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The Working Late Starting Early hotel

Working Late Starting Early Hotel

Ping! ‘Urgent Work @ 6:30 PM’, if you received a penny for every time this happens, you’d get super rich!
Not sure if that’s happening anytime soon. But meanwhile, the deadlines are still due yesterday. That early morning presentation is yet to be prepared, and let’s not even talk about those last minute feedbacks.

Aren’t these your reasons too, for pulling a late night at work?
After all that, you have to brave the traffic and drive back home, only to return in a few hours. A good night’s sleep certainly doesn’t seem to be in your cards, nor does a peaceful meal.

But hey, it doesn’t have to be this way. The next time you find yourself working late, call it a night at an OYO – Your next door hotel.

The Working Late Hotel - OYO

All you office-goers will no more have to compromise on your sleep or food. Dreading the drive home will not be your concern anymore – whether it is from Cyber City to Noida, or from Whitefield to KR Puram, or from Andheri West all the way to Colaba. No matter where your office is, we are always around the corner.

So, simply check-in, lean back, take a long shower or grab a hot meal. Just like home, except that you don’t have to battle the never-ending jams on your way to work the next morning.

The Working Late Hotel

With over 70,000 rooms in 8,500 hotels spread across 230+ cities, you will find an OYO near you, anytime, anywhere. Check out the list of OYO rooms in and around major business hubs.

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