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Your Next Door Hotel

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    The Annoying Aunt is in Town Hotel

    Knock-knock. Who’s there? Your Aunt from Timbuktu. Aunt from Timbuktu, who? The one who annoys you! Don’t we all go “Oh man!” in our heads when that little cousin or an…

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    The Working Late Starting Early hotel

    Ping! ‘Urgent Work @ 6:30 PM’, if you received a penny for every time this happens, you’d get super rich! Not sure if that’s happening anytime soon. But meanwhile, the deadlines…

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    Your Next Door Hotel

    Most days you get home, but some-days you don’t. And on others, you just want to be away. Away from the annoying distant relatives, away from the crazy traffic on NH8,…

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    The ‘Cut the Long Drive Back Home’ Hotel

    Red. Yellow. Green. And just before you could cross, it turned red again. Annoying, right? While you’re stuck playing the stare game with the lights, the honks and beeps ring in…

  • Party after the party and Stay at Hotel Next Door

    The ‘Party After the Party’ Hotel

    If you’re a night crawler, this one’s for you. Come Friday, and your phone starts buzzing with messages from friends eager to head out to the hippest spot in town. Be…