December 18th, 2015 by Abhijit Chakraborty

Gujarat probably doesn’t feature very highly in most travellers’ bucket-list, which is surprising since the state boasts of perhaps the most vibrant mix of natural and man-made tourist destinations in the country. Our explorer travelled the state for a month and came back with interesting details about the best places to visit in Gujarat.


A land crafted out of dreams and fairy-tales, Kutch has a veritable treasure-trove of things to do. Watch the flamingoes illuminate the dreary landscape; pay a visit to the old handicraft villages; try the unusual local cuisine (the jalebis, especially); or dive into ancient history at the ruins of Dholavira. Most importantly, witness the Great Rann of Kutch in its effervescent beauty and let the milky-white sands illuminate you.

A boat stranded on the sand - Kutch in Gujarat
A boat stranded on the sand – Kutch in Gujarat


One of the four Dhams as well as a Sapta Puri, this pious city is steeped in the history of gods and men. Admire the magnificence of the Dwarakadhisa Temple, towering over the Arabian Sea. Take a ferry to Bet Dwarka, the tiny island which is known as the famous meeting point of Krishna and Sudama. Climb all the way to the top of the Dwarka lighthouse for a breathtaking panorama of the city in its glorious entirety, including the mysterious depths of the submerged old Dwarka.

The reknowned Dwarkadhish Temple in Gujarat
The reknowned Dwarkadhish Temple in Gujarat

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This beautiful land of temples makes for a delightful little tour. The intricate grandeur of the Somnath Temple is a true architectural marvel, with its expressive paintings and the divine sanctum sanctorum. Indeed, one can see the Arabian Sea rushing to surrender itself at the temple’s feet. As you walk through the gorgeous temples of Somnath, feel the immense strength of Lord Shiva rejuvenate your very being.

The Shiva Temple in Somnath, Gujarat
The Shiva Temple in Somnath, Gujarat

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Sasan, a little town nestled in the Gir Forest, is the sole entry-point to the national park. Gir makes a fitting habitat for the mighty king of the jungle, with its royal array of hills, streams and valleys of every kind. Trek through lion’s land cautiously, with the alarm calls of prey in your ears and the jungle in your heart. Devalia, the Gir Interpretation Zone, is the ideal way to explore the hidden nuances of the forest in an orderly fashion. If you’re lucky enough to come face to face with a lion, don’t forget to bow to His Highness!

The majestic Asiatic lion in Gir, Gujarat
The majestic Asiatic lion in Gir, Gujarat

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Curving around the banks of the Sarpganga, this glorious hill-station—the ‘Abode of Serpents’—is the perfect location to unlock your inner peace in. Stroll around the heavenly gardens, row a boat or hop into a cable-car—Saputara will work its magic on your frazzled nerves and leave you rejoicing in the serenity. Try to catch the Dangs Darbar festival before Holi, a grand celebration of tribal life and culture.

Saputara, a hill-station in Gujarat
Saputara, a hill-station in Gujarat

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This picturesque little Union Territory on the shores of the Arabian Sea is an intriguing melting pot of cultures and stories. The pristine churches and rocky forts of this city echo the tangled tales of the past. Daman is split into Nani (small) Daman and Moti (big) Daman, each section vibrant with its own lifestyle. Grab a tender coconut, settle down on one of the several immaculate beaches, and revel in the simple joys of life.

A view of Daman town, Gujarat
A view of Daman town, Gujarat

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An island of untouched beaches and rugged cliffs, Diu is a haven for all those who seek to escape the real world for a while. Hire a scooter, grab the bare essentials, and set off on a trip through the sun-kissed lanes of Diu. Discover the Portuguese history embedded in the island as you make your way around. The Bohemian eating joints are an absolute must for the taste buds!

Cannon located at Portuguese fort in Diu, Gujarat.
Cannon located at Portuguese Fort in the Diu, Gujarat.

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It’s obvious that the state of Gujarat is not just a commercial and business center, but also a place alive with an eclectic mix of cultures, landscapes and monuments. If you are yet to experience this state, we have just one suggestion for you – Kuchh Din To Guzariye Gujarat Mein!


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