September 17th, 2016 by Abhijit Chakraborty

Everyone knows what it is that drives tourists from all over the world to Goa. However, is there something people usually miss out on? Baga, Anjuna, Vagator and Calangute are the beaches of Goa that makes its nightlife so popular. But Goa is not just about an exciting and adventurous time; it is a beautiful place that has much more to offer.

OYO has compiled a list of the seven of the best-unexplored beaches of Goa, and now is the perfect time to head to Goa, thanks to its beautiful weather, relatively quieter beaches, and relatively inexpensive costs of travel and experiences.

17 Unexplored Beaches of Goa

  1. Agonda
  2. Betalbatim
  3. Arossim
  4. Ashwem
  5. Mandrem
  6. Small Vagator
  7. Cola
  8. Kakolem Beach
  9. Kakolem Beach
  10. Butterfly Beach
  11. Betul Beach
  12. Hollant Beach
  13. Arambol Beach
  14. Velsao Beach
  15. Siridao Beach
  16. Siridao Beach
  17. Sinquerim Beach


Agonda, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

Agonda Beach (Click Here to see nearby OYOs)

This beach is next to one of Goa’s most populous villages, Agonda. It is largely non-commercial and thus, has a distraction-free environment. It is a quiet and clean beach, which is so peaceful that it seems surreal.

St. Anne's Church
St. Anne’s Church

St. Anne’s Church is right next to the beach, and it is a perfectly maintained tourist spot. It is one of the four nesting sites for Olive Ridley turtles, which can only be found during the month of September.

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Betalbatim, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

Betalbatim Beach- One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa (Click Here to see nearby OYOs)

Close to Colva beach in South Goa, this is a relatively unexplored place in Goa. It is clean and pristine because it is less commercial. The beach has very few resorts and is largely secluded. There is a small tributary that opens up right on the beach, making it a unique place that needs to be seen.

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We would recommend that you take a stroll from the main road, along the sandy narrow path which is surrounded by coconut and palm trees, to appreciate the complete beauty of this place.


Arossim Beach, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa
Arossim Beach (Click here to see nearby OYOs)

It is one of the remote and secluded beaches of Goa and cannot be so found easily. But that is what makes the entire experience worth it. It is a must visit if you want some time to yourself.

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The beach slopes into the sea gently, which makes it a great spot for swimming too. With white sands, a clean and spotless coast, and warm surf; Arossim is nothing short of heaven.


Ashwem Beach, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

Ashwem Beach (Click Here to see nearby OYOs)

It is one part of the twin beaches, Ashwem Morjim; and the other one is also quite uncharted. It has a vast and expansive terrain that seems to go on and on forever. It is perfect for a peaceful leisure time, for just lying down and relaxing or sunbathing.

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The drive along the beach is perfectly calm, green and scenic. Locals catch crabs along the rocky parts of the shore, which is an interesting activity to observe.


Mandrem Beach, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa
Mandrem Beach (Click here to see nearby OYOs)

The beach has areas of sparkling white sand, along a flat surface. It is one of the most serene beaches Goa has to offer. Right next to the beach is a lake which has a wooden bridge across it. It is surrounded by palm trees, making it not only beautiful and scenic but a peaceful and spiritual spot.

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Small Vagator

Small Vagator Beach, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

Small Vagator Beach- One of the unexplored places in Goa (Click Here to see nearby OYOs)

North of Anjuna and South of Vagator, this beach is as secluded as it is unexplored. It can be easily reached by walking down a steep hill. The beach is comparatively less crowded than the other beaches that surround it, and thus, is more enjoyable.

Small Vagator, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

There is a skillfully carved Shiva statue transformed out of rock on the beach, and it is one of those sights that you should not miss out.

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Cola Beach, One of the Unexplored Beaches in Goa

Cola Beach (Click Here to see nearby OYOs)

Cola beach is nothing short of a paradise, with a lagoon on one side and a beautiful beach on the other. It is one of the most untouched and unexplored places in Goa, and we wonder why. It is a calm and peaceful place where one can stay for hours on end without being disturbed.

