June 2nd, 2016 by Abhijit Chakraborty

Mumbai is a trove of hidden treasures and the more you think you know about the city that never sleeps, the less you actually do. The discovery of this city is as endless as its beauty that unravels itself in a multitude of wondrous secrets and stories. Knew it already? Then the next best thing to do is to visit this city ASAP! Book your OYO here.

Think you have seen all of the places there are to see in Mumbai? Think again. We bring you some of the most well-kept secrets of the city. After you have been to the Gateway of India, Chowpatty, Elephanta & Kanheri caves, and the other popular must-sees, these places are where you’ve got to be.

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue

Keneseth Eliyahoo, the center of Jewish cultural life in Mumbai, is the second oldest Sephardic synagogue in Mumbai. Behold the mix of Jewish traditions with Indian and English colonial architecture at its best.

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue
Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue (Source – www.wmf.org)


Chor Bazaar

The best place to shop for antiques & vintage products, Chor Bazaar translates into ‘Thieves Market’ and is one of the biggest flea markets in India. True to its name, a lot of stolen goods find their way into this market & is notorious for pickpockets. It’s located near Mohammad Ali Road in South Bombay.

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai
Chor Bazaar (Image Source – Grand Mumbai)


Jogeshwari caves

Belonging to the end of the Mahayana Buddhist architecture era, Jogeshwari caves are some of the oldest cave temples having Indian & Buddhist sculptures as well as carvings on its walls which are lined with the idols of Hanuman, Ganesh, Dattatreya & other Gods.

Inside the Jogeshwari Caves, Mumbai
Inside the Jogeshwari Caves (Image Source – Himanshu Sarpotdar)


Yeoor Hills

Located close to Mumbai in Thane, Yeoor hills is a nature lover’s paradise and a welcome respite from the city. With its lush greenery, beautiful butterfly gardens & a lake with waterfalls that comes alive during the rains, it is the best getaway for some peaceful solitude. There are many more tourist places in thane to make your day memorable.

Yeoor Hills Waterfall, Thane
Yeoor Hills Waterfall, Thane (Image Source – Gautam Khetwal)


Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

India’s largest multicultural annual festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival always starts on the first Saturday of February and runs until the second Sunday in February in the one of the most beautiful and historic localities of Mumbai, The Kala Ghoda Art District. The nine-day fest celebrates music, cinema, dance, food, literature, stand-up comedy, theatre, urban design and architecture, visual arts & holds workshops, stalls, heritage walks as well as the Make in India festival. The festival has free entry and offers a potpourri of art for everyone who appreciates it.

An Installation at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016
An Installation at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016



These great places are still tiny drops in the vast ocean of secrets that is Mumbai,  but if you haven’t even been to these places, you haven’t seen anything at all. So as we sign off, here is a message that perfectly describes the Mumbai state of mind.



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