July 4th, 2016 by Abhijit Chakraborty

Indian food is awesome and we know it, but what about Indian drinks? If you ask me, India’s delicious and refreshing desi drinks are extremely underrated. So, we decided to write this blog post to tell you about some of my favorite Indian drinks. These drinks, originating from various parts of India, are made from natural ingredients and can easily be made at home.


Aam Panna (Indian Raw Mango Drink)

Tangy Aam Panna
Tangy Aam Panna

Everyone loves mangoes (including those who claim that they do not love mangoes)! For sure, mangoes are my favorite fruit of the season. But while ripe mangoes are a sweet treat that simply melts in the mouth, the lesser-loved raw mango is nothing short of a superfruit when it comes to killing the summer heat. With its heat-resisting properties, the humble Aam Panna not only quenches your thirst but also leaves you asking for more, thanks to it’s tangy taste heightened by added ingredients such as mint leaves, sugar and spices.

The best Aam Panna can be had in Uttar Pradesh (which is also India’s largest producer of mangoes). So the next time you visit the state, do not forget to try out this heavenly drink.

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Tender Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani)

Tender Coconut Water
Tender Coconut Water

Coconut is truly the king among fruits when it comes to its usefulness. Coconut oil and coconut milk are used extensively for various purposes. The flesh of the fruit is used in cooking. Even the coir covering the outer shell of mature coconuts is used as a fibre. But perhaps the most refreshing use of coconut is when it is in its immature (raw or tender) form. Rich in nutrients and extremely delicious, tender coconut water is best had straight from the shell.

The best tender coconut water can be had in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa, where this fruit is grown extensively and sold in almost every nook and corner.

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Lassi (A curd-based drink)

Lassi, freshly churned
Lassi, freshly churned

The tastiest Lassis are made by churning together curd, water, sugar (or spices) and some good old motherly love. This cool and refreshing drink keeps you hydrated on a hot day and is also said to aid in digestion. Lassi tastes heavenly when it is mixed with any seasonal fruit. A few drops of rose water or Rooh Afza completely change this humble, homely drink to something memorable.

Punjab is said to be the origin of this drink, where it is traditionally served in large glasses.

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Kokum Sharbat 

Kokum Sharbet
Kokum Sharbet (Image Source – Gorb)

Kokum is a fruit mainly grown along the Western Ghats. The drink is prepared by soaking rinds of Kokum in hot water. The syrup is then served chilled. Known to have cooling components, this drink enjoys widespread love thanks to its great taste and it’s heat resisting properties.

Kokum Sharbat is mostly served in Maharashtra, with Karnataka being the other large state where this drink is popular.

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(With inputs from Sukanya Banerjee)