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Kakolem Beach

Kakolem Beach, which is also known as Tiger Beach, is a small beach cove and is also one of
the most secluded beaches in Goa. Located in a cove, it lies in the south of Cabo de Rama beach.
Because the beach is so secluded, the scenic beauty here is jaw dropping, with miles of pristine
water untainted by pollution. One can reach the beach by driving along the NH66 towards Cola
village. Reaching the beach itself is quite an adventure, because it takes one through narrow
meandering steps to reach the cove. One can also rent a boat to get here which is also quite an

Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beach is located about 37 km from Margao, towards the north of Palolem beach
and is also vastly unexplored by tourists. The waters here are crystal clear and the beach lies just
by a forest, which also provides ample scope for exploration, without being intimidating at all.
The forest takes about 2 hours to trek through. One can take a short ride from Agonda or Palolem
to come here. You will have quite an experience when you break through the forest and the sea
comes into view all of a sudden.

Galgibaga Beach

If you have always wanted to see the Olive Ridley turtles, then this is the best place to see them
as the Galgibaga beach is a nesting and hatching site for this endangered species. The beach lies
about 18 km away from Canacona and apart from a few beach shacks selling local delicacies, the
beach is largely secluded. It is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, or when you are
looking for a space to contemplate. The beach is considered to be the cleanest in Goa. However,
because the food options are limited here, it would be good if you carry packed lunches. If there
are children traveling with you, it would be most educational for them to see the turtle reserve for
Olive Ridley turtles.

Betul Beach

The Betul Beach is a popular fishing beach in Goa and is about 18 km away from Margao. The
beach is very cool and calm and has none of the chaos of regular fishing villages, which is why it
is so peaceful to visit here. One can however, only reach the beach by taking a Cavelossim-
Assolna ferry from Morbor beach that will take you across the Sal River. The main attraction
here is the 17 th century fort in the Canaguinin beach. You can also try out fishing yourself here,
or go home packing affordable cheap food by buying the fresh catch from the locals. The local
restaurants here will also give you a real treat.

Hollant Beach

Hollant or Issorcim Beach is actually located close to Bogmalo Beach and is one of the best
unexplored beaches of Goa. The bay here is an extended stretch of shallow water and provides
great visual treat, as well as easy swimming for non- swimmers. Some parts of the beach are
rocky though, but they are mostly used to anchor fishing boats. The beach has some very good
local eateries, making seafood to die for. One of the principal attractions here is the chapel where
the traditional feast for Three Kings is celebrated each year in the 6 th of January. The calm waters
of the beach are sure to revive a tired soul.

Arambol Beach

The Arambol beach is famous for its perfect spots that lend themselves beautifully for barbeque
evenings. The cliffs along the beaches make the perfect background for photography. The beach
is a must visit for those who love to swim in the sea waters and this beach in particular has a very
bohemian vibe. In fact, with its eclectic mix of restaurants, good places to stay, calm waters and
beautiful scenery, you might not even want to visit any other beach, especially if you are on a
short trip. The smaller beach here has freshwater thermals and the yoga and meditation sessions
here are just what you need to rejuvenate yourself.

Velsao Beach

The Velsao Beach is located north of the very well-known Majorda and Colva beach in South
Goa and is Goa’s one of best kept secrets. Not many tourists know about it and those who do
visit are greeted by flocks of birds and a lifeguard. The beach is considered safe for swimming

and the countryside around the beach is perfect for a long drive. One can reach this little beach
via Bogmalo, Colva or by the Majorda beach. The water here is very warm and instantly gives
you a fuzzy feeling when you take a dip.

Siridao Beach

The Siridao beach lies very close to the Zuari river estuary and is only 12 km away from the Goa
capital of Panjim. The beach has spectacular sights to offer with its scattered rocks and cliffs, and
sandy strips in between. The Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth is the most popular attraction here.
Many oyster and pearl shells wash ashore and they are a principal attraction. One can also
explore the caves by the beach and gives ample opportunity for little adventures.

Sinquerim Beach

The Sinquerim Beach is located very close to the Fort Aguada and is only 13 km from Panaji.
The sunset views from the beach are mesmerizing and there are also a number of luxury resorts
by the beach which will give you and your family a great stay option. The beach is comprised of
soft sands, which is great for taking long walks. The restaurants here serve a variety of cuisines,
and of course, delectable sea food. There are also provisions for scuba diving and water skiing to
be found here, along with fishing, wind surfing and other activities.

Where to Stay near Goa Beaches:

You can find a number of options to stay near the unexplored beaches of Goa and there are a
number of Oyo hotels you can choose from, which you can book through the Oyo app. You can
choose your hotels based on their distance from the beach or according to the kind of food you
like. Most of the hotels will also make arrangements for your transportation for local sightseeing.

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