September 19th, 2016 by Abhijit Chakraborty

Mansi and Tariq have been going on a trip to Goa for five straight years, and we had to know what it is that attracts them to the place. Goa is the obvious choice for most of us because of its wonderful beaches and amazing food. But for this couple, the breezy, cool and calm weather is what makes it the perfect vacation spot.

“Every place is less crowded this time of the year and the beaches look much more beautiful than usual,” says Mansi.


Goa is not just a vacation spot, it is an experience, because there is always so much to do and so many places to see. Chapora Fort and Vagator Beach were their usual places to go to, but now they are looking to explore South Goa. So even if they have been coming to Goa every year, they still have many things to check off of their bucket list.


The holiday in Goa was a couples’ retreat in the beginning. And now it has become a family vacation with a young child, Zavian, they have to take care of. “A trip to Goa can be tailor-made to fit into whatever expectations one has,” Mansi and Tariq tell us, “that’s the flexibility of this experience.”

Family taking a selfie at the Fisherman's Wharf, Cavelossim

Off season Goa is the attraction for them, and they choose it specifically every year. The occasional but heavy rainfall lights up the entire state in beautiful green colors, but it does nothing to stop their plans.

Since their vacation has become more about relaxation, they now opt for relaxing and leisurely stay options. OYO makes their stay in Goa much more affordable, convenient and fun than usual. OYO Premium Colva Betalbatim Beach, where they stayed this year, is one of the most beautiful hotels on the beach among all hotels in Goa.

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Tarik, Mansi and Zavian in the pool in OYO Premium Colva Betalba

With a young child who prefers the indoors pool over the beach, the OYO Premium was really enjoyable. They plan their vacation in monsoon, and it is accompanied by heavy rainfall on occasions, which makes comfortable accommodation a must. Their goals of an adventurous vacation have altered over the years, and now they want to relax by the beach, go swimming and taste some yummy seafood.

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Tourism in Goa is so well developed that even if their vacation is repetitive, the experience is unique every year. And the things to do in Goa are almost never-ending. From a couple’s  trip to Goa, Tariq and Mansi have seamlessly converted their vacation into a successful family friendly stay. Street food may have been given up for fine dining, and exploring beaches for a relaxing quality time, but Goa is still the dream destination.


The Small Vagator Beach is their favorite picnic spot. This beach is North of Anjuna Beach and South of Vagator Beach. It is comparatively less crowded than the beaches surrounding it and that is what makes it a great spot for couples to enjoy.

One of the secrets that they shared with us is probably something every couple on a trip to Goa should try out. “Go for a romantic walk on the beach when it’s raining,” Mansi strongly recommends.


Since food is one of the main reasons of their revisits, we asked them about some of their preferred eating joints. “The Burritos Restaurant in North Goa is one of our all-time favorites. Other than that we love the local shops where one can taste authentic Goan food.”

Flea markets are an important part of Goan culture, and also of Mansi and Tariq’s vacations. The handicrafts that are found in these markets are what charms them. They never forget to take back cashew nuts, along with lots of fond memories.


Mansi and Tariq will come back next year to find the out more hidden surprises in Goa. Looks like we need to catch up with them when it comes to exploring Goa!

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