Best Time To Visit Kolkata-the City Of Joy

Kolkata winters (October- March)

Thanks to its winding busy lanes, amazing food joints, colonial style architectures and bustling markets, Kolkata is popularly known as the City of Joy! The Hooghly Bridge is of course a major tourist attraction in Kolkata and no one who visits the city misses it. Weather in Kolkata is mostly tropical and kind of ‘neither-hot-nor-cold.’ Autumn welcomes you with the season of felicity and festivities. All the assiduous preparations for the upcoming Durga Puja take place with thrills. The entire city is decked up like a bride that will ignite the spark in you. The people are warm here and always ready to help.

Summers can be a bit harsh if you’re not prepared with blocks of sunscreens and water bottles. However, things become better again when its monsoon. However, heavy thunder showers can spoil your tour schedule. If you are wondering what will be the best time to visit Kolkata, post monsoons might be ideal. Nevertheless, Kolkata will host you at its best at whichever-o-clock around the year. Here is a detailed look at what you can explore and what you can do in Kolkata, in every season.

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Kolkata winters (October- March)

As the temperature hovers between 17 and 25 degree Celsius, this season sees aplenty travellers and tourists in Kolkata. The hustle and bustles of the central city might put you on the seat of dismay, however, the soothing breeze in the evenings is ideal for relaxing along with a hot cup of chai.

These are a few places that you can pay a visit to during your stay at this point in time.

  • The Indian Museum– If you are a history buff, do explore this architecturally amazing place in the city of joy. This place is a treat for those who have a thing for fossils, antiques, armours dating back to 11 B.C. It has galleries decked with Mughal era paintings and Egyptian mummies, about 4000 odd years back.
  • The Gangasagar– Are you looking for a spiritual getaway in your life? Well, then this place has heard your summons. This is geographically the confluence of holy Ganga and the Bay of Bengal. Every year around Makar Sankranti, thousands of pilgrims flock here to take in a dip in the holy Ganges to wipe away their sins. Of much religious importance, this is one of the places that you can check out if you have ventured into Kolkata in the winters. From Kolkata, it would take roughly 4.5 to 5 hours via road to reach this place. Public transport in Kolkata is never an issue, as you can always get a bus or auto in this state.
  • Shantiniketan – This was once the famous abode of Rabindranath Tagore, pride of Indians and Bengalis, and Shantiniketan is a beautiful retreat away from the bustle of the city. Like the name suggests, this city brims with peace, serenity and a rich culture. Poush Mela is a must explore festival here in winter. It is entirely dedicated to welcoming the spring in this little heart of the town. Just a couple of kilometres away from Kolkata, Shantiniketan is well-known for its peaceful and nature-friendly environment. It is during these months that Kolkata witnesses the grandeur of Laxmi Puja and Kali Puja, wherein, fireworks and lanterns make for an unforgettable sight. For New Year’s Eve, the city impresses with the beautifully lit  St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Sundarban National Sanctuary– If you are a nature lover, Kolkata has something for you too. You can avail the breathtaking Tiger Safaris in Sundarban and spend a great time admiring the mangrove trees and gently flowing waters. By booking an island resort, you can enjoy the thrills that Sundarban brings you and have a wonderful time digging into freshly caught fishes and crabs. Also, during winters, Kolkata hosts Asia’s largest book fair that attracts countless bibliophiles from across the globe.

Kolkata Monsoons (June –September)

Kolkata Monsoons (June –September)

Boon or bane- Kolkata receives heavy rainfall every year. It is difficult to conduct daily commutations in such conditions. Also, it reaches the highest peak of humidity during these days. Sometimes heavy lashes of rain turn the place into a quagmire with mud clad roads. While the temperature hovers around 28 to 35 degree Celsius, evenings are considered way more pleasant than the day. Nonetheless, touring Kolkata in monsoons is not really recommended but it can be your go-to place if you’re planning a tour on a budget.

  • Victoria Memorial – One of the best places to visit in Kolkata during the monsoons has to be this memorial. It takes you back to the British colonial era with the colossal white marble structure, manicured grounds and elegant gates. The exquisite architecture with tan angel on top of the central dome is picture perfect. You will find many small food joints and street hawkers selling tasty snacks around this place too.
  • Ajodhya Hills – If you have an imaginary ‘picture perfect’ in your head, Ajodhya Hills is where it comes true. It is a place where rainforests, valleys, and amazing biodiversity join hands. Presence of waterfalls and lakes is like a cherry on top. The Bamhi falls is the star attraction here and very beautiful. Especially if you’re a bird lover, this is all you need. The second before the sun hits the horizon, you see swarms of birds flying across the blue sky in herds. You will undoubtedly feel one with nature at such moments.

Kolkata summers (April – June)

Kolkata summers (April - June)

Summers in Kolkata are again not the best time for a tour. This is that time of the year that brings scorching heat, high levels of humidity and unsettling perspiration. Due to the city’s coastal location and Hooghly Bridge’s proximity, the weather can get unbearable as the summer progresses. The temperature can go as high as 30 to 45 degree Celsius. Always remember to carry your umbrella, shades and sunscreen to protect yourself from tan and the heat if you are in Kolkata in summer. Despite the aforementioned, these are a few delights that you can experience during this season.

  • Belur Math– Regarded as an international central station to the mission of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, this is also one of the best places to visit near Kolkata. One can explore their spiritual side over here. This is a perfect place to meditate, feel at peace and connect with the Almighty. It has also come up with a concept of museums that has an eclectic collection of the daily things that were used by Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Regular prayer hours and consequent spiritual teachings through recitation take place in the shrines of the Math which can be attended by visitors. One can easily reach Belur math from Kolkata. It will take maximum one hour via road to reach this place. You can avail public transport or even take a cab, whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Park Street – This stylish, busy and yet charming street is one of the best tourist places to visit in Kolkata. This street never sleeps and is open to tourists’ whole long year. It is also one of the best places in Kolkata to explore if you are a foodie, as you will find everything from Chinese and Continental cuisines to traditional Indian and even experimental dishes. From high-end restaurants to simple yet cosy ones, you will find all kinds here. In summers, you can dive right into the sizzling cocktails that are served best in these streets at a real nominal price. The name of the street on an official note is Mother Teresa Sarani, dedicated to Mother Teresa. Again Park Street is well connected, so reaching this place is very easy.
  • Princep Ghat – It is known as one of the oldest spots for recreational activities in the city. This is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata if you have a soft corner for architecture. It is situated on the banks of river Hooghly and dedicated to James Princep for this innate skill of deciphering inscriptions from the Ashoka era. If you’re on a group tour, you can revel in the glorious landscapes and pathways situated in this Ghat. You can also enjoy brisk jogging here, while relishing the sunrise and sunsets. To end your day, you can take a boat ride which is extremely refreshing and one of the most calming effects that you can wish for. All types of local Bengal cuisines are available at the food stalls and outlets here. Since it is a well-known tourist spot, you will not find any difficulty in reaching this place. Local trains, bus, and metro are available at your fingertips.
  • Nicco Park – Beat the summer waves by hitting this amusement park. It has some of the most entertaining water rides as well as whirling roller coasters on the go. Tagged as the Disneyland in Kolkata, this place sees huge masses of people from all over. You need to be careful to enjoy these rides in the heat, but then when it comes to adventure, who takes a backseat? It is also cool for casual family picnics or boating that can help you unwind and relax. People of all ages flock here despite the heat and crowd. You can also enjoy the sumptuous cuisines that are prepared in the park. It is no doubt one of the best places in Kolkata to visit for a fun day. If you pay a visit, never forget to see the Cave Ride for sure. Its location advantage makes it simple to navigate from the central city in no time. Plan it out with your best buddies or family.

Now that you have an idea about the year-round climate in Kolkata and the places where you can pay a visit, so why wait? Book your hotel right away for Kolkata trip before you lose out on the best offers. The city of joy is waiting to thrill you with the best medley of art, culture and gastronomic delight. Happy journey!

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