plans:

Backup plans make an event better even under irregularities. The biggest problems which arise during a wedding event is the unexpected rise in the number of guests. Wedding specialists counter all big or small challenges. Arrangements include room for backup facilities. Arranging extra food, extra parking space or even additional rooms is never a challenge.

Customization services are also available. Sometimes couples want a personal touch in their wedding. The team designs wedding themes for those who have exquisite tastes.

8. Book it well in advance

Last-minute bookings may lead to compromises. Once you have your wedding date, go ahead with pre-bookings. The availability of banquet halls may vary depending upon the peak season demand.

To be on track, six-month prior booking is recommended. You might end up losing great deals. Those who are looking for top-notch service should not wait. Sought out wedding days called ‘lagan’ are always expensive.  If booked in advance you’ll be able to save a lot.

9. Know your guest’s profile

Transportation, and stay have always been a matter of chaos. It is essential to know your guest’s profiles. If it is a local gathering, guest uses their conveyance. All they will need is a ‘safe parking space.’ For outstation guests, pick and drop facility is a must.

Make a rough count of locals and outstation attendees. Handover the list to the specialist. And yes, don’t hesitate to take their favour. Banquets and wedding halls have facilities for transportation, parking, and accommodations for guests. Guests can also utilize the shuttle facility to reach venue on-time.

With a clear guest profile, the staff will go the extra mile for making travel related logistics.

So, forget the hassle!

10. Availability of the services

Looking for Bridal makeup, Mehndi, Ceremonial rites?

Brides can avail the best makeup and tattoo artist services which are attached to wedding venues. The professional photographer can be hired to capture candid moments. “Entertainment” adds more zeal to the event.

So, why not arrange a folk dance or a puppet show?

Wow your guests by enhancing the entertainment quotient with these inclusions;

  • Photo Booth: Photo Booths are trending these days. Use photo props, so the photographer gets some amazing shots. Ask your guests to join and enthral them with fun activities.
  • Magic show: Magicians can impress the guests with certain card tricks.
  • Folk Dancers: Rajasthani folk dancers performing ghoomar are popular these days. A Rajasthani wedding theme with folk dancers performance is treated to watch.
  • Bhangra: Bhangra dance form is a typical wedding thing. Groom’s friend can join the troop matching their steps with artists.
  • Tattoo Artist: Just like henna, Tattoos are cool funky elements of events. Small girls and bride’s friends love to have tattoo designs on their hands.
  • Cocktail Corner: Wedding is evening celebrations. Guests love to chill and groove on the music beats with some cocktail shots. A special dedicated cocktail corner will just solve the purpose.

Leading Banquet halls make sure that your guests remain captivated with full-on entertainment. Ask the specialists for customizing wedding packages which include entertainment features. Put a tick on the ideas and start following it to get the best one. So start getting ready and list the best Hall before it is too late!


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