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The Annoying Aunt Hotel


Who’s there?

Your Aunt from Timbuktu. Aunt from Timbuktu, who? The one who annoys you!

Don’t we all go “Oh man!” in our heads when that little cousin or an annoying aunt drops by?
The Annoying Aunt Hotel

Your entire life goes for a toss. Whether it’s for puchkas at B.K. Pal Avenue or clubbing in UB City, stepping out of home is impossible without a barrage of questions. And by chance, if you live in a city like Kochi or Dehradun, you cannot get out of showing your relatives around.

You have no choice but to keep calm and continue hosting the annoying aunt, or do you?

You most certainly do!

Choose to escape to an OYO – Your NEXT DOOR Hotel.

The Annoying Aunt Hotel

No more advice from the know-it-all-Uncle.

No more comparisons with the US-return cousin.

No more kisses from the overly-affectionate aunt.

No more bone-crushing hugs from that gate-crashing mom’s second cousin.

No more sitting in irrelevant poojas to ward off them evil eyes.

No more matchmaking to that uncle’s cousin’s family friend’s neighbor’s daughter.

Just no more. All you have to do is check-in to an OYO next-door.

How you spend your time next, is totally up to you.

Watch TV or binge on a series online, read a book or get some sleep with zero interruptions – away from all that chaos. With more than 70,000 rooms in 8,500+ hotels across 230+ cities, you can head to an OYO near you anywhere in the city.

Download the app and choose from hundreds of hotels nearby.



